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The cramp is terrible..
Woke up with it.
Need a massage badly.
Not moving much today.
Watched tv whole day.

Buka Puasa

clothes day

Going thru and sorting clothes.. Memanglah nak kena sort out. Tapi when buka lemari tu rasa macam ishhh malaslahhh... But have to do la one of these days. Sure budak budak cleaner kat bawah ni happy dapat clothes kan?ok la will try and do that one later, starting with Lil one's cabinet.

I have not been in the mood for the past week. Feeling so down about everything.. But of course kenalah tunjuk muka ok depan hubby and LIl one. Entah rasanya memang dah jadi tabiat, as a wife and mom, I have to always think and put them first ahead of me.

Its so gelap right here now. I can hear thunder and guruh .. Windy too...

Tadi dah pesan dengan hubby to buy apa yang boleh for buka puasa nak bawak pegi runah grandma..

Nothing much is happening in the house right now... Watched biggest loser and got inspired tiba tiba..back in 2008 I managed to shed 10kgs off my weight and then naik balik so berazam lagi tahun ni.. Aiming to lose 15kgs and -'ll be satisfied..insya ALLAH.

why cry?

I was quite a sensitive soul this morning. He said something and tears came down running..of course he didn't see it.. I can be a very strong headed person but suddenly I cried, hey what's happening to me?I don't like to cry and show that I am weak. I don't like it. But I couldn't help it.maybe one of those days la kot. When that happens, teringat balik how it was before..

Why is it that woman cry easily?kenapa kita yang senang menangis? Orang lelaki sedar tak when they tinggi suara, tengking kita or anak kita, kitA sensitif? And bila tengok cerita bollywood pun, I cry easily.

Actually banyak yang I nak type kat sini but macam tak ada mood.. I hate the fact that pagi pagi mood I dah spoil. Hish boring betul lah.
LIl one had sahur and slept again. Hubby suprisingly ate the ricotta spinach I made this morning. He ate with daging goreng dengan bawang. I had my oats..

Talking about losing weight, today I am going to take out my walking shoes. Have to start trying again right!!
In a few days time raya will be here , hmmm nanti baju tak muat.. Almaklumlah baju recycle from 2008... Tak try pun, just assuming that its gonna fit.ha ha!!

We will see how that goes later. Maybe when I start exercising, I can sleep earlier and better. Who knows right?

Ok gonna start housework now


I didn't sleep well last I got up and made sahur... Hubby is watching tv and Lil one is still sleeping...I hope she can wake up senang sikit and open her eyes to eat. Hope she'4 not grumpy today.

Today later I hope to run errands. Need to send her raya clothes for dry cleaning. And need to settle the rest of the house.NEed to throw the junks away and then the house will be as minimal as possible.

Yesterday we talked about not being able to treat people during breaking of fast. Bukannya tak mau, dulu bila ada, selalu jer but bila x ada buat cara tak ada. And I told him, sikit pun I tak terasa kalau orang tak ajak kita berbuka luar. I guess I don't expect anything from people kot.

saw losing it with jillian semalam and felt that I need to do something with my eating habits. I need to eat greens. I am going to mae salad today. Ikut recipe jamie oliver nampak macam senang. Will try today.

From today onwards, I won't bother much about people lah. Sakit hati buat…


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The whole day I had migraine the whole day,memang tak larat nak bukak mata pun...Asked Lil one to help picit picit because sakit sangat.Rasa sakit kepala,sakit badan,cramp,sebu...Urghh...Dah lama tak kena macam ni.

After dah dekat senja tu baru lah i boleh bangun tapi mata memang stone and tak boleh nak bukak.Told lil one to get ready.Nakpergi buka puasa.After I showered baru boleh bukak mata sikit.Hubby took us out.Tengok environment kat luar baru rasa macam boleh breath sikit.
Headed to klcc for buka puasa.Hubby's choice today.Dah berbuka tu..we went browsing lah.
Actually I dont have any interest to shop anymore tau...Lil one aje yang shop.Nak try bagai..layanlah kerenah dia...happy tengok dia shopping.Just bought her a dress that she insisted on wearing before raya.I said kalau macam tu tak boleh beli lah kan.
Ok lah oklah she said,"I will wait"
After that we went to look for birthday present ,she received an birthday buka puasa invi…

so glad...

My cousin came with her hubby with their Lil one .After lots of cleaning and decluttering,its a nice feeling to have people come over to my house:)I like the fact that they felt comfortable lepaking with the balcony door open and breezy..
And i saved some toys for my lil niece.Its a good feeling to hand down toys that are still sentimental to you but handing it down to someone close and who will enjoy playing with it,makes me feel good:)

Lil one is sleeping already.

