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So sad...

About 20 minutes ago,My lil sister called me crying.Her 17 year old cat died.She was sleeping on the sofa and the cat "c" died in his sleep.She cried and cried.I am sad too but I consoled her,told her that its ok,"C" lived a good life.Good 17 years.
Mati tua..Kesian dia.
I spent time with "c" 2 days ago.And Lil sister had been giving the best to "c" especially during these past couple of days knowing that "c's" time is near.

We're going to bury "c" at my Big sister's house at her backyard.

We are sad today

the tingling feeling

i woke up feeling funny and tingling down my throat... I have been dreaming of my wishlist for quite some time now...and today i think is a good day...i am deciding to buy:)
one of it is anniversary present and another is a present for myself from me...
I am feeling good...syukur alhamdulillah.
Got up this morning and thought of my dream last night.It wasnt a dream.It was a nightmare.
I told hubby dear the story this morning.I dont like the dream

On a another note-Still dreaming of that bag:)
I am going to do some work and do laundry at home and see what I can cook for later.
Eyes very sleepy because I couldnt sleep immediately after the nightmare.
Mulut terkumat kamit sambil melelapkan mata.

Birthday present from us to grandma is going to be ready tomorrow:)Yippe..

Dream is back on track.

After I heard my sister got the handbag of my dreams...My dream is back on track:)
I have 3 things on my wishlist at the moment.
An Ipod Touch
A handbag of my dreams and
A Dslr Camera..

So considering my pocket,I told myself that i need to save up that amount to buy the stuffs I want ,eventhough I can buy it now if I wanna but as I grow old,I dont buy on impulse anymore.So its a good thing ey?hmm I know I'll be dreaming of those items tonight:)

On the other hand,still crampy.Rested practically the whole day today.
Now we're listening to Jazz and Lil one is drawing here by my side at the dining table.

I miss having my coffee sessions with 2 off my sisters and my kazens.Eversince one cousin moved Down Undahh..we havent had the same quality time coffee session:)


Whoa.As you get older it shows on your face .I looked into the mirror and saw a singa no mood.BLergh.I have been lazing in the house .Not feeling strong to even get up.Blergh

Internet also no mood
Tv is switched on.
I think I might just go to sleep.Sakit perut.Sakit pinggang.


Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.yeah,i need to get more sleep...have to sync my mind that i have to sleep earlier...
Our morning ritual -having breakfast together...even when we're rushing:)
I had nasi goreng kampung and ayam goreng for breakfast.that will last me till late evening.we have our breakfast here ...and when ramadhan comes this shop closes...
Soon we will enter bulan yang paling mulia di sisi ALLAH...whole new routine all together...
Today i am bringing myself to the shops to do stuffs and settle grandma's present...

And also today is my little cousins birthday. She turns 33...she's far away...wishing her d best day of her life with 2 of her loved ones by her side...

Now i-m going to send my sister her keys and going home for hubby to get ready...

Today is my t


We went to have lunch at this place.Early lunch,orang pun belum ramai lagi.
Lil one and hubby loves it there.I ok aje..They all berdua la menang ,mana nak makan on a sunday usually:)
After that we went to Kl.I went to the Pavilion Supermarket coz I like it there.Hubby waited in the car..Lil one and I yang bergrocery shopping.
Lucky Lil one helps with carrying some stuffs.
Masuk kereta terasa panasnya.Ya Rabbi...Bagaimana panasnya di Makkah at this moment I wonder .Dugaan panas ni.Terik sungguh matahari hari ni.
Hubby said nak singgah office lama,nak ambil surat then after that mom text asking for Lil one.I said ok we will send her.
Dah sampai kat bawah tu ,i said to hubby,takkan la tak bawah buahtangan kok ya nak tinggal anak dengan Wan and Atok dia..
So we ordered mushroom pie and vegetarian currypuffs.

Got back home,I terush do laundry,now still in the washer.Good to hangdry the laundry coz the sun is still glaring.
Hubby is watching dvd and I am here reading:)

Sunday sunday I love Sunday

Sunday Morning,
I opened my eyes and saw Lil one lying on my bed.Hey I said,"How come you're here?"
She always wakes up later than me?Hubby is the last always.

