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The bbq preparation....

We are both ready-we are waiting for hubby to come pick us up
Looks like its gonna rain on new years eve....I can hear the sound of thunder...Here and there...
We are going to shower and get ready...
Hope hubby comes home on time so that we wont be late.
Heard that lil z is not well...Kesian her ,turned 1 and fall sick.
Hope she gets well soon.

Lil one is back not even 2 hours,pokpek yackety yack non stop...Oh my oh my!!

I think its going to rain .
Hubby texted saying that the road is packed jammed.I think because people only work half day today and people are getting ready to party tonight.
I bet there would be fireworks everywhere...

We will see if we can see any tonight from Kak N's house.

Mak and Ayah sent Lil one home at 1.40pm.They didnt even come in because they had to rush somewhere else...So Lil one is home,we just made bread to eat and now she's in her toy room...She came running to me saying ,"I miss you so much mommy"...and I said the same...

I am in the kitchen having my nescafe,2nd dose.
Waiting for hubby to pick us up.

Housewives -very lucky?Is it?

I am feeling feverish.I guess I should take panadol cold and flu.I took one yesterday .Thought it would go away but nope,feeling uncomfy with the nose blocked and throat feeling very coarse.
Washed a load of laundry,hang dry and came upstairs to shower.
Well I dont feel like cleaning or scrubbing the toilet so just let it be.
Waiting for the lil one to come home and then hubby will send us to the shops.Need to get a few things.
At about 5pm,I should get ready for the bbq.Need to collect cake and then hubby should be able to start fire by 6pm.

Just hope I dont feel worse later.

There is a luggage in front of my eyes,full of clean clothes...I just dont want to clean it right now.

Chat this morning with BFF ...I told her that this housework never ends,she said its alright...We're doing the best we can and its not easy to be a houswife....The hardest job of all.

She is a clean freak,she cleans and cleans without feeling tired whereas I am not a tidy person at all...but I put an effort because…

Last day of 2008

Woke up with a blocked nose.Chis...Cant do ,got a bbq gathering tonight and wanna have fun but I know have to stay away from babies..

I shall go downstairs and start clearing stuffs.
I have to do housework today.
Hubby is still sleeping

Wonder what the lil one is doing with wan and atok.

"Happy 9th birthday dear Jim o"

Early dinner

Hubby picked me up after buying the bbq meat .We went round the whole town to look for dinner and when we arrived at our destination,the shop was closed...Hmmm...Hubby was really hungry and he was so angry .
Turn back and came back around the house area to eat.We had Rice,Kailan,Dadar Eggs ,Tomyam,Sambal Belacan ,Kangkung belacan and ,sambal telur.

We are so full and now its raining heavily.What a nice weather to just fall asleep...
Waiting for the 8 pm news to watch.
He is relaxing on the sofa and I'm enjoying the sound of rain.

just rambling....

At 5.10pm I'm feeling very dizzy and nose feels so eyes too.I just swallowed lil one's flu medicine...I made milo to drink.I think I am going to lie down for a while.

*Ignore housework*

Spoke to hubby just now.He went out with sis and bro in law to buy bbq meat.Told him to take me out to the shops later.Need to get something.
Hopefully it wont be too late.

Nothing is nice on tv...Blergh

*Remind myself to buy Mm's book*

Oh well,just made an appointment with the cleaner to come and clean house thorougly for the new years.

Here comes 2009 and 11 years to 2020...

2009- 10 years I first met hubby...went on our first date at Jake's...:)
Will have to make plans for the 10th year of knowing him:)

Outing with Sister and Nephew

Phewwww....I got back home from the outing ,feeling tired,cranky and malas..

Here is the story.

Kak N picked me up at about 11am.While waiting for her this morning I tried sorting my laundry on the dining table.I put on some dance music and started boogeying and folding clothes and didnt realise she was waiting for me at the gate.Ha ha

First we went to the market but the shop I wanted to go to was closed and suddenly felt so stupid because I lost track of the day.
Went to my nephews school to settle a few things.
After that we went to have lunch at H.
After feeling full and satisfied,went to get birthday presents for youngest nephew and extended familie's kiddos...
Got it all wrapped up and then headed to the supermarket.Bought a few things for myself and then Kak N bought all the stuffs for bbq tomorrow.

We came out of H at about 2.27pm and then proceeded to order birthday cake.Settled that I was sent home...