I am going to have a hot milo before lying down on the couch and watch tv.
Today hubby didn't get to pick LIlone from mengaji on time . So lil one berbuka puasa at my sister's house. Hubby and I broke fast at pelita... And then I sent baju to lil one and we headed to our coffee place . Ordered a cake for my dearest hubby and masa time nyanyi the birthday song, semua nyanyi so soft...maluke apa eh? Ha ha
Lepak,hung out until quite late.. And I was yawning away when it struck 11pm ha ha. Almaklumlah dah umur cenggini mana larat nak hang out lama lama .hahaha

Waiting to watch Salt now .

Our Buka Puasa

Lil one insisted on having saba shiyoyaki after her bowl of Udon.Sorrylah gambar ikan dah kena ambik,tak saba dia bila tengok ikan datang panas panas...:) ALhamdulillah habis dia makan ikan ni sorang sorang.Dengan nasi panas.

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Insya ALLAH very soon by targeted date, my house will be spotless:) been cleaning like crazy. Even today, sorting throwing all knick knacks.. Its been a clutter to life. Very bad habit. As I am sorting thru mata tu tengok tv jugak.. He he

learning everyday...

Have you ever reminded yourself that you want to be a better person everyday?
I told myself this morning when facing idiotic drivers on the road.
I don't know how some people get their liscense..they drive like the road belongs to their ancestors!!! Crazy and unacceptable.
While driving this morning, ramailah yang kena "setooooopid driver!!!!" By me in the car. Helloooooo I am a road user too but I use my manners ok. I signal at the right places, I give way to people to signal but if you are one of those tak pernah diajar oleh mak bapak... Cerminlah diri sebelum memandu pagi pagi...hisj sakitnya hati I.. So after facing not one but two or more setoooooopid drivers on the road, I told myself, lead by example!!! so as usual I will give way to people and I felt good because orang tu wave back at me saying thanks dude!! Ada jugak orang yang ada manners.

Arrived home, parked and cleared my car.. I said my hellos to the cleaners cleaning at the car park, at the lobby.. I felt …

its not crackberry its crackbody

Woke up by surprised!! With an aching back, aching tummy. Urghhh
Ohh the joy of being a woman!!NOT!!!!

still cleaning

I am still cleaning. Put some stuffs beside my sofa, I am going to sort that out later while watching tv at about 4 onwards.. Clearing spaces bit by bit.. Feeling so happy to be doing just that..because as I can see empty spaces I know I have succeeded in cleaning:)

Text dear hubby just now asking if he's up to go buy his present..hehe ya kena bawak dia because nak try and all.. See what he say nanti.
There's a whole lot of junk that I need to bring down to the car...when that gets cleared away, lagilah happy. I also need to clear lilone's bookshelf. See if my cousin is interested to take that thing away..

Okdokes. Gonna wait for Oprah to come on and enjoy my tv time
*note to self* after all the cleaning, sorting and throwing that I have been doing,ingat next time when I have the urge to shop...
Simpan duit tu lagi bagus dari beli tak tentu arah


I hope today is going to be a better day.. The symptoms of pms is terrible this time around.I shall make the chinese herbal drink today. It has been a while since I followed my routines. So I will slow cook the drink . The house is going to smell so like kedai ubat nanti.

Yesterday while watching cleanaholic on 733 I dok terfikir.. Apa sick ke that lady clean her floor more than 5 times a day.. And she went on her bended knees scrubbing the floor...mop pakai tangan k.. Hish nak mop biasa pun I am so lazy,inikan pulak on bended knees. Hmmm. But while watching that,I told myself,I should change the way I clean.. I should try working harder...every corner,they cleaned like mad..I mean everything and everytime!!!

I have a friend who is a cleanaholic, she cleans non stop. Even when she have guests in her house..she is the type who will not sit down for long when she have guests ..she'll wash and clean the toilet everytime after someone have used the toilet.. She wash the dishes while p…

feeling yucky

Arghhhhh... It is Really getting worse my pms. Shite!!
I feel like when I talk I have to scream and when things doesn't go my way, I feel shitty!!!!

Its yucky the feeling but something in my body is making me feel so angry , bitter during this time of the month.

Lil one managed to finish her puasA although struggling frm 5pm onwards. But I told her to sleep it off. Clever and a strong willed lil one succeed!! She had many kind of food for buka today.

Its bedtime for her and told her to wake up easily for sahur tomorrow

Ok I need to destress now

Learning something new

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Everyday is a learning experience.Sometimes you're happy,sometimes you're sad but most of all what do you learn from feeling those things?

I learned that when I am happy - I am a good mom,wife and a housewife.I enjoy my everyday day in and out duties.

