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Since yesterday i have been feeling yucky.
Tonights topic is about friendship and being supportive towards each other.I am not hard up.I'm just dissapointed....Maybe thats why I dont have anymore good friends.
What would you do when your good or bestfriend call or text you asking for your support.Would you oblige or would you just brush is aside?
I was at a crossroad a couple of days ago.I think my friends take me for granted.Just because I am always nice to them gives them the right to always treat me like I'm not their FRIEND.
As I discussed it with hubby,hubby said,udahlah tu maybe orang tu busy kot.Hubby will always give people the benefit of the doubt.I usually do too but its not the first time so I doubt the answer hubby consoled me with.

Hey I'm in my late thirties...I think I know when friends are true friends.
So dengan kata mudah,LANTAKLAH..

I am alhamdulillah content with hubby always around to listen to me and with Lil one who will always have conversations wi…

monday blues

Counting days to the start of the school holidays.I cannot wait.I need to rest and recover from all the energy lost during the first 6 months of the year.
I am cleaning my house but seriously not in the mood to do so!!
I need to pack up all the clean clothes on the sofa ,put em in a basket and send em to the laundry.I am not in the freaking mood to lipat or gosok baju.blergh
Need to spend time outdoors with Lil one.Might go swimming after school.We need to destress.
This is my Monday so far...its BLERGH
Hubby is watching tv but changing from channel to another...haish.
Dari kepala I pusing,lebih baik I go to bed.
We just got back home .We had dinner outside and now kekenyangan sangat,alhamdulillah.
Lil one is asking for a minute more to play her IPOD..and I'm giving her the extra minute.Bukanke anak yang kena ikut cakap mak?Ni dah malam dah Lil one oiiiiii...
Go wash up and head to bed.

Cepat sungguh long weekend berlalu..But nevermind,next week dah start holiday kan?Yippeeee
It has been a very long tiring Friday and Saturday.
I have just finished washing all the clothes ,Lil one is snoring away.Hubby is watching tv or the tv is watching him.Now I'm going to settle myself into the night.Good night my world...


Thank God Its Friday.I woke up feeling a little bit better.I had enough rest.Lil one came to wake me up in fact.To see have a smile on her face in the morning,that made my day already:) Hubby is still sleeping.Lil one is watching 552. As she is not allowed channels 611 to 616  Wonder what's for breakfast. Get up hubs!!
Today is seriously not my day!!
This morning hubby and I ada bertegang urat sikit about some unsetlling things.
Petang baru ni Lil one and I had a very bad parenting moment.
Now she's in time out.As a mommy of course I feel bad but discipline is discipline.I dont tolerate rudeness and talking back.
Ish geram betul lah.Why is it that I have to feel like this today?eRRRRR
Its 1am and I still cant sleep.This is because I slept 3 hours this morning.Hmm..I seldom sleep once I've woken up.Now mata terkebil kebil.Ok Lah will try and fall asleep after this.

getting old...

I just have to accept the fact that I'm getting older..Ha ha...I am not the sleeper kind of person but since I didn't get enough sleep last night,I napped this morning.I thought it would just a Cat nap but I slept like tidurmalam OK.
Woke up feeling hungry.Dahbuat instant noodles. Need to get my butt up and clean up the the house...and then think what to cook.

Was reading Martha Stewart's blog

It is Wednesday. I was reading Martha's Blog and found it amazing that she the Domestic Moghul is here in our country..This is her blog
I love her show,her magazines and her blog.She inspires me to be a better person as in organizing my space and time.She also make me wanna be like her.To be able to do so many nice things and how to do it.

Thank you Martha for coming to Malaysia and experience our Country.
Good night,sweet dreams

Lil one's artistic side

What do you do with hands that is so artistic?Yeah you encourage it:)Work with the mind and hand you get an artist who loves to draw,color,paint and do all those beautifully.
Those hands belong to the person I bought into the world.
Mom always say to me...Tell Lil one to read,encourage her to read...Mom will always say,"See when you were little,you always had a book with you"
"With books,you gain knowledge"
I agree mak but My Lil one loves to draw...everywhere,anywhere,wherever,whenever,she will have her book and coloring things for her to pen down her imagination.
Maybe Lil one is just not Like me who loves to read.
Let her draw,let her imagine...thats what she loves to do...I will support her all the way.