How come I feel so tired padahal bukannya penat sangat pun.

Got back home,gave f…

2nd last day of 2008

Hubby and I woke up very late today.We're honeymooning..haha old couple honeymooning seems like a lovely idea once in awhile...

My sister texted me just now she's picking me up and we're going out to get stuffs for tomorrow's BBQ...This is a yearly thingy because youngest nephew celeberates his birthday on the last day every year.

I text my little sister wishing her the happiest birthday every as it being her last birthday being single and free..
She's on vacation now and hopes she stays safe and happy.

Hubby is watching spiderman on astro and I am waiting for my sister to pick me up.
Later when I come home,I'm going to clean house as usual...nothing is new.

"Happy 34 th birthday Lina"

Needing a break from a break

We drove home .Traffic very heavy...We just stopped at the petrol station because hubby needed to go.
We watched 2 movies and enjoyed it...Hmmm we can get used to having a tv in the car:)
Upon arriving I checked my cats,one managed to escape and another is I presumed the one which escaped wants his freedom so biarlah dia...
I washed laundry,now tengah sidai...
I'm having milo...feeling sneezy ni...Hope its nothing.

Lil one is with mom and her Makcu...she went to play with Lil M...
She just called me asking permission to eat Maggi...hmmm and told mom just now thats the last thing I'll give her but since she doesnt want to eat anything else today,ok I'll make do...

Okdokee,going to clear up a bit and then going to shower and head for the bed.Hubby said he wants to watch another movie...
After dinner hubby took me round town...I snapped a few pictures..

Mee kicap at Mg

Ayah and Mak said lets go to the club ....I said,nevermind,tonight you both just take the lil one.
Hubby and I are going to food stalls tepi jalan to eat mee kari kerang and mee kicap...So this is the picture of the place...
Those days after partying ,my friends and I go there to eat our supper....We will come about 5-6 cars enjoying the food and just lepak...

A weekend away

I am waiting for hubby to come home,we're going back hometown.
Lil one is all ready and watching princess dvd...
I made her clean her room and carry clean laundry from downstairs just now.
I am updating this blog before we leave and then am going to check emails .

"Have a very good weekend everyone"
School is starting soon,and there goes the one and a half months break

Lil one is so into the Ds game...I am cleaning,sorting ,dumping clothes:)

I have mission.I want to redecorate lil one's room for the new year.
I will surprise her:)

Saw this on someone's blog

Its boxing day-3 years ago I was in London shopping

Getting ready.Hubby will drop us off at the shopping mall.Have to settle the school stuffs today.School is starting in 10 days....Shoes and socks are on the list...We will see what I come back with:)
My car is sick...thats why hubby is dropping us off.
Hope he wont leave us there too long...I dont like to wait and wait at the mall.

Place to go is definitely the bookstore.I simply love books.

Something nice to read
Hubby and I chatted this morning about our holidays in January.Since we dont get to go anywhere in 2008,we should plan for a getaway during CNY...He said ,"Lets do it"...I was the happiest to hear him say that:)

So we're discussing about where to go what to do.We want to destress at the beach and go shop also...So we havent quite decided where just yet.

Hubby and the lil one is upstairs playing with the electric train .They set them up upstairs and enjoying it I suppose.

I am doing laundry and in the kitchen....Going to sleep early tonight..
Should I get myself this? Or should I get myself this

Car rosak and its xmas

Yesterday was such a long long day.
Remember I said I was to go out and get wedding present?As soon as I reversed my car into the parking lot,I saw smoke coming out from the left side of the car and The steering wheel got stuck and keras...Cant move it but I managed to manouver the car into the parking lot.
I immediately called hubby and told him what happened...He asked so many questions and I know he willcome to my rescue no matter what.He said to me,go makan makan first...he'll be late..Ok I browsed thru the mall for a thousand times,had our dinner at Basil and he arrived about one and a half hours later...

He checked his car,then we went to the petrol station to buy the minyak hitam...went back to the car to fill it up and it came dribbling down...He called his mechanic and arranged to tow the car after the mall closes...

We got back home,hubby settled the lil one to bed ...I came upstairs to settle a few things...He went out to settle his car then he came home telling me that the…
Children need to know that parents love them no matter what. You do this by spending time with kids, and by listening to them.

We got back from the swimming party.Lil girls had fun and the boys of course...Some even took their psp with them...hmmm

Lil one had her shower and eating frosties now...

