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less is more as he says it...

Still yrying to.
Ok nevermind will keep on doing it until I
Have less is more

The bedroom floor is unseen at the moment
Been clearing little by little
Found unbelievable junks.Those went into the big garbage bag
Still processing stuff little by little I love the after feeling Yeah I am de hoarding if there is such a word
Hope I remain inspired doing this. Must must


We are trying to cut down with dinner outing but
Tonight we just cant help it.
Been a few months since  we  last ate a korean restaurant

birds chirping

Its such a nice feeling to hear the birds chirping ayam kokok in the morning Washed the dishes and fed the cats. Laundry washing. I am being positive today. Lil one is in good mood for these couple of days.alhamdulillah syukur
The transition of age is affecting her badly this year.
Its amazing though to see that she wants her own space. A time where she can be alone to be her I guess.  Last week was the worse ...we had screaming fights A friend gave me a very positive advice Saying that how we talk to our kids make a big difference. ..try it she said.. I tried and amazingly it did wonders
Tq my are a bestfriend everyone should have. 
I am learning too to raise a teenager to be. I have my faults too but I admit I am wrong  and want to learn
Hubby  is behind me full force We talk about it a lot
Soon enough she'll grow up and leave the nest Soon enough we will be lonely.
May Allah guide us in raising our tween. Insya Allah. 

minimalist wannabe

Not there yet.
Dreaming on
Yesterday was minimalising day.
Everything I did was minimalised stuff
Today I have 2 containers to open and one box. Harap harap settle today.

Believe in the quote that says minimalism is the way to live.
Been blogwalking at that tiny house blog and still amazed with their lifestyle.minimalise in that form to live worthy on the other end.
Amazing to see .and inspired to try.
another one is 100 thing challenge.i know its difficult but why not try kan

No harm trying kan.


Today I set up our working table .
Need to set up the printer
Just the computer and printer on that work table.

After this I am going to sort the never ending baju while watching tv.

Might take lil one swimming later if the weather permits or whatever that can sweat us out.

In the mean time I am glad with chores so far


Sundays are for resting But I have washed the dishes And loaded laundry one by one After this I shall minimalise the bathroom Oh I miss paris where I did the washing and drying in the bathroom All of them is sleeping Sunday should be spent bonding
Ehem I am bonding with house chores
Last night I put on hypnotism to sleep on youtube and I slept peacefully
I ignored the tv and went to sleep
I guess umur dah tua ni imsonia is kicking in slowly so I find ways to fall asleep. Best ok bila bangun tadi
Ok nothing more to tell  Better get on with my chores


I feel so good today Yesterday I was exhausted at 5pm I looked for deep sleep music and fell asleep  So nyenyak I slept and cukup tidur I
Had my cup of coffee and exercising in a bit
Later going to wake them up. Ada dancing class and appointments after Then petang ada aktiviti 

Hope today is a good day Happy saturday people


I've gotten inspired.
Was reading a blog about fitness and exercise.
Today shall be my second day oh I must continue .
I like reading stuff like this
Because of the inspiration
If somebody else can do it why cant I

Also another blog about minimalism
Ahhh bestnya

These things should get easier on me
Just need to push myself harder

Apart from that I just need to be fit for our next breakaway/vacation
Hopefully its going to be a beach getaway

Life would be bliss if we can slot in one beach and sun holiday and one winter holiday.amboiii macam chop duit pulak.haha
But one can try kan? No harm

Ok going now.
Will continue reading later after breakfast.

Mom on holiday.....manquant paris : Am I Korean?Or I'm Multi cultured?


I should start exercising again  Been quite a while. Ayo how to start? Eerk so malas. Where did my mojo go.?
Wanna be fit and energetic like before Tolongggg


Can I say that? Things are scattered on the floor I havent been cleaning Except for washing laundry I know its not nice to be lazy But I am moodless
Been reading articles about parenting A lot

for myself to read

sunday before

We got back in late last night. Today everybody slept in Washed a load of laundry now going to just see what to do in the room
Just a tot
We as parents shouldnt we be the parent yang mould our kids to be the best they can be? Shouldn't we be the one to train them from little to be a responsible person. To do their house chores to help around the house to masuk dapur tolong.  I must make an easy list of recipes to teach my lil one she is growing up very fast.i want her to be able to care for herself without asking for help from anyone else. One must be able to handle house chores to live I must be more rajin to lead by example. She must be able to rise and be a good growing kid
Iyelah this is amanah kita kan.
Hopefully the future holds a better responsible person in our future generation
Ok cukup bebel for sunday Sunday before the school routine begin  again This post is for peringatan diri I.

oh I missed it


holiday mood

As I was cleaning and sorting stuff in both lil one's And my room terlintas di hati about our next vacation.... Whats app hubby and reminded him rupa rupanya he was thinking about it too.hmmm  Senyum lebar lah I. Kept on telling myself this time breakaway its the beach la..bestnya. by road or air it actually doesnt matter but after experiencing the air asia package and road trip I guess the flight package will be cheaper. Why waste money right? Hopefully hubby will make reservations quickly so that holiday dah ada plan
Ok nak sambung kemas dengan senyuman lebar sambil terkenang winter holiday yang dah sebulan berlalu.
Senyum sorang sorang

missing disneyland paris

The feeling lingers
Missing the child like feeling.  With the cold weather. It was minus 1 I think. nice the feeling
Want to plan for another disneyland holiday. Where shall we go?  To the other side of the world perhaps?

room ideas

Cant sleep yet so just finished sweeping lil one's room
Dalam dok sweep was thinking of ideas how to beautify her room
So I googled for some ideas.

It is so fun when you google and ideas come flooding in.

