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I woke up with half my voice gone.Urggghhh...Then my body felt so painful .Didnt sleep well last night..Sore throat very bad.Coughing and Demam:(
Very not good.


I'm coming down with something.Throat itchy.Can hear a lil bit of cough.chis..Hari Raya is just a day away and I dont want to fall sick.

Its Monday

I really thought got school and luckily didnt kan cheong kan cheong...hee hee.
Weather seems fine this morning.
Its 8.27am and I'm done cleaning for pagi ni.Waiting for lil one to get up and get her ready.Need to go and get last minute stuffs


Woke up this morning with the lil one's face staring at me...Terkejut I ..
She's asking for something la tu and I wasnt ready to get up.

Gosh I had the worst nightmare last night..hmm me and my 2 on the divider cousins:)hihihi

Then after that I slept again and dreamt of "Mak menti's" eeeee whats wrong?

Why am I having creepy dreams?chis

I am finally up at 9.15am and I want to go and shower and then have to go out to the salon.But contemplating..Too lazy!! So tired ...See la how

As usual my dearest hubby is enjoying his "Ramadhan sleep" and The lil one is watching Mariposa .I am just thinking ...

Sahur girls?

I tried to kejut everyone bangun sahur but nobody replied...ok I'm heading back to sleep


I'm falling asleep.Had a great time breaking fast at cousin's house.
We ate and ate and talk sembang...

Washed and cooked

Made Beef Mourtade .Dont know if jadi or not.
Weather is gloomy.
The host@cousin asked where to get bunga api but the one we have is berasap one.Takut neighbour marah kan?

just grumpy

I miss the beach...
If only -I can have a house on the beach-
How nice

Yep thats me yesterday and today...

still grumpy-not in the mood to do anything today


I ingat dah pukul 5 then hubby said why nak bukak tingkap awal awal...i tanya with my eyes half closed,he said 3am ...I went like huh?I woke up because while sleeping I smelled something really nice.Went downstairs,hubby goreng ikan bilis...mmm yummy!!Hee hee...Ya he likes doing that ,masak or goreng something for sahur.

I dah basuh one set of laundry and dah sidai dah pun.Gave the cats their sahur too:)heehee:P
Kemas my dapur,and now I'm upstairs again.
I dont know,if I doze off nanti terlajak pulak so I guess I better start mopping...heh

Okdokes...Cant wait for Saturday to buka with my cousins and sissy's

Its 9.12am now I' m listening to Jazz and trying to fall asleep.
It 9.41am I woke up and kejut hubby bangun as well.

Monday Blues..

I am going to run errands today.


We went out to buka at sushi king-before that we went to the crocs shop.Yarabii ramainya orang..everyone buying crocs.Lil one tak habish habis trying all and we both happy so happy.
After that we went to the inlaw's house.The ajak us buka but we said if we go there and buka sure there's no time to go to the shop.
We sembang sembang and the kiddos playing having fun.
And we left there just before sahur..Yep so late...never-we never do that..Ha ha
Eventhough I slept at about 5.45 I woke up at 8am .
Settled the laundry,lipat laundry,did revision with the lil one and buat test dengan dia.
Yep its revision week.Exam is coming...hmmm

I need to lose weight again,

I stepped onto the weighing scale and I've put on 5kilos again.Shit!!No wonder la perut buncit.Chis..Cannot jadi ni...nanti baju raya tak muat.Haiyo .Stress stress


Lil one and I went out to buy shoes and we ended up buying 2 pairs of crocs.Perfect.There's 2 more that I'm eyeing for her but that can wait:)
I didnt get anything for myself as usual.

Okdokes,me going to clean house now and lil one is going to shower.Waiting for hubby maybe we're going for kopi:)TGIF...
House clutter is the result of bad habits. Follow these declutter house tips and keeping your house in order will be a breeze.

#1. Beat procrastination. Do it now! Every day, choose a small, easy declutter job and get it done. After a few weeks it will become a good habit. After a while, take on some bigger declutter jobs. You'll soon make a difference.

#2. Beat the hoarding habit. Look at your various collections, like clothes, shoes, books, cds, magazines and so on. Go through them and select items for disposal. Be ruthless. Do this on a regular basis.