I tried to sleep again but couldnt so I woke up.Lil one watching tviq while trying to wake her daddy up.
I told her,today I'm not going to do anything.Its by choice:)
I get to get a break on Sundays.

Mom texted saying they're out of the house already for an appointment.

I am simply lazy to do anything.Been surfing,facebooking,blogging,reading:)

I love Sundays like this where its wet outside..It rained last night.No wonder it was so hot yesterday

Very very hot today

Came back home after all the classes feeling exhausted because the heat is on..ha ha..maybe nearly 40 degrees today.So hot.Got back home and showered and relax.
Now I'm busy making grandma's birthday present.For someone who has everything I think what we're giving her is the simplest and treasureable:)

Both hubby and Lil one is enjoying Indiana Jones on tv.I just swept the house and Lil one's room.
Hubby said we're going out to dinner and after that fruit splurge hopefully.Mom and Dad went to the kebun earlier today so hopefully we get to eat durians,pulasan and any other fruits available.

I just hope Lil one doesnt ask for her favourite Japanese food tonight.I just want to eat Santai-santai aje.

House is getting better.stuffs are mostly gone.So I am living quite a minimal life now
I was watching tv just now and dah pray ,now switching off all electronic gadgets
Need to have enough beauty sleep:)
This morning I went to send cookies sample and had breakfast with another bestie.She introduced me to her friends..Suddenly we all clicked..Ha ha..So hopefully orders will come in real soon:)

I got back home,terus attack my laptop.I need to cook but wait lah.I am tired..hee hee...tired from talking and talking and eating.

Midnite sweep...ha ha

What have become off me?I am sweeping the house before I sleep...Is this me?Eh eh?
Ok got to go sleep now..tired.


We didnt get to see coz I think our city was filled with haze .Very bad haze today.This was what I got instead:)
We went to eat at Tangling this morning.I had the best wantan mee..Sedapnya..hubby had nasilemak with sotong .He said not as nice as before but ok lah,no complain
After we drove practically bumper to bumper into Kl...crazy.I was telling myself,I wouldnt be able to bear the traffic like that going to work and going home in the evening.I am blessed to be a stay at home mom.
So I went to pick up cookies sample and within minutes had my first 2 orders:)Yippeeyay. After that hubby sent me to my sister's house.We then headed out to kedai kain somewhere in ss2 kalau tak silap I..and my sister borong many kain...hee hee..And I TERJEBAK with one for me to make blouse and one for lil one to make her an A line dress. After that we headed to the tailor to send our kain and tailor said,Ya Allah dik oiiii,akak ni dah macam org tak ada arah...tengoklah kain kain ni dah bertimbun...After a …
Wednesday blues?
It was raining when my lil sissie text me asking me to get up..Ha ha..Ya we have that every morning.I reheated lil one's favourite meal and she finished eating it and went straight to bed again..heh.
I am ready.Feeling so fresh.Tv is on,music is on.the mood is lively.
Hubby is trying to get lil one up.
I have so much to do today.
The weather perfect today.I didnt do anything.I just lied down,watch tv and eat:)I am not in the mood to do any cleaning
This morning I received an SMS stating that there will be a tahlil on grandma's birthday.So now I'm thinking about what to get or make for her.

It is also cute to hear from my aunt who sounded like a lil kid when she said,she met the Man u players.She snapped pictures with some of the players.How exciting.She also questioned why I wasnt there.Oh talking about Man U..I was an avid fan of MAN U when Eric Cantona's era.Oh how long was that?:)
I remembered also I went to see Man U played back in the 90's in Malaysia.
The best football ever to watch is in the stadium itself.

I am now thinking what to make for Lil one for her snack time.I need to opened up the recipe books that tersusun rapi atas my oven tu.

I also have 2 loads of big black garbage bag full of recycling stuffs..Need to send em tomorrow.

