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Busy bee

It has been a chaotic 2 weeks for us
I've been on dejunking and decluttering mission.
Mission nearly accomplished.
To those who dropped by and read my blog,be patient.I'll come back with everyday stories.
Right now I'm going to order lunch.Then I'm continuing my chores.What else is new

o o o IKEA is on sale...hmmm
I have been busy for this past 2 weeks.
Today I recycled a few stuffs..3 big black plastic bag.Feels so good coz we're decluttering.
2nd day of decluttering.Tired and feeling so lousy.

Lazy Tuesday

Tuesday 2nd week of Feb.
Lil one was so liat to getup.Hubby pun very grumpy.And true enough this Female boss of the house was grumpy as well.Maybe because I'm Pms'ing that I feel very short tempered with them.Chis.I dont like this feeling.But I'm only human right?

Everything settled this morning .
I went in and out of the house about 3 times before 9am.

After settled everything Hubby and I went to have our morning ritual kopi.
I went to browse a digital camera for lil one.Its just rm 399.So maybe I should get that for her early birthday Present.She will also get a mobile phone.In Pink.So I'm browsing nokia and samsung.

I know what people might say when I get her the mobile but I guess she's an only child who is big enough to have her own mobile to keep in touch with her friends.
Its something that I have changed my mind about.
With a mobile in hand,I will have to teach her another limit and consideration.Only rm 10 a week for the mobile.And she can only use it after she f…

Swimming Practice

We woke up early today because Lil one had swimming practice.So we got ourselves ready and headed to the club.
Well she had fun meeting up with friends from school.They actually practiced swimming for a while and then they played the rest of the time.
Hubby was dissapointed because he wants his daughter to train properly.It seems that today's practice was just more playing time:)H a h a

After that we rushed home because hubby is going for his golf .
Arrived home,told lil one..Read schoolbooks first then only she's allowed tv time.
So she's upstairs watching tv.
I managed to wash another load of laundry and now resting in my kitchen watching my tv.
I need to sort a few things to send to the recycle box and then afterwards get ready for another swimming session.This time with her cousins..

Its sunny so far so we will see how long my hangdry laundry can stay outside.
The thing I hate most about hanging laundry outside is if it rains,I have to rush to carry it all inside.I hate that.Th…

Dim Sum and Yee Sang

This morning I woke up feeling so grumpy-I didnt know why

After sending Lil one to class,hubby dropped me off at the kedai kain.

After that the Queen Mummytook us lunch,we had yeesang and Dim Sum ..Thanks for the delicious lunch Grandma

Lil sister sent me home but when we arrived at my lane we couldnt pass thru...Lion Dance performing at our of the houses here.So I walked into the house and put on the aircon-switch on Jazz music and started doing my laundry.

Lil one and hubby had father daughter time today.They went to eat hubby's favourite food and then hubby took her to play somewhere.They also shopped..heh!!

Weather is making me tired.Tooth aching..ewww...thats the last pain you want to feel.
Trying to control the pain with my mind but that doesnt seem to be working.I need to take painkillers for it in an hour.

We're just going to be home and enjoy doing our own stuffs.
Hubby is entertaining lil one with the "train track addition" that he bought.Yeah he simply loves train…
This morning, we managed to get out of the house early.
Then I felt so hungry when we got home.I cooked and have eaten my breakfast.I guess today its the same menu for lunch and dinner.
I have washed the dishes.Next I'm going to wash laundry.
Then I'm going to attack the store room.Need to sort things out inside there

Listening to Jazz and having my nescafe.
It looks gloomy outside,bet its going to rain earlier than yesterday


How Much Storage Do You Need?So you need a place to store your things, but before you start investigating various options available, ask yourself the following questions:Do I need all this stuff?If I got rid of some of this stuff, would I really miss them?When was the last time I used it? (if you can't answer this, you should probably chuck it!)Does it have any sentimental or monetary value? Will this value increase with time?

Found this while surfing

For young children I would suggest they be told such things as: Before Allah made us He made everything else. Allah made the sun and the moon and the stars and our planet, Earth. Allah made the air we breathe and the water we drink. Allah made all of the plants and all of the animals. Allah made all of this so that when He made Adam (and all the other people) we would have a nice place to live. Allah took a real long time to make all this for us. Allah made us different from everything else. Allah made us special because He loves us so much. Allah made us special because He has a …


Dont you love baby feet?I do...Its so cute.
That is my lil handsome nephew's feet.

Our morning routine today berjalan dengan lancar.
Guess its immune already to expect that I get the lil one ready for school and hubby irons her uniform..

I make her milk,Hubby makes her breakfast.
I tie up the dirty rubbish ,Hubby takes it out.

Love it that we tend to do everything together.Sometimes kena ingatkan jugak but thats how it works in this household.Sharing is caring like how lil one puts it

After sending the lil one off to school,we went for our morning coffee,chat and talk about everyday things and life ahead.
We come back home,he goes in for his shower and I settle a few things in the kitchen.Then we went out again to run some errands.
He sent me home and I scrubbed the master bedroom toilet today.Then I cleared Lil one's bedroom.Toy room is off limits today because I'm too lazy to sort everything in it.

Now I'm relaxing a bit ,having my nescafe ,listening to Jazz and thinking what …
These 2 books are on my bed.I'm falling asleep now.
Please let me hear my alarm clock tomorrow.I cant be late again

Outside before thunderstorm yesterday

I snapped pictures yesterday .I simply love the sight of greens,clouds, rain...

Ok that was yesterday.
Today I made beef soup.Ate it with rice and cili yummy.
Sister came over just now and gave us some mandarin oranges.

snooze--hate it

I dont like the snooze on my alarm anymore.I woke up very late today but managed to get the lil one to school a few minutes late.
I just hope the teacher wont scold her for my mistake.
Luckily lil one got up with only a lil whine.
After that hubby and I went for our morning ritual coffee.
We're home now.I think I want to clean the upstairs today.
Hubby came home just in time before Lil one's bedtime.He is spending quality time with the Lil one and then we're watching a movie later.I need to settle a few things and then going up to settle a few things upstairs.
To My Friend in Gaza

One of the cars we're posting

Very good read

I'm so glad I browsed the bookstore just now.Look what I got.
Yesterday I had sisters and cousin over.We were supposed to have a gaza coffee session for the kids to have an art session to write letters or draw pictures for the gaza kids.But everything went another way coz once my nephews arrived,Lil one was soooo happy that they all went upstairs to play with hubby's electric train track.

My hubby and brother in law,my sisters and my cousin didnt have a chance to put a full stop on our conversations,gossips,laughters,giggles,surfing the bags blogs...oh my goodness...
We ate,we drank mugs after mugs of nescafe which I brewed on the stove.
We just couldnt stop so in the end...the kids didnt write anything .

But we promised ourselves that we're gonna let them do it and then will post it in a few days.

Gaza Coffee Session

With sisters and cousins.