Cleared the house before bedtime

Lil one has gone to bed.I have just tackled the living room,dining room and the kitchen.Dishes done.Dining table empty ,just the laptop and the dslr on it. Putting laundry in the washer .Lights dimmed.
Jazz switched on.Airconditioning switched on as well.

Oh Ya,Before Lil one went to bed,I reminded her to sweep her room and she did:)without hesitant.
I am so anal about stuffs in the house.I want it to be minimal .I want to invite my bestie over for coffee but I dont want to invite when my house still have so many stuffs.That bestie of mine,she's a cleanaholic:D
I love being friends with her because she inspires me.Whenever I go to her house,I feel inspired to clean.She just cannot sit still even for a while.She cleans non stop

The last time I checked,the drawer where we store Lil one's bags ,stuffs need to be thrown away,donate or recycle
We need to get rid of those as well.


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