What shall I do after this?Yeah go be a couch potato..heh.
I woke up feeling sore and tired.I rushed to wake them up.They knew how I was feeling since yesterday so both of them woke up without having my noisy mouth do the talking,calling...
We got out of the house ok not so late

This morning hubby and I chatted about new expectations in life.How we need to be positive looking at our future.Real life,real expectations,real experiences.

On the homefront,as long as I stand by him and do what a woman do at home ,insya allah everything will turn out fine

On the workwise,He never stopped working hard even during the downturn of one of his companies.
My advise to him is this,"No matter how hard life is,remember that we are behind you 110percent"
That always make him smile eventhough times are bad:)

As long that we love and respect each other,we will go thru this phase breezily,INSYA ALLAH

I am not in the mood today,I guess he knows me by now,once a month i hate this feeling..My hormones managed to take over me once a month.
He understood finally:)


monday blues

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.
I am here sitting down wx hubby having our morning coffee... Waiting for my friend to pick me up.we're going to go check something out...
Oh and on wednesday i am going to take raya cookies sample. So whoever wants to order kuih raya,can contact me ya...just leave me a comment ...
Telling myself to update my sale blog very soon..

My friend picked me up and we headed to the place where we wanted to get some information about.While we were there we could smell the haze.Very bad eh.
After that we headed to Coffee Bean to have our breakfast and coffee.We chit chat about a few kiasu mummies.We were actually discussing the fact that there are some kiasu mommies who go all out .We didnt agree,maybe thats why we're besties..
After that we headed to this outlet shop.Got some white socks for the lil one and then headed to the supermarket.

She sent me home quarter to one and then she headed home.I have washed my laundry for Monday a…
This morning I woke up,I felt like I had a good dream last night.But then again I felt like something didnt finish up.My dream I supposed.
Lil one woke up quite late today and hubby is still having his zzzz.
I am checking Lil one do her project and then I want to get ready.
Told hubby last night that we want to go to Kl just jalan jalan makan minum.
Dunno if thats gonna happen.
Hubby and I are having our breakfast..nice having nescafe ice in the morning.We're waiting for Lil one and then we're going to surprise her to her friends birthday party..
Today will be filled with lots of funs and santai for the kids and mom together with daddy.

friday friday...

For a long long time I never sleep during the day.Today I slept for about one and a half hours long.I got up pun because Lil one woke me up,wanted to drink..So I felt so lagi achy after waking up and then buat kerja rumah sikit before shower.After that Lil one and I went out to get presents for a birthday party tomorrow and for an aunt whose birthday dah lepas but I promised her something:O)Didnt get what I wanted to buy for aunt coz benda tu out of stock so we just bought a dress for Lil one's bestfriends since in the tummy.Lil one took one for herself as well.
Before shopping,we went to eat Siamese food.Oh how I love to see how Lil bean ate eventhough she's not feeling too well.
After that we went for drinks and this teh tarik place.we had air sirap bandung and nescafe ice.Lil bean drew something for her aunt while we both tried finishing our drinks.

Got back home,settled her,gave medicine,wipe her and then put her to bed.
I washed her new dress.She's wearing it tomorrow to …
Lil one got up with a fever.So no school today..Skip it and off to the clinic we go.Whatever that I programmed for today have to be cancelled .Coz a sick child stays home,no special priviledge.Thats my rule.But we will see towards the end of the day,I'm the one who will bend the rules:P

We are getting ready to go to the drs and run my errands.Need to go find something to cook today.
Lil one and her cousins played badminton,cycled,played ball and they're one happy lot .After that came home,picked hubby up and went for an early dinner.Food superb!Service Exellente...
Came back home,lil one showered,I swept the floor and tolak ke tepi all my barangs yang dah dipunggah pagi tadi.After that I showered and then solat.Ate durian with hubby just now.Now on the bed.I know I'll fall asleep easily.