Structure and Greens,Do they combine?Answer below

What a beautiful Place.The greenery is awesome.
When you enter this takes you back to your childhood where greens can still be seen anywhere and everywhere...
Amazing how this big company can build this beautiful building and still maintain the greens.Well Done!!
I simply love the buildings too.Awesome!!

"Muka Hitam"

One day I didnt blog.Didnt feel like blogging or doing anything for that matter.Right now I'm updating from the bedroom.Nothing much to write about today.Just a little topic

Topic about making faces.
What do you think people will say or comment when seeing you for the first time?First impression lah.
Today my expression is expressionless.
I hate the fact that people show "muka hitam" as my chinese friend says think you only can do "BLACK FACE"? Hish I dont like seeing muka hitam.Coz once I see it,my face will automatically turn black too
Apa you ingat you aje boleh tunjuk muka hitam ke?
Its been a while since Mak Ayah ,both sissies and I went out together..Seronok rasanya harini...hihi:)Its like old times sake...when we were little girls goes everywhere with our parents like that.We were spoilt rotten..

Now back home,have settled my kira kira duit and getting to mandi and go out again.
Well it is so hot,who can blame if you mandi so many many times in a day
Its nearly midnight .I am waiting for the laundry in the machine to finnish spinning.Its been 3 nights since i've gotten enough sleep.Need to sleep.
Had dinner at sister's house.

Duit Duit

This morning hubby and I went to have breakfast.
In the car we spoke about how sometimes we as human complains too much.I told him that I want to be less a complainer and appreciate God's gift and test with an open heart.
Its not easy.The difficulties we are facing but we're both tawakkal and redha .Insya ALLAH suatu hari pasti ada yang cerah...ada jalan

Took our car from the workshop and kena bayar bill yang mahal entah pah ape...Sakit hati but iye lah kereta tu pun kena dijaga tak?

After I did a little grocery shopping and then we headed home.
Today I have started writting down what we spend for the day.Bukan selama ni tak tulis,selalu tulis but tak keep track .From today onwards kena tulis and keep track of our spending lah.

I am doing my laundry.Going in for a shower in a bit and wait for Zohor.
Cuaca outside very bad.
Oh after Zohor,nak masak pulak.
Mom and Dad is in town.We went out for dinner just .The whole lot of us.Kekenyangan semua orang.
Got back home settled Lil one,update pics.Need to go sleep soon.Whoa its mid may already and feel like the months are passing us by so quickly.
A Sunday yang mengenyangkan perut.
Had lunch at gramps tadi..because I thought we're not being able to join tonight.But now I'm going cause Lil cousin said she's bringing Laksa:)

Apart from wanting to eat laksa,I wanna see her baby

Hubby went out to pick up parents and sending them to sister's house.
I have just mopped my floors.So that I dont have to mop tomorrow and many more days to come:D
What a panas Saturday.Sweating like mad already.After so many shower time in fact.Hmmm...Now i'm going to do my housework and relax after that.
Nothing much to blog about.Hmmm blogger withdrawal I guess..ha ha
Watching Badminton best giler!!
Memories came flooding back when we watched Thomas Cup 1992.I cannot recall where I was at that time but I remembered the game.

Best best...Can Malaysia do it again?Can we?Come on Malaysia
This morning we had breafast together.Dalam dok makan tu ada orang tu datang duduk meja sebelah and he was coughing like mad.I dont like that.Kalau dah cough pakailah mask...janganlah duduk kat tempat public.I terus ajak hubby chow .We headed to one of the shopping center in taman tun.Dok tunggu kedai bukak,duduklah minum kopi sambil berborak about life and our plans for the future.

