Salam Ramadhan...

This morning bangun sahur : senang and successful.Alhamdulillah.
After that Lil one slept again.Nak kejut bangun pergi sekolah,susah sikit but succeed too.
Came back home,slept for a while.Woke up and washed some laundry.Told myself that I will read some religious book this Ramadhan,havent started.
Cooked for berbuka already.Hubby might just go and get some kuih .
Lil one is doing her homework and going to sleep after this.Not even a complain of hunger.Just sleepy.So I told her nanti dah dekat nak berbuka,I will wake her up to shower and be ready.

I am going to rest a little bit more before folding clothes.Oh and I still have tonnes to do.

May ALLAH bless us all


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