Bestnya. Cannot wait to cleanup lil one's room

For now I will try to fall asleep


Whole day spent by watching tv
It rained for a few hours
So layan channel after channel
What a bliss moment

just hungry

What a wonderful feeling to sleep in I woke up suddenly and felt so hungry Rushed to wake lil one oh she's enjoying the coldness in her room sleeping Err I dunno how long it will take for her to get up and be ready my perut dah berkeroncong ni
On another note containers are scattered in my room. Must sit down and kosongkan later.seronok bila mood mengemas datang. I havent been exercising lately .To start again susahnya.hmmm manalah inspiration tak sampai lagi. Badan dah naik macam badak sumbu.arghhh How nice to be fit and energetic. I miss those moments.will try my best to start on a routine again.
Nothing much happening this holiday.i have been blog hopping on travel blogs. Melepaskan rindu on travelling. Amazing to see people travelling .I love it.
Ok better run now

cleaning and sorting

I sat in front of the tv and punggah junks out from boxes
You know how little things can accumulate into chunks of junks?
Found so many kids bracelets
Found the nintendo and game boy
Found the old camcorder
Found little pieces of art
Found all kind of chargers
Found hotel soups and shampoos

Oh my...found so many things today
Sambil tengok tv sambil kemas
Taking a break from it all sekejap and will continue sorting out lepas ni

Do I dump it all into the garbage bag?
I know I should I must
Arghhh pening


Till 530pm the sun was scorching hot


Its tuesday .time is running very fast
Today going to spend time with the in laws.
Children get so happy to meetup

Yesterday topic of owning homes came out
My dream is to have a cosy condo...with facilities and all. My other half dream is to build a home.
I bersyukur seandainya my dream condo can materialise
To have a minimalist condo
To live minimally as having less is more concept.
To live with just enough clothes to use
To live with not more than we need in a home

To have space to entertain big family and some close friends.
To have our sound proofed tv room to have a piped in music for all part of our condo

And a study to put all our books and gadgets
And definitely to have a solat room.

That is my dream
Pray that it will come true someday insya allah

For now I will keep on trying to minimalise our stuff..

Have a great holiday.

traffic heading into kl


power of giving

Dad passed me the article to read. I find the article interesting and googled the link given.
Thanks to the owner of the website.
Going to read more once I have some free time. Knowledge is infinity.  You can never get enough of it.


Heard that the north south highway is clear. Not many cars on the road.It should be a good time to hit the road back home right Maybe after lunch Mom and dad went out to get breakfast I am up and have packed the bags Need to clean the room before leaving. 
I think Kl must be clear of cars maybe.

30 degrees celcius

It was a very hot scorching hot day.
Even with the air conditioning we sweat like we were in a sauna.
Everytime during Chinese new year the heat will be this bad.
We got burnt by today's sun

On the way home from outing we bungkus cempedak and goreng pisang.

Now at home just relaxing. In the full blast air conditioning room

May it rain later.

google's today

So cute. I like

rush hour

As you can see the traffic was terrible
 Look like in the 80's
Most of the time traffic was bad
busses cars bikes all heading for their destination
 At the rnr was also jammed
Look like raining on that side

These is a norm come public holidays .this time its the chinese new year celebration.2013 a year of the snake.
As we arrived destination  mom goreng telur and masak nasi and i fried the sayur.we had dinner and we watched majalah 3.Saw the interview with jimmy choo. Ala menyesal pulak tak masuk Jimmy Choo's boutique while in Paris
Now hubby is snoring away and I am blog hopping .I can hear fireworks blasting away.. Its only 2316 but we are tired due to long hours sitting in the car.
Now I want to wish gong xi fa cai to uncle lee

heavy cny traffic

At 3pm now traffic heavy on the highway heading north

Hope everyone arrive destination safely

holiday week

Holiday week again
Have you realised we have too many holidays!!!!
This Chinese new year holiday
We duduk diam diam makan koci k.

No breakaway planned for this break
Hopefully for the next.

to go

Its ready to be recycle.
The feeling is nice


Mint tea
The view malam masa lepas balik berjalan
The longchamp yang memikat hati

somewhere around opera...

Rindunya Paris

spring clean

Spring cleaning wardrobe
That is the space where clothes get accumulated.
Eeerghhh.too many to fit the wardrobe
I sorted them into a big black garbage bag
I am on cloud nine
I know the organized clothes will soon be clutter again but at least I am satisfied now

2 bags of unwanted clothes to be recycle!!!

What about bedsheets, selimut and towels?
How many does a person need?
Cutting it to minimal
I set my bathroom and bedroom to a theme colour
Whatever I buy for  both will match my toilet and bedroom.
That way I am happy


Have to do it everyday twice.
Once when I wake up once before bedtime
That way, our laundry basket tak overflow

Mood to spring clean arrived so happylah I:)

Ok gonna continue after maghrib..ciao!!

window shopping

Tadi pegi jalan jalan...
Masuk longchamp kat tanah air....
Check la harga bag yang dibeli from st honore...lucky me beli in paris kurang nearly 800rm. Punyalah I grin from ear to ear.

Nak masuk lv tadi but dont want to be treated like second class citizens by lv sa.
Kat paris all the sa are friendly .so dont want to spoil my mood la kan sebab kat tanahair ni ternyata sa nya semua ingat depa yang punya lv store tu. Haha. Kalau I salah sorry but I have experienced it firsthand.

Ok enough about shopping.

Hubby and I tadi went to buy some stuff for my chinese friend. Nak dekat Chinese new year kan...

Menjelang cny, cuaca pun panas ya amat.
Urghhh boleh demam dibuatnya.

Ok la nak siap nak keluar dah nak pi xari barang pulak untuk kawan yang nak pegi umrah.....bestnya umrah...I miss tanah haram and madinah.
Semoga allah permudahkan segala galanya buat our friend.