Eversince I found my passion in cleaning say about 2 years ago,I've been cleaning,sorting,dejunking non stop.How many years I collected stuffs and to see so many stuffs accumulate over the years,my heart skipped a beat.
Was I a hoarder?I was I think.Thats not healthy.
So now I positioned myself on the floor,opening luggages after luggages.I have to throw la whatever that is junk.
But I have thousand of photos.I need to find time to sort em out so that I can do something with it.

This morning hubby and I practically carried 3 garbage bags full of still useable items to recycle.So we did that and I had that itch feeling that I am going to keep on dejunking.

If ever we have to move again,I hope and think that we're very minimal people now:)

Even I cant believe that I still have receipt of my honeymoon time...Hmm..Ha ha ok ok my bad.
Now taking a break and in 10 mins going to continue and clean up what I've messed up on the living room floor.

I also need to do something with Lil one&#…
Have been busy sorting and decluttering and at the same time updating my sale blog.Need to keep it running.
So I am here and there.
I am watching tv.Mopped the floor,scrubbed the toilet .I know I can fall asleep
Watched tv and ate my meehoon soup and now the work begins.
Sorting out clothes that is clean and dirty is not something that I fancy.
What shall we eat today?What shall I cook?


yesterday someone very rude left a comment at my post. I deleted that post already.
This morning when i wokeup i felt so achy all over my body.
Last night i watched sleepless in seatle n titanic.
Felt how pure and innocent .its amazing how these stories brought back good feelings ,well maybe good memories... And how i felt old yesterday.....

Now i-m having breakfast with hubby and waiting for my parents and sister to come.
Its amazing how we are bonded this way. When we were little, i had a very strict mother.. ..never did i ever imagine that when i-m at this age i love to b with my strict mother.
She must have done something right.

I became a strict mom myself. .....i believe children needs discipline and rules. Without that they will and can twist u with her little finger forever.

Monday blues

Found this when I cleared out my luggages last week or 2.:)It reminded me of the time when I bought the item that come with that bag.Oh how I miss shopping.Nevermind,sabar.Soon it will be soon. Monday is here yet again.Alhamdulillah. I shall go start my never ending duties now.

Last night I slept dreaming ...I am making it a habit to read to sleep.It makes me feel good.
Now hubby is trying to pujuk Lil one up because after yesterday I told him,I dont wanna do that job.So he is trying.
Its Monday..who wants to wake up early.As I'm busy updating my sale blog with new items..I'm excited
having rasam with lunch is to die for:)

At my sister's last night

Last nights dinner...Sedapnya together with sambal belacan,sayur bendi,taugeh ikan masin...mmm yummy
I am going to rush now.Going to settle and get ready first before I wake them up.
We are going to spend time together today after all the classes.
After that we are going to visit my sister and spend time there...
I have somethings on my mind right now I cant write.

This is a feelingless post

Have you ever encounter with a 50 plus year old woman who behaves like she's everything in this world?Whereas she is not even least important .Heh.Not even a bit.

We wont be using names here because everyone in my family knows who she is.
She is a self centered person who thinks that this world revolves around her.She is somewhat making me sick to my stomach because she never thinks about other people.Only her self and her pathetic world.
I cannot imagine how those around her stands her.*anyway she's not part of my family but she thinks she have the right to simply intrude in whatever it is in our family.
I hate that.

Parents lead by example and she's a living proof to that...same goes with her kids..
No one in this world can ever help them because they dont care...

To whoever that reply to this post later,Dont ask me who she is because I wont say.
Siapa yang makan chili dia lah yang terasa pedasnya..
I am just sick to my stomach
I've washed a lil bit dishes and many more to wash but my hands dah mengelupas..hmm..he he excuses excuses...taking a break and blogging now.
I am going to lipat baju ya ya the never ending job borriing
Kindness to others washes away grief

Yes I'm reading the book again..
You can be the Happiest Woman.I love that book.
Read it about 3 years ago and felt so at peace

At the introduction of the book it says Read this book and chase away the traces of sadness..
I agree

Do act of kindness and you will be the happiest of people.I agree

Today's topic

I am speechless when I heard some sad@ stupid news about someone so close to me .I am out of breath.I am blank.
Life is about learning new things everyday.Its about you growing up,learning and mature.
You go forward in life.Not backwards.