#3. Stop buying too much stuff. Give your wallet a rest. And if you do bring something new into the house, get rid of something else to make room. Better yet, for each new item in, two old items get disposed of?

#4. Avoid distraction. Keep focused on the declutter job by setting a kitchen timer for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. While the timer is running, make sure you don't do any other jobs. If you come across an item that you would lik…
Do you know about these declutter house tips? Get the job done fast with these 7 sure-fire tips to declutter your home.

#1. Be ruthless when deciding what to keep and what to let go of. It's the only way to succeed at decluttering.

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#3. Every time you leave a room, take something with you that doesn't belong there and put it away.

#4. Pick off small declutter jobs. It could be getting a diaper bag organised so you're always good to go. It could be clearing out a drawer or closet. Just keep picking small areas to work on and it builds momentum. You'll achieve quick and easy victories and start to feel the benefit of decluttering.

#5. Time for a declutter blitz. Once you've decluttered a few closets and drawers, you'll have some room to work with. You'…


again.Yay can sleep late and wake up late tomorrow.
Weather is nice outside...dah gelap.Hope it rains and water all my plants..

I have to go out and send baju kurung for dry cleaning and then I have to go find something to cook.Then I have to go check out Lil one's shoes...
Yesterday saw crocs nice but so mahal.

11.37am-Washed the cats area and showered them too.Dump all the junks at the bag into the black garbage bag....They both are drying themselves now.
Going to do laundry afterwards after my rest.Tired-still grumpy-moody-exhausted-


Its like those feelings never run far from me.I hate this feeling .I cannot control how I feel when I feel like this.But I sedar jugak that its hormones...Very bad very bad.
Last night while watching tv,i had the urge to clean,so I settled a bit of hubby's old clothes..well not all old clothes just that his wardrobe is overloaded and I hate to see that.So I kemas a bit and then I fell asleep with my laptop..hihi..Woken up by hubby asking me to on the alarm so that he tak terlajak tdo...
He had to go work very early today.
I sent my lil one to school and had a very long chat with one of the moms..Then I got back home and got online.
Thinking of what to do today.Not in the mood to do anything.
I need to go get the lil one's shoes but I'm too lazeeeeeeee
I think I need to just go take a nap but I dont like the after feeling that I wasted hours napping and not doing anything at home.

Oh I havent done any laundry for 3 days I think...Its getting full the laundry basket.
So malasssssss…


I took out clothes from my wardrobe to dejunk it and after that

After sending the lil one to school early today I stopped over at that orange box to dump all my junks..well my junks maybe someone else's benefit right?Coz it says on that orange box "Charity for recycle" so I feel good...
Got home,gonna start dejunking again eventhough I wish I can just fall asleep for a while.
We will see what happens..
I feel like shopping too but nevermind,will wait for hubby later..Its a public holiday tomorrow and we can sleep in:)

Very bad

I looked myself in the mirror and its not me...that person in there looks very down and sulky.Mana tak sulky nya...cannot sleep ...tossing and turning and I tak sedar masa dok sapu minyak to my whole badan trying to sleep,i tumpahkan the whole bottle of the minyak kayu now its berbau minyak kayu putih.
I am not feeling too good dah la tak tdo and now so tired urgghhhh

its 12noon now tadi i tertdo sekejap.Then woke up saw Racheal Ray on tv...I feel like making Salad with onions today...and maybe beef kicap or just sambal telur..hmmm dunno yet.

Not in the mood actually but we have to buka so I'll see what my mind and mood says in a couple of hours.

I goreng ikan and made salad for buka...among other things.Bought a few kuih,agar agar

Now I'm about to fall asleep.Hubby is watching tv ,the lil one slept at 6pm coz last night she slept at 12mn..


Yeppers I'm so moody today..So like everything tak kena .So sick and tired of this feeling yucckkssss...


I finally woke up again at about 9.15am...chis...I wanted to sleep in coz its sunday and its not fair,i want my fair share of beauty sleep.Hubby always gets it everyday.And then he looks so fresh and I look like an old exhausted woman...chis ...Lil one is up...when she saw me switching on my lappy,she said this,"Not fair not fair!!" ...I told her yesterday Sunday less of computer,go do your art and craft.So her room door is close and I'm just about to go check if she's acting degil and just not listen to mummy.
I need to wash a little more laundry and then sort out yesterday's .Need to get rid of some old clothes.Told hubby and lil one semalam...whenver you buy or plan to buy something new...tak kira lah baju ke or gadget ke, make sure you let one old one go.So takde lah your wardrobe or "space" overcrowded.

