3rd Ramadhan

Sahur: Someone was totally off  today.Not in the mood to get up and eat

I terbangun lambat.At 5am.I set the alarm for 4 am but of course I snoozed it .Rushed to heat the lauk and wake them up.Both moody and grumpy...

I have washed the dishes and clean the kitchen.I also have washed my dining table cloth and hopefully it smells good later.

Must do laundry again today.Urghh never ending.Boring.

I bloghopped and found some blogs that are interesting read.Amazing and now I feel like travelling.Especially to Paris...I miss that City of Love..

I also bloghopped to decorative blogs.Home deco.I feel like redoing the house with all the ideas that I found but the only thing is this is not our home.Someday...when we buy our own house,I have ideas for all areas of the house:)

                                                                                                                     Cantik kan?That is my dream!! To have a minimal home...yeah just sofa ...in the livng room...Hmmm nak dream lah now...

Berbuka time: Lil one berbuka with Macaroni and Cheese.All time favourite

*Before i headed to bed,I made soup in the slow cooker on Auto.By the time we wake up for sahur,the shoup will be nice and ready for consumption*


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