I once received an advise from an older person
When you feel that you are at a crossroad ,pray and doa to ALLAH to show you the right path.If the matter you're facing is not right for you,take it away...and give you the best of whats meant to be.
I believe in that saying.
I was at that crossroad once.
I learnt to grow up.
I am thankful that God showed me whats the best for me

And right now someone so attached to me is facing this crossroad.This person will have to go and pass this situation on her own.Nobody can help her unless she helps herself.

All I can do is Solat .To release my tension..

The feeling is nice..

Hubby and I had our usual morning coffee and then I told him that I needed to go to the supermarket.So he drove me there all the time asking me why cant we go to our normal supermarket..hee hee..

I had to go and send something to a buyer.So we met .Its a nice experience because I'm a very privy person so when I sold something surelah I have to go meet the buyer right?:)This person I wont use names here made me feel at ease.A very nice working lady.Nice to have finally met you after exchanging replies to each others blogs..

Got back home and took the long route and the traffic was bad.
Settled a few clerical duties and now surfing and looking whats next..trying to update my sale blog.

Need to cook later..dunno what yet..Oh ya,need to fold laundry.hmm what else is new.
As we rushed into our morning routine someone's not in the mood to wake up today....This is why I train lil one to sleep early in order to wake up early.When you have enough sleep,you wont be grumpy the next morning.
Hubby is trying to catch a glimpse of the Mj memorial in the living room,I'm on my bed:)
I need to go to bed in order for me to wake up early tomorrow.
Days happening...
Around 5pm in the evening,I text my lil sis,big sis and mom this...'How la like this ?Cannot tahan satu hari tak sms'
Sms came pouring in from the 3 of them one said,'Hey kata nak cut cost,by the way....'
Satu lagi said,'Hahahaha' Satu lagi said,'I lagi bored no Facebook'
I was so glad to receive messages by the end of the day..
Ya call me weird but I am so bonded with my siblings and parents..heehee

Luckily for me,lil one eventho she received a mobile from us for her birthday,tak pakai her phone on weekdays...weekends pun tak jugak only when she feels like texting her friends or my siblings:)

After this,I want to read the book I bought from the Pesta Buku titled SOLAT...interesting book..
Goodnight my blog..I'll blog again tomorrow about the changing of Science and Maths to Bahasa..
As 11am,I've washed another load of laundry,clean lil one's room,rearranged her furnitures...Scrub the toilet..
After that I watched tv...many many channels.
Had lunch already.Now trying to clean house:)
Why is it that when I plan to buy something for MYSELF there's something else that need to be replaced?Chis...Hish...I want to get myself the handbag of my dreams but it wouldnt look nice right?When someone else is in need of a new phone..So we will see..our anniversary is coming so he might get me something,I get him something.. ha ha..
But I want to think about me.
Woke up and watched tv.Saw the memorial for mj.Now heading out.
I saw Paris Katherine cried ,so sad.It touched my heart..How heartbroken she is to lose a father at that age...Pity her
I've hang dry the clothes that I've washed tonight.The ones that we wore for the second part of the day.We will see if I ever get this laundry thingy organised.
Going to do My Isya and then going to watch tv for a bit.
Its raining outside..and very windy..
Mind thinking what to do next.
What do you do for a hungry child?Lil one was screaming hungry when I was running errands and was at the tailors..Hish budak kecik kalau lapar biasa lah meragam but she was just telling me so many times...So to divert her attention ,she played with the measuring tape..She measured everything even meja kerusi the tailor..ha ha..
I went to settle our Raya baju..I've booked and reserved the material for quite some time so today just measured our sizes..
I ordered my scarf to be the same material and for the lil one hairband or scrunchy..So hopefully everything will turn out nice..hmmm
Ok I've picked up my laundry yang dah kering,its all on my ironing board.
Lil one have eaten her dinner and now finishing her homework..I need to settle lil one first tonight before sitting down to lipat or iron my laundry...oh how I hate that job..but who else going to do it?
Hubby is out with his cousin so I hope I can finish my work before he comes home...
Hubby sent me to my sis's house.Then we headed out .We went to pick up my cookies.After that we jalan jalan for a bit before stopping at the APARTMENT to eat.I had baked fish..yumm yumm...Big sis had fish too.
I came back and showered.It was too hot outside.
I am cooking Sotong Kunyit and sup for dinner.
Alamak I forgot to buy no sambal belacan today:P
What a Tuesday morning.
This morning Hubby and I argued about discipline...
Here I am building a child's character and he said this,'Its ok its ok its ok'
I got so mad...Do not say things like that when I'm trying to discipline the kid..I told my Lil one,No matter what it is..You build your character from young.