Sakit betul my body.And I feel like puking.Everytime before pms or even the real thing,i get all this stupid and unnecessary feelings...yeah other pe…

Busy busy...

We went to buka with the inlaws and the kiddos.The kids had fun of course,yackety yack...playing and giggling,laughing and so full of imagination.We went to the shop as well.We didnt buy anything for us .We just got a few clothes for the lil one.No more pink clothes this year.Well when we got home I remembered that I didnt get to go the "Whateva" shop..hmmm...must go again must go again.
I went to see the bag I wanted to get last week but nope ,not yet..

Dejunking?Decluttering?Spring Cleaning?

Yep the mood is still here so I'm going to continue

Happy 34th to Jazzy Jazz...Have a superb birthday friend!!

I am cooking beef moutarde to bring and beef kicap for sahur:)


Yep even when I get enough sleep I wake up tired...pergghh
Rushed the lil one to school this morning.She had tummy ache,hopefully she'll be alright .Her understanding of puasa is this...
"I dont want susu mommy,but during lunch time I'll eat..coz how can I puasa till 7.30??Are you out of your mind" ha ha.I said tak pe lah you learn slowly.
I passed by the "Recycle drop off box" just now and yay found a place to drop off my junks:)Will have to do that later...tak jauh pun..just round the corner.
Then when I dah settle with that,i can clean other junks to throw out:)
Something crossed my mind this morning.I read in a Decluttering book before,you have to dejunk before your birthday or a big celebration so I guess thats why i have been having this urge to clean:)

I did a bit of cleaning and then fell asleep.Thats the best part of staying at home..hihi i can simply fall asleep anytime

I had 2 naps today.Can you believe it?

Before hubby left for work,I asked him to put …

Spinach Recipe

Cut garlic into tiny pieces,tumis it and then put spinach in,If nak sedap put nutmeg...but I didnt...Thats what the lil one had for her breakfast.

I'm browsing for simple recipes.Need to explore other foods for buka.hmmm

Went to get the frame yang dah siap lama dah.
Went to check on my baju as well belum siap.
Got back home positioned the frame and then rearranged furniture.
Now I'm watching ER and gonna nap for a bit I guess

It rained for a while just now...How nice

I'm making what I wanted to do yesterday for buka.We will see if it will happen:)

lazy lazeee

This morning after settling mothering duties,I went to the grocery place.Had to buy monthly stock...grrr...went Rm 20 overbudget.
I like going in the morning coz not many people and then when you bring your trolley to your car,the people working there will help you load all your things for you.So I had gave him a ringgit sedangkan I dont have to
Today I went GREEN...No plastic bags.I managed to remember to bring my green bag:)
Watched Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray tadi and found easy peasy recipe.I'm going to make that today for buka..Spinach..sedapnya..
Then I'm gonna bake fish for the lil one and beef for hubby.I'm going to eat fish as well I guess.

Okdokee I want to go into the playroom to paint it PINK.
My first try but what the harm trying right?

Well I didnt paint the room,i DEJUNKed

I slept

and I woke up.Makan what hubbby bungkus..bestnya dah lama tak makan nasi bungkus macam ni.I'm going back to sleep and I hope to wake up early.
Cant always be late for everything.Ok doki G'nite my dear blog its 1.36am


Wanna sleep but cant do so hungry

The bug is officially in our house
I'm on standby mode .Going to the clinic when it opens.Cant dilly dally.

I'm Dejunking again.Need to call the recycle people to come and collect all junks.

I have to cook,but dont know what to cook.
I have to clean upstairs,going in 10 minutes
I have to wash bedsheets and towels...will do later..

I am busy browsing for holidays..hmmm...Cant resist the temptation to travel every year.I dont have to have big house,big car but I need and I have to travel every year

3PM: Going to run errands and then have to cook.
Settled my laundry just now.
Went upstairs to clear up everything but didnt do anything.hmm lazy

Today Emailed ayah and exchange pictures...:)

Tired Sunday Morning

Washed a load of laundry and folded what I washed yesterday.Mopped the kitchen floor and now nak mandi if not i kena migraine

I'm on the bed trying to fall asleep.Head heavy.Penat.
The lil one is watching "Jump in" on her laptop.Hubby is watching some George Clooney Dvd's

I fell asleep this afternoon.Felt so good when I woke up.

