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its been a busy week.
trying to fullfil lil one's daily activities to the fullest.
True what my biras said.When they're this age,its harder coz they want to be with their friends.They'd rather be among their friends.

So to be staying home and face mummy's face 24 hours a day is a bore really.
I have to accept the fact that she is growing up.
She's not my lil baby anymore that I have to monitor 24 hours a day.
She wants and need her privacy as she heads into this phase of life.
I keep on telling her tho that I will always be here for whatever it is.
Sampai dia naik rimas dengar mummy dia "bebel" la katanya.

Hmmm discussion over discussion about how to raise a tween.
Pening kepala dibuatnya tau.Now what my mom used to tell me come lingering...."wait till you have your own child and you will see if its easy and breezy all the time" true.I believe in Karma....What goes around comes around.
Now the degil phase is here.Omg!!!Mintak ampun Ma…

year end break

Its been  a while
No time to read blogs
Just been busy.
Outing with friends started
Day by day lil one wants to have her friends over or on an outing.
This time of the year always put  a smile on our face regardless we have holiday plans or not.
I keep on wishing in secret that we get to getaway...its not cheap these holidays.
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