I am home ,with just one car,quite difficult to do anything.
Getting ready to go out with my sister.Hubby is sending me off...
Lil bit more to clean:)

Hi M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E

Here sits Mickey Mouse that hubby brought back from Disney Tokyo way back ....

Here I am watching Cnn and watching Larry King in Neverland.Oh wow..I love that place..

Lil one finished her homework very fast and now she's watching her dvd's...

Our weekend

The cafe

Nice flowers

The clouds

We went there last weekend..

We all had a great time even for a short time.Kids enjoyed it,parents did too,aunt,Grandparents..We all did...

I was reading blogs just now and fell asleep at the laptop..Haha..So I lied down for a bit.Took a lil nap.Got up ,did laundry,swept the floor,now thinking,what else?Never ending job.Blerghhh...
Lips are dry-reminder to self drink more water.
What to cook today?Macaroni goreng aje lah..
No mood today feeling the monday blues.blerghh
Remind self to fold the clothes yang dah kering...blergghhh..
Ok Pms I think..Heh
Lil one showered before me today.I have mopped the house...Now I'm going to shower and then get ready.Its monday morning and I am not in the mood because I have to layan people's crankiness all the time...blerghh
We got back home from my big sister's house at around 11ish.Lil one slept there,so I just changed her into her pajamas when we got back home.I am reading a bit and heading into the shower shortly.
Tomorrow is another Monday
This morning we went for breakfast at the restaurant situated in the lobby of the hotel.Duduk dukuk,My lil sis came to join lepak and then my uncle and aunt came too..We ate and ate and didnt realise that it was lunch time already:)We all rushed up to pack up our bags and called the concierge and after he came to collect our bags,we went down to the arcade.The kids and mak bapak kids played also..We pushed off at about 1.26pm and arrived Damansara Heights for lunch at 1.55...We wanted to take the DUKE highway but terlepas so after that hubby felt so bodoh coz how can we just went straight ahead to our lunch destination.Four cars altogether and 13 of us.We ate,I had Kueyteow goreng,sedapnya and some of us had desserts.
My aunt spent us lunch today.
Lil one followed mom and dad and lil sis home,I got home and did my laundry,Sapu the house,Showered,prayed and now waiting for asar.After Asar going to my big sissie's house.

My kind of weather

Love the weather here...My sister said it rained heavily this morning.No wonder la best...I simply love the chilly weather up here...well its my kind of a weather:)
Waiting forever waiting for dear hubby to shower and we're going down for breakfast.Everyone else dah turun half an hour ago..:(
We'll see whats going to happen for the rest of the day .