Now at 10.25pm I'm trying to go to sleep again.Tired man

Woke up puking

I got the bug.I dont know where it came from .Woke up puking.Just checked on the lil one ,takut if she puked too but so far so good.We will have to monitor ourselves today.Hate this feeling..Feels like you're preggy i guess but no I'm not preggy k...The loya in the mulut like so funny feeling.I dont like the feeling..
We're gonna fall asleep again in a bit and then wanna wake up late say about 10 am.Dunno if I'll succeed..Hopefully

I woke up at 8.56am I dont know whY I cant sleep in.
We're all down with flu and cough now.No matter what I have to get the lil one ready for class.Will update later

Lil one's cough is really bad and I dont have any cough medicine.What shall we do .I dont like to bring her to other clinics because she's so used to Dr "A"'s medicine.Hmm and he's closed today I guess..urgghhh

Sent the lil one to ballet and piano.The wind oh my so heavy.
Waiting to pick her up and need to go buy cat food..kesian they all so hungry

Kemas …

Thank God its Friday

hmmm..I dont have to wake up early for school for 2 days..yay!!Its tiring to balance out Ramadhan and child rearing and never ending housework.Urgghhh...It gets to me I wonder how other mothers do it.hmmm..Need to learn how to multitask during Ramadhan.Like now I'm just lying down in front of the tv not wanting to do anything else..Wanna fall asleep please let me...I dont like waking up looking like a zombie..I want to feel human when I wake up.

2pm: I wanted to sleep because I'm tired but cant seem to fall asleep...Sekejap je tutup mata and now its petang already.

Its 8.32pm and we're up and ready for bed.I'm so tired.
Weather is nice...been drizzling since petang tadi.


I wish I was there right now.I feel yucky waking up today.Perrghhhh
Apart from dreaming I organised "the wall of frames" on the lil one's playroom wall.hmmm it took me ages to settle that thing and it is still senget...urgghhh

Morning yang kelam kabut

Woke up at 7.30 in the morning...Kelam kabutnya...
I think its going to rain and I dont know what to do first.Need to do the laundry but then again..its dark outside..Well it doesnt make any difference because I hangdry my laundry in the house.
I have sorted out my old pinggan mangkuk to donate.
Story books to go to.
I need my house to be in perfect condition and spotless..Can I do that?
If my sisters and mom can do it why not me..So I'll try my best
I got the new ikea catalogue in the mail today and I'm browsing like a mad person.So we shall see whats my plan and when to go Ikea.
Ok let me start my work first and will come back and update later...

I'm back and its 10.22am ...I've been browsing enrichment classes for the lil one during the school holidays.I found a few so I have to give them a call to make an appointment for a visit.
To have an only child,I have to find ways for her to spend her holidays since she doesnt have any sibblings to squabble over so better find a plac…

I am tired

I am so tired today.I am watching tv and posting here .A girl just need to end the day with writing in her blog:)
I have been googling for printable labels because I'm sorting the lil one's playroom.I need everything to be labeled.
I cant seem to open my eyes and I feel like munching something...errr very bad habit I know

Cleaning day

I know I have to start somewhere but am too lazy to do anything just yet.That pic?Those things are gone and new things are there to be thrown away.I just have to get my butt up ha ha


Just finished scrubbing the toilet and mopping the floor.The lil one puked just now after dinner due to jumping and singing and just being plain happy.Kesian ...the first thing she said was,"Sorry mommy "...I explained to her that its alright to puke,dont apologize for it.Kesian dia...I sapu minyak on her tummy and then sent her to bed.
I had to was the dishes in the kitchen and then scrubbed the toilet and mopped the floor..So I had my second doze of exercise today.
Now I'm lying on my tummy in front of the tv,checking my mails and resting a bit before nak turun tutup lampu and all.
Need to drink my jamu and then settle for the night..
I'm exhaused

Birthday@First Day Puasa

"Happy Birthday Mak"..Hope you have a wonderful 61st birthday ,We all love you and sorry we cant be there to celebrate your birthday today.