I am going to rest for a while and then go out get present pulak...
Then going to my sister's house.
Getting up with a dream I cant forget...Oh no

Its xmas eve and Lil one just made eggs for breakfast and we ate them:)

I should go and shower and go look for presents ....
Have to attend a birthday party today...

Holiday coming to an end....

I am sitting her on the sofa in my family room,checking mails and surfing the net.
Actually the lil one and I have just finished cleaning her toy room,its so neat and pretty now.I even told her that I want this playroom to be like this all the time.Play all you want but clean it up after.

She's sleeping now I hope:)

I shall take my nightly bath in a minute.
Wishing my sister and cousin a fun time holidaying with their respective families.

We have an invitation to a birthday to attend tomorrow...How nice to be born on xmas eve:)
The lil one doesnt know about the invite just yet,I'll surprised her when she wakes up tomorrow.

BFF just called ....she's on xmas holidays with her inlaws...Well she just had to call me and said she recalled our holiday to Krabi last year...Man...Yeap we're planning for our holiday next year and to make it happen...
Wishing her and her family a very merry xmas and have a wonderful holiday...
I miss you too Friend!!!

Okdokee...I'm going to sort out my…
Made nasi goreng Beef for the kiddos...
Went to buy schoolbooks earlier on.Then went to the hospital to get my medicine.
Went for breakfast with hubby and Lil one ...Got back home and now Lil one have a friend over for a playdate.They're upstairs and I am relaxing for a while before starting my housework.

Wondering whats for lunch and what to do after.

School is starting in 2 holidays pass so fast when you dont go anywhere...
I am trying to fall asleep

Kids day out

We had a fun filled day with so many friends and lil kiddos....

Kids had the best time of their lives.

Now I'm back home .
My Lil one is asleep...She is so exhausted.

Hubby wants me to cook rice,he will go out and buy lauk.
I want to do laundry a bit and then going to shower and go to sleep.

I'm exhausted myself.

Its Niece 1st birthday party today

I was getting ready to go out and received a text message from Mak..She said this,"Tengok channel 106-mawi nikah"...ha ha...Like I got time to watch la kan...he he

Lil one is in her room playing.I love it that she can play on her own with all her dolls ..

She woke up this morning making a card for her cousin Z and J...After that she played with her Ds Lite for a bit.That thing can be addictive eh?
Hubby is in the shower,and we have to rush as always.

Its 13.59 and we are ready.
Going to attend "Z" 's 1st birthday party.

I have showered yet again.Its damn blody hot today.
Lil one is playing in her room .Hubby went to wash the cars.
So we're waiting
Its 1.19am and I am watching CSI...Just relaxing before falling asleep

Earlier on today,my lil one and I had a fun outing with my BFF and her son.We let the kids have fun and we chatted for quite a bit.It was a fun day and we promised each other that we're going to start doing this outing weekly.If we try,we'll make it .But sometimes we just cant help it.Busy with our own lives and a household to take care off.

In the evening we went to my aunts house.Had my favourite laksa there.Sedapnya
Then I took hubby out for a steamboat dinner.I owed him for about 2 weeks already.We chatted about getting a Blackberry for us.Dont know if its a good idea...Never mind,we will talk about it again.

My lil one is still wide awake.Seems hard for her to fall asleep.Hmmm...Not enough outdoor activities ke?

Happy Birthday Dear Me

Today I turn 37 and 20 years has gone by since I sat for my SPM.
Whoa...Too long ago.But how come physically and emotionally I dont feel like I'm 37?

I spent being 37 with sister,cousins and gramps...They gave me presents and I feel blessed.Thanks you all,Love you all eventhough we never tell each other that.I guess the "coffee bonding" says it all:)

I am going to shower my daughter and myself and then wait for hubby to come home.We dont have anything plan tonight.Just spend some quiet time together .Put the lil one to bed and watch movie ....

Happy Birthday To me

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

Pre 37

Look at all the phones on the coffee table.

I had a great pre 37th birthday with sisters,cousin and extended family.

We were there from 2pm till about 11pm.
Now I'm so exhausted

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

Pre 37

Sunday 14th December-less than 24hours,I'm turning 37.Hmmmm,Guess what I decided to do?Clean my house.Yeah as you get older,you clean,you pray,you sedar diri,you bertaubat,you do good,you cook,you basically grew up.

I do to:)

I am taking a break from cleaning.Lil one is in her room playing games on her laptop.
She's growing up too fast too.Miss the baby her.