We sat at this kedai roti and the staffs were not friendly at all.They were open but service out.
Hubby and I dok bercerita,kalau kat London ke or Australia ke,serving staffs layan you so nice.
It all comes back to mentality I guess.
If you treat the business like your own,agaknya you will layan customer bagus sikit kot?

I am very particular of the services I get because I believe,customer always comes first.Doesnt matter...
So wherever I go, when I'm paying ,I expect good service.

Came back home switched on the aircon but cannot,rosak already.Hish...boring..Dahla hari ni panas ya amat.Need to remind …
I want to learn how to do the inexpensive light tent.Need to read up on that:)

Night peeps
Since the whole house is in perfect condition,what is left for a housewife to do?
Relax,angkat kaki,pasang tv and enjoy the ,surf or berzikir.
I've been doing that for the past 2 days.
Cleared the house bit by bit eversince we moved in here so now the place is less cluttered.
Just some toys need to be sorted  out but not WILLING to go there just yet.

From Makkah

Buah tangan dari Makkah
Just finished washing the plates in the sink.Washing laundry.Totally forgot about it.
Tomorrow I have to run errand for Dad.
Then I need to declutter the house.
MINIMALISM is the idea
I cleaned the laundry area...I carried all the baju yang dah kering.I managed to ask hubby to throw one of the cabinets coz dah pecah and now kat belakang tu ada la space lebih sikit.
Kat bawah sangkut baju tu ada aircond compressor and ada lah space banyak hangers yang dah jatuh and a few baju...i cannot reach.Dok try dengan galah yang panjang pun dapat sikit aje.I have thrown some hangers and clothes yang dah kotor.Tak sanggup nak cuci and pakai balik...Geli I.
So nak tunggu hubby habis masak .He texted me saying...."I'm making dinner tonight" So happy
So anak is still doing some school work,I am relaxing sekejap and he is cooking.I will have to wash after cooking and makan lah ni...
Oo oh...i can hear him tumbuk sambal...woohoo!!
Today it rained .After finished eating just now with Lil one to walk to the car,macam ayam dengan itik ok.Dengan angkat barang lagi ,dengan pegang payung lagi.
Now we're home,listening to Jazz and doing some school work.I need to snap pictures.Harini belum snap lagi.
Who would like Milo Dinasour?
Seronoknya dapat baca blog from bloggers di Makkah.
Now I feel a little better ....hihi:)Saja mengada but feelings what!!
Lil one was so excited and exhausted and just gone to bed.
I am putting clothes in the washer and going to watch tv and fall asleep.

Hope everyone had a good mother's day.


Some people just doesnt value the thought of Mother's Day.Maybe to them Mother's day is just another day.
To those yang dapat very loving husband who tell the kids to think and wish mom today,you're lucky.

This was exactly what my hubby said."You're not my mother,so why should I wish?" Hmm just by saying that he hurt me.
Here comes what came to mind..Memang la I ni bukan mak you but I am the mother of your child.Is it so wrong to just wish me so that I feel happy?Is it so wrong to just listen to me today.Its my day,its Mother's day.
I know you dont have your mom around anymore but value la the mother of your child.
Sometimes things like this counts to me.
I am a very emotional ,sentimental person.You have been my husband for how many years and how can you not know that .

Geram tau ...tapi tak apalah...I dah show and tell how I felt
And I even told him,i dunno why I bother telling our child to wish him and treat him extra special on father's day...An…
My nescafe in my favourite mug!! Mother's day Morning...
I promised myself not to do any work this weekend,I broke that promise.How can a mother not do any work right?Hihi.I cannot stand the sight of the laundry basket penuh tapi tak boleh cuci..So I washed em...

Topic of today.
I personally think you are accountable for your own actions.You dont put blame on others.How can you live with yourself if you always put the blame on others.
I recently saw a scenario of something that I think is so easy to take for some people.It is so simply easy for that particular person to put the blame on another.hmmmphh.Entahlah I dont care anymore and I'm not bothered to layan.
Like I said to my siblings,I say what I have to say,people like it or not.Up to them.I am so sick and tired of being the one that always have to watch what I say and people can simply say about me whatever way they like..
No it doesnt work that way anymore because this Mommy is sick and tired and also fedup to the max

Night swimming anyone?