Today I woke up missing my lil Nephew C...:(boohoo...yes and you too Kazen!!
We had a great dinner day for my dad's company.
Our tables were served.We had makan makan yang sampai kenyangnya...
They had the prize giving ceremony,lucky draw,photo session...and now the men have gone for coffee..
I am going to shower and then solat ...After that I'll update some more
We are here...We arrived quite early from home..Best..I love the weather here if only weather is like this kat bawah nun...Went to the skyway to naik cable car but that wasnt the place.It's at Gohtong we just makan at the muslim shop there ...all the while Lil one tak sabar nak pergi theme park...Firstly we went to the indoor theme park...Lil one not satisfied because ada rides yang dia tak boleh naik because over we went to the snow world and it was minus 4 .We all had fun...we didnt pakai the jacket ,boots or gloves yang they provide because I am not too sure where those things have gone to..ha haLepas tu we walked quite far to go to the outdoor theme park...Sakit kaki..and its costly la for 3 person rm 120..chis...And nothing much pun...we didnt go on any rides because so many people..We played those games where u hit something and then you get prize,we got 3 prizes,one each ...he he...I will update tonight..Now I'm getting ready for dinner..
I didnt have to pujuk Lil one up today.She got up hurrily and showered and singing in the shower.I showered after her and now the leceh person in the house is in the toilet...He always siap lagi lama from us.Blerghhh..
Lil one is watching Bananas in Pajamas and I am having my nescafe.
Everyone is almost ready they texted.
Lil sister pulak migraine...This diseases know when to attach heh

Yesterday I got a compliment from my cousin and it made me feel so good.It makes me more rajin to do my housework:)You know who you are kazen!!
Ok dokee..

Friday night

I am exhausted but there's still more to clean.Right now I feel like drinking Sprite...Yep its that time of the month that you're feeling like eating all the time.I usually want to drink Coke but tak ada lah pulak dalam stock.So asked hubby to buy for me.
In the middle of my living room on the carpet there lies more junks that need to be sorted out.I need to sort them out because takut terbuang apa apa yang tak patut.
I need to finish cleaning soon coz I want to enjoy the serene calmness in my house again.
This is my first posting of the day..I have been busy ...yup.Cleaning up the house,the stuffs I kept for as long as I remember.I am on a decluttering mode.Everything not used for a year off it goes
While clearing my dining table full of art work supplies,I saw the box that I bought for my nephew down under,Gonna fill that box up and mail it to him.
We're missing him like crazy.Wonder if he ever teringatkan us..Well he's only 15months:)Hee hee..

Ok doki..I've cooked for the day very early today.Eventho my knee still hurt ..I do my housework,if not nanti I turn lazy..

Will think of what to post next:)
I am watching tv and packing old clothes and old bags for donations.Someone asked me to pack them all up.Its better that way since I am dreaming of a minimalist house:)
So have to sort and put them in a big black plastic bag.But dreaming now:)

Memories in Paris

The view from Eiffel Tower..

Some day we want to go back and visit

How nice to recall the memories we had in Paris and London in 2005.Lil one was still young ,chirpy,noisy,adorable ,naught,hyper,smiley,happy girl she was.

Miss those times we spent nearly a month travelling to Paris night flight from KLIA.
We reached Paris early in the morning.As soon as we got out of the Airport,Hubby and I enjoyed the weather and when we talked Lil one said,"Smoke coming out from your mouth" She started to get so excited and giggly.
Yeah it was Winter and how truly I enjoyed the cold season...Hmm How nice..

We enjoyed the walk,the train ride,the carousel rides,Euro Disney,the crepes,the morning coffee,Orangina for Lil one,Shopping at Disney shops,Shopping at Louis Vuitton,the cold... It got to minus 1 when we were at Euro Disney...Menggigil kesejukan both hubby and I but Lil one just pull out her coat and wanted to just wear the sweats and without gloves.Hubby was worried if she gets sick but I…
As I'm sitting here watching tv,I am thinking about what to do tomorrow.Hopefully the pain in my knee will go away completely.So that I can drive,tak payah nak menyusahkan everybody else.
Just now Mom and Dad came for a visit or better to say a quick check on my house..Hee hee...
Yeah I know Dad,stuffs still banyak.I ni very the sentimental but ok I promised myself that we're going to live mininally.
I have seen Tv programmes that inspires me really if not for my "Cleaning Books"
Come again in 2 days and see the house:)

I am so hungry now bila terbaca pasal Ikan Patin Tempoyak from one of the bloggers...Hmm yummy!!
I am going to ask hubby to bring us one of these days ,before Bulan puasa hopefully.

For now,I'll do with something else:)
I have been decluttering all morning.
Found lots of lost stuffs..Ha ha..