When I am sad,is when I am facing a hard day as having my Pms but I cant talk about it because not everybody understand what I'm feeling.
So when I am feeling sad,I write and read to cheer myself up.

This morning Lil one asked me something and I said to her,Its really your choice and at the back of my head i was thinking,I am being an open minded mom who allows my child to make her own decisions at this young age.huh?And I also thought that if I let her make her own choices,if its the wrong choice,she will learn why its wrong or vice versa.
I am in the year 2010 ,its not the same like how we grew up.At the same time I am a very traditional mom.

Its a mix really.I hope someday when she's b…

i am coughing !!!

Monday again.. We nearly terlajak this morning...
I am cleaning my house still and feeling good about it..
I am wondering if mamasita reading this blog, please invite me to read ur blog:) I cannot read it anymore.

Yesterday we went to buka luar, funny tho when we were eating, a chinese couple infront of us were eating nasi campur,enjoying it to the fullest and we were eating yongtaufoo for buka. Inilah malaysians,we love to eat ..masakan cina,melayu and india...
I like that!!

We went jalan jalan and browsed baju raya for Lil one.. Huish kalau pasal shopping, memang la habit tu turun ke dia.. Nak try itu nak try ini...
We went frugal la jugak..not wasting too much. Got her a dress and a new jeans and blouse cukuplah.

Day 12

I was sleeping ,not deep sleep when I woke up because I smelled something nice cooking coming from my kitchen..hubby masak..that was around 3 something am...I slept again and then I heard him waking LIl one up and he came to wake me up..thank you for listening to what I said semalam that I want a day off:) penat ni...

I am going to hang my laundry now.

Buka puasa Day 11

The simplest buka of all

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buka luar today

BUka puasa outside today. Gave LIl one a treat because she berpuasa habis and no complains at all.Alhamdulillah syukur anakku tak banyak ragam belajar berpuasa...

Hubby berbuka outside with his best buddies... Hehe syok I tak payah masak:)
Went browsing at the shop and found that cookies in the market are overpriced.. Geram tengok.
Melebih lebih making money di bulan Ramadhan ni

Oklah we are waiting for hubby to come get us..

Buka Day 9:)


still working on it

I am sitting down in front of the tv folding and sorting laundry.I have put aside 2 bags one for giving away one to keep. I am having a hard time but sticking to the plan.I have pushed aside 4 buckets of toys to sort em out when I am done with the clothes. I hope the mood stays on.*note to self* I am constantly reminding myself that minimal is d best. Even hubby can't stop me when I am in this mood:)

Told hubby this morning I might want to go to the shopping center, he said go lah but I aje yang tak nak pergi yet. He he

Need to send baju raya Lil one for dry cleaning. Coz its all crumpled up and it can't go into the washing machine.

Ok gonna continue my work


Today Lil one is so grumpy at sahur. It came to a point that I am lazy to wake her up but of course as a mother, tak sampai hati kan tengok anak insist on berpuasa without having her morning drink and she's having her soup and nasi with a grumpy face ,showing to me that don't disturb me.
Everyone grunpy jadinya!!


clearing stuffs

Tomorrow I need to bring some stuffs down into the car.. Ada clothes and toys,I dah kemas and its in a plastic bag, will dump it into the recycle box. I love the feeling after cleaning and sorting.
Will continue to clear the toy box lagi, because now there's one big container of it, a big bakul full of it and in one of the big luggage as well. After settling that, I shall go onto the piles of clothing dumped at one corner of the house. That one tengah contemplate to clear and sort or give away. Hmmm bestnya bila mood datang:)

The target is almost there. A very minimal house;) A minimal house doesn't attract clutter and stress. I need to feel free with living minimally. You all won't believe how much I've given away.NEver again I want to go through buying stuffs like that.

I cannot imagine that I am excited to watch the "hoarders" tomorrow night. I get inspired to clear my house:)

LIl one have gone to bed.
I need to switch on the slow cooker for tomorrow'…

mood to kemas:)

I went to the hospital to take my prescription from the dr after that I headed to the grocers. I went into every aisle and took my own sweet time to shop. Aahhh vegetables at village grocers are superb, fine and fresh. Love it. At every aisle I met parents who shopped to cook for the family,some with little kids some with grumpy faces. Hmmm macam macam ragam manusia ni...
Got back home emptied my green bag and thinking what's cooking for buka puasa and sahur?
Bought frozen pizza for Lil one and she'll make them for buka later.I seldom order pizza,dominoes or mac d . So when she wants pizza, I just buy d frozen ones. Nak buat from scratch malas rasanya harini.
I am also in a clearing mode. Celik mata aje, nak clear rumah and barang barang zaman tok kadok.Well actually I made a promise to myself that I nak rumah ni like how when I just got married dulu. Since our anniversary is round the corner, I beria ia lah nak mengemas and clear all rubbish and collections yang sore to the e…

Day 7

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The sayur petola is hubby's and mine growing up so tadi makan macam recalling childhood memories:)Lil one was just staring at us ha ha
The popia is sedap too.
We had a few other foods as well.