Amazing shot I can say...Love the look of it.Wished I could have just jump in..hee hee...But there were people having a dinner party on the side:)

Nampak gayanya I will not get my mother's day present from hubby this weekend coz in the car just now Lil one was asking his daddy to go to the shop this sunday to get mummy a present.Daddy dear 2 weeks boleh?
That case told Lil one ,since its going to be lambat,why dont you ask something as well from daddy dear?Ha ha ha she screamed so loud...Ada la tu yang berkenan di hati tu..

Came back home,dah solat Isyak..Lil one dah masuk bilik but I made her clean her toys off the floor just now.
Earlier on I rearranged her furniture and she was so happy when she saw
Okdokes,need to go watch tv and fall asleep.
Moodiness ni is the coz of lack of sleep.Mana taknya tidur pukul 1 lebih,bangun about 5.20 am and now its 18.25 muka macam tarzan....Apa buat semua serba tak kena.urghh.

Getting Lil one ready,most probably going out for dinner if I larat,if not tapau aje lah.
After breakfast tadi balik rumah,terus kemas mengemas.Scrubbed the toilet.Towels in the machine now dok relax sekejap before having to hang the towels pulak.
Since its Friday and traffic teruk hubby tapau ajelah dinner tonight ye?
A never ending job for a housewife to do. Since its Mother's Day sunday ni,dah declare awal awal no cleaning weekends,no washing  Nak rest and be appreciated..

Knowing Lil one,sure dia ajak daddy make pancakes for mommy..We will see..
Actually been thinking of getting myself a mother's day present for the past 2 weeks but as umur dah meningkat ni....things can wait..tak de buying on impulse:D

Alhamdulillah its friday

Salam Pagi Jumaat.I am thankful that I faced the morning with a good smileIt is another Friday.Friday yang paling berkah dalam hari hari yang lain.Syukur alhamdulillah.Pagi ni wonder hubby nak breakfast di mana:)


People change.Weather late or early in life people change.
You dont go on judging people when they are trying to change,changed or want to change. ALLAH itu maha pengampun so  when we see people change for the better,We should feel happy and bersyukur that ALLAH is giving you a second chance.

Conversation with hubby last couple of days make him and I  thought about things in people. But like hubby said,if physically change,but perangai tak change pun apa gunanya.True but we dont judge people.We accept that people change
Okdokie,i need to go get my beauty sleep now


Woohoo its raining .I can hear the rain.
I'm listening to the news on tv,Lil one is having her Mac & Cheese.Yes macam ada italian person living in this house.Mac & Cheese is makanan wajib ..Ha ha

Hubby is stucked in the traffic somewhere.I told him to tapau food for him and myself.Wonder what he's going to tapau.
No rush coz tadi had tea at sister's house

Cepat betul,tomorrow is Friday.

clean freak

Went to have a drink by myself this morning.And I packed breakfast for myself as well.Orang kat kedai tu tanya,mana hubby...mana lagi Golf lah..
Came back home ate my breakfast and now relaxing surfing sekejap before I start my regular routine.
Spoke to mak earlier,she said,with all the diseases around,if can go get vaccinated..Tulah tunggu hubby balik,then discuss with him.
I asked the clinic haritu if we should get vaccinated,they said,if you're not high risked tak payah dulu.
High risked tu meaning if you're asthmatic or ada penyakit lah.So we are waiting a lil longer coz we are not high risk
But risaulah...hubby is out and about all the time kerja.Lil one is at school.I am the only one who stays home most of the time..Yeah we cant control that kan but risau tu tetap risau so after berbulan I became a clean freak..Both hubby and Lil one knows the routine when they get in the house.
No sitting sitting down before you change into clean clothes.Better if once masuk rumah,teru…
This morning I met up a good friend for a quick coffee.Its nice to have that half an hour chat.
Now I'm at home,thought of napping for a while .The aircon is making me doze off ..he he.


