After buka

Berbuka time : Lil one had rice bertambah 2 pinggan and chocolate milk 2 kotak....Alhamdulillah

Right after buka,after washing up Hubby sent us to my big sister's house.He then proceeded to the Masjid for Solat Terawih.
Ayah had a little terawih at home with his daughters and grandchildren.

After that our aunt n Uncle dropped by and we chatted and chatted till 12 midnite.
Its a nice feeling compared to the other get together that was filled with commotion.

If only family gatherings are subtle and nice like this.We always want to be happy.Not being angry all the time.

Came back home and Lil one headed straight to bed,told her that I will wake her up for sahur at 5.She was very tired but when she met up with her cousins,of course lah letih pun hilang.

Watching tv to fall asleep,sambil tu dok menaip ni.

*Respect others if you want to be respected*
From now onwards my blog will have some quotes when I feel like it.


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