Suddenly I have the urge to read blogs again.
I was googling for some information on something then I decided to drop. a note on my blog.

clean freak wannabe

Ok its Saturday today. Time to get the cleaning session into full force. Been 2 days i tak buat apa. Was surfing and googling ideas of how to be better at cleaning.
Laundry arghh!! Ha ha
Ok la better shhh now and get going

no more buying .no more stuff

I am so proud of myself. He he
Yesterday we were at Isetan. I saw cute colourful containers. I grabbed hold of one but on second thoughts I put it back down. So glad I didnt buy anything
Coincide with my cleaning and spring cleaning and decluttering mission , I am happy that I didnt shop yesterday.
Today i look at my stuff on the floor and just left it there.
Where did the mood go? Arghhh

inspired to clean more

Weekend was good alhamdulillah
Today I continue my cleaning journey. Racks,containers,boxes i opened.things thrown or recycled  Now i have a few empty containers and one empty luggage.
I sit and enjoy the less is more moments. I love it.
That feeling to let go of my story books belum datang so i make do with the space.
Clothes as usual bertimbun macam ada 15 orang dalam rumah. Itupun belum found solution. Ha ha
Will take 5 before i continue.

What i have sorted was socks in a container..all in pairs so hopefully takde yang punggah sana sini cari socks.
Pajamas in one area as well. Kan senang.

lazy day

What a lazy Saturday it has been.
Doing nothing much just sorting whatever stuff is on the floor.

Hubby went to the workshop.
Lil tween watching tv and skyping with her friends.
We all might go out later in the evening

Thats about it.

cash in books

I found cash in my books. Heh. I love it. Love how I will always put 10rm in a book while reading it but I think I will start putting the price of the book in a book everytime I buy a new book.
In that case I will always have extras to buy new books.
I am sorting books by category. Parenting,pPregnancy,cooking,diet, ugama books,albums,non fiction belum lagi by author:) scrapbooks
sort out Lil tweens books,her artwork ,her files,her reports...hmmm
Macam ni I need a Martha Stewart's inspired office.
well I didnt go Daiso this morning... selamat fulus.

a place for everything

Tomorrow I am going to the shop to buy containers to organise our vitamins and supplement.Or should I really? Do i really need it? Hmm.
Itu aje hopefully. I have cleared a few little boxes. Was sitting down clearing little by little,so happy till I lost track of time.
Found many keychains.Magnets,holiday receipts,marker pen,erasers,makeup,hotel toiletries,socks,glues,vitamins,panadols,hairband and many more.
This is the issue I have. Kept on buying and wasteful Its bad. Just these are not new purchases.
On a goodside,we dont need to go to the shop to get anything.I have most of the little things we need. Just need to place them in the appropriate place .

its all too much

Woke up feeling inspired. I think i even dreamt about decluttering. Maybe because I was reading this book

Back then when I read this book, I managed to declutter successfully. Maybe this time I will too,insya Allah.

Here are some to clear out
May I have the strength to keep on cleaning today