Alhamdulillah dapat Kurma dari Makkah.Our good friend went for their Umrah and selamat pulang.Dapat kurma and Air Zam Zam,seronok tak terhingga,Syukur alhamdulillah

Seronok dengar my friend bercerita tentang experience their First time menjejakkan kaki ke sana.
Now they cannot wait to go again.

Rindunya I pada Makkah and Madinah bila dengar cerita sana.

Pengajaran di pagi Isnin

As usual hubby and I would have breakfast together.We talked and talked about life.About everything practically.Today's topic is about kesyukuran,berzikir and bertaqwa.

We pray to ALLAH that we will stay true to ourselves.Our inner soul...The kekuatan dalaman mengatasi segala galanya insya ALLAH.
Regarding our predicament,Yeah I always go back to that bukan kerana mengeluh,tapi sebagai pengajaran.Kita redha dan tawakkal terhadap ujian ALLAH terhadap kita sekeluarga.Kita menerima dan belajar dari kesilapan,kealpaan.
Hubby and I made a pact with each other sekiranya suatu hari nanti rezeki ALLAH datang menjenguk kita,kita akan sentiasa bersyukur and berterima kasih dalam keredaan ALLAH.
I hope hubby and I will remind each other that always.
Please GOD this is our keinginan hati.

I am thankful that hubby and I can talk about my inner feelings.We are at a point in our lives that we want to have a clean heart,clean soul ,clean thoughts
Semoga ALLAH menjauhkan kita dari bercakap yang b…

sembang for the day

I feel that January,February,March and April came and passed us by so fast this time around.We're in May and a month to go will be half year in 2010 already.Hmm..
Syukur Alhamdulillah because we tend to learn new things everyday.
I found a few blogger friends this year.Its virtual but it seems real.Thank you blogger friends:)

I just actually baru sidai baju.Now nak baring tengok tv.I am sure I'll fall asleep within minutes

Oh today I godek godek Lil one's Ipod and remembered that I installed an app called Quran.Will have to remember to put itrip on tomorrow in the car and listen to it while driving.Sure I can learn a lot and then read the translation.That way,dapatlah ilmu seharian nanti.Tak de la asyik dengar Lady G*g* aje kan.hehe

I am thinking of buying a new toy especially for me for mothers day.I think I deserve a new toy .Ye la after all the savings yang dah dicollect bunyi keting keting in the glass I think I will go and check out apa yang berkenan di hati .

Was te…


Last night's dinner Nasi Arab very Yummy.                       Lil one's dinner..just plain.


It should be lived happily,cheerfully and with a good heart.
You should never allow yourself be ridiculed by others.
You make sure you stand up for your rights and believes.
You just make sure you know how to take care and defend yourselves.
Never never allow people to treat you like they're so powerful .
Ada tak anyone yang pernah rasa that whatever you do,people surrounding you think you're always wrong.
Ada tak?
Back home.airconditioning switched on.Lil one is eating what I tapau-ed just now..Watching the news on cnn.
Hubby has gone out .
I want to lie down and rest or maybe sleep for a while.Feels like I'm getting something but dont know what.


Having breakfast with hubby.He is having a discussion on the phone with his people.I am worried because mom called this morning saying that Ayah is not feeling too well.
We celebrated his early birthday yesterday..and today he is not well.
He is a man that I look up to since I was small.He has the will power the fighting genes in him that no one in our hfamily have.
He has been in and out of hospital eversince I was in primary school.
We sisters have that bond with him that no one else share.
Ayah,please be strong,we love you so much.

He might be a father in law to my husband but he acts like he is my husband's FATHER.He cares so much for people around him that we know that its hard to get.He looks after my mother like nobody else I know.He cares for his cucus like nobody's business.We love that about him.

He is the man that stood up to me during my difficult moments and downturn in life.He is my Ayah.

Ayah,I doakan God give you the strength to fight this disease that is hurt…