Pagi pagi la my mood skyrocketted... Pms is here. As I get older makin teruk lah my pms.Must start taking vitamins and supplements lah.*note to self* Every little thing ticks me off. Its hard to describe how I feel.Only someone who have pre menstrual syndrome knows what I am talking about.
Lepas tu tadi checked mailbox bills came.URghhhh need to settle bills dengan mood macam ni pulak.hishhhh

I also had a heart to heart talk with Lil one this morning.
Telling her that she's growing up. Behave as one. Think of whatever that she did to make me gave her a piece of my mindMi know she is also in a process of experiencing new things and feelings in life.On my side, I have to be more understanding .sedihlah dia pagi tadi. But told her I love you!!

Gave her an example.not trying to compare her to her little cousin but I reminded her that when she was that age,she doesn't whine. So don't start now.That whiny sound ticks me off really.

I hope she understands what I tried to explain…
Last night I couldn't sleep at all. Sakit the whole body.
Today I feel like I need to go to the shopping center . Maybe later in the afternoon, I am not sure yet. Saja want to look and see for Lil one..
Haven't been doing anything much since last week. IYelah adjustment to the body..this fasting month. Now I have the time to blog pun coz ada bb ni. On the go:)
Oklah need to get ready and start my monday routine

Buka puasa Day 4 at LiL sissie's


Day 2 Lauk berbuka...and for sahur as well:)2010

That is for buka puasa and sahur.Makin lama dalam slow cooker,makin empok among other food like Udang petai hubby bought,Potatoes I made untuk Lil one...Telur Goreng..


Migraine on the second day of Ramadhan...Heavy headache.It came yesterday 2 hours before puasa and it subsided.I slept it off.And this morning it came back.Urgghh..
Lil one managed to complete her first day of puasa 2010 with ease,Alhamdulillah.She only felt hungry at about 5 something pm but she wasnt as grumpy a I was when I was little:)

This morning we woke up for sahur and then she didnt go back to sleep...She didnt feel quite well and told her teacher that she's allowed to buka puasa if demam ..
So far so good!!:)

Cooking buka food early.As it goes into the slow cooker.Yeah our family favourites.
The other day we had kenduri sambut puasa and makan makan.So the guys were seated with one of those in hands...hmmm
Good morning my blog . Today hubby and I had breakfast and chat yet again...we are at a position in our lives that we tend to learn a lot from our surroundings.

This is a topic I heard the other day..

They say this: your money is your money, your husband's money is your money as well. I do believe in that saying but what happens when your husband is facing financial difficulties? Is your money his money as well?I believe so too... How far do you go to help your husband? All out kan?
Sacrifices you made will one day terbalas dengan hikmah dari ALLAH ta'ala.. Insya ALLAH..
How would you stand by your hubby? With all your might and strength or with blabbering bising kat dia? How would you handle the situation?
Orang belum pernah rasa susah, doesn't know what it feels like being at the is hard to be there to support dari segala segi,mentally,pysically and emotionally. BUt if you're a good wife you'll do all that!

What is your stand regarding this topic?
I think I need to get off twitter, facebook ...I think I need to blog more.You know when I blog, I am free to write whatever I feel like writing and express what I feel .
Let's talk about life today. Its been a while since I blog about hubby's and my talks in the morning.
Untuk pengetahuan anda, kita tak mengutuk ya,kita berdiscuss to become better people.Conversations we share to learn what is right and wrong.

Let's not judge people. Siapa memberi kita hak untuk menilai seseorang?Siapa bilang kita boleh bercakap sesuka hati? Yang terutamanya, we must do right to ourselves before trying to judge other people.You know we don't have the right to do just that.
I read a lot lately, mostly buku buku agama. Dah kurang baca buku fiction dan sebagainya. In those ugama books I learnt that kita patutnya bersyukur and beristighfar banyak banyak dari kita duduk semeja dengan orang yang suka mengumpat dan mengata orang lain. Try get up and ignore those talks. Try avoid such circums…


Was in kampung sinxe friday and just came back in yesterday...
Now the routine begins again... I am blogging from my bb:) best senang tak payah bawa laptop ke sana sini...
Before the puasa month I need to clear my junks in the house. Kalau dah habis barulah I'll b the happiest person...