Yesterday she said this to me while on an outing with my sisters,"Mom ,I think you should send me to the kids playcenter so that I dont annoy you".
My mouth went wide open coz I never told her that she's annoying...well maybe I always tell her to go play in her room kot...But thats what playroom is all about.

Even when we go to people's house,I dont know how people can let thier kids play in the living room,dining room...why cant they just play in the room?

I purposely made up the playroom so that its inviting enough :)
I'm trying to rearrange things inside there too.

Well she asked me again,"Why do you a…
I am having coffee at my in law's house


It started to rain at 4.12pm.Right after I finished washing and scrubbing the cats house.
Love this weather.I am going to hangdry another set of laundry and then I'm going to lie down before going upstairs to clean and mop upstairs.

I also need to sort old kids bag,to sell them .I need to take pictures of it.Then will post it online to sell it off.

And I also have to settle a box .Need to seal it and send it away.

Yeah trying to recycle old stuffs,whatever I can sell,will sell,whatever I can donate will donate:)

Its a day so hot

I woke up very early.Made Ramen for breakfast.The lil one had her dose of spinach before that:)
I got her ready.I got myself showered,woke up hubby and he just made his own coffee and ate the Ramen I made.

I have loads of laundry to wash but I am not in the freaking mood to do housework.Yeah,I have my moments to do all them

I am having my second dose of nescafe and enjoying it to bits.

Going out later to get presents for those born in December.Yeah I have many to buy...oh oh...and that's just family...

We'll see what I come home with.
Oh Lil one wants to get that lil teddy for her cousin "Z" ...Have to do that maybe tomorrow or next week

Okdokie,promised myself going to learn something new each and everyday...we will see what i gain today ok
I went to the supermarket while hubby was having a discussion at the office.
I got a few things that have been out of stock since before Raya Haji.
Waited for him to pick me up and then we headed to have lunch.Some quality time for the two of us since the lil one is having an outing with her Maklong.

I bet she'll be so happy when she comes home,and lots to tell

I have done a load of laundry.and now doing the second.After this I'm going to nap for a while before the lil one gets home.

Weather is so ooooo hot today
We're at mummy's and maybe having dinner here...Lil one is watching tv and coogee is having his dinner..
Its a lazy Sunday actually It started raining and we're at the inlaw's...
We had late lunch...yummy
We're watching Hairspray

International Bukit

Woke up this morning with this news and feels so sad ...Kesian all the victims and yang terperangkap.
I cannot imagine how they are feeling.I just hope we dont hear of anymore deaths.

Weather today very gloomy...Its still drizzling...I masak daging masak kicap and panaskan the asam pedas melaka .
Lil one had her dinner.
I am just enjoying my nescafe for a while before washing the dishes,lipat baju etc etc etc
On A Saturday morning,I woke up with my body aching.Now I'm getting ready and its a trouble to wake both of them up because they are so alike,they dont hurry for anything...They take their own sweet time.hmmm
I on the other hand,is like I shower quikly,I GET ready on time,I'm always on time but because of them I'm late all the time...perrghhh
Like now,I've called both of them to shower,but both of them are still lying down in the living room and didnt even bother to acknowledge my calls to get up and shower..
Ok my PMS is here ,its like this everyday but today I hate it .So I know...I can feel the pms


Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

We woke up feeling like we're in a different la we're at home.We got back in last night..

Just finished on skype with big sista and now we're getting ready to go to our friends house for a day filled with swimming and chatting..
Gettin up in the apartment we own somewhere else not in our hometown makes me feel like I'm on a holiday but not really coz the lil one insisted on a beach holiday.
hmmm Kids now a days...
When we were little we just followed where our parents took us.Never questioned the place or maybe Mak and Ayah knows us so well that every holiday they took us to Penang at the Palm Beach Hotel..and if not that,up on the Cameron Highlands,almost alternate weekends...In those times,back in the 70's and 80's holidays are like daily life...we go places..

I miss my childhood...and I promised myself that my kids childhood will be filled up with joyful things too.
They're both still sleeping.I guess I should take a shower and go have breakfast on my own..hihi...
Like father like daughter...they walk the same,they sleep the same,they behave the same..hmmm
We followed hubby .He has work to do and we tagged along.Lil one doesnt like the pool can you believe it?I guess coz the place is empty...No people at all swimming and the weather is good...