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driving pass

Everywhere we drive we see posters and banners and buntings scattered.
But they say in Bangsar its like pesta bendera.
I have yet to go and see.
Today I even saw one car with a sticker on it.

friday again

A week has passed.
Friday it is again today.

4 more weeks of school and then holidays.
Nothing to write about.
I have just been busy with things at home.

Blog hopping and doing some filing work.


I feel that april came and leaving very soon.
And its friday.
How time flies.
School holidays in 5 weeks.
Cepat kan.

I havent been doing much decluttering
But yesterday I sorted through some old clothes.
Its like lil one is growing .
Growthspurts...tetiba je.

Clothes that I bought for her in November
Semua dah tak muat.
Hmm.nasib shoes still fit

Nak kena shopping baju lagi but that can wait .
Maybe during our holidays.

Friday it is alhamdulillah

Nothing much to story as my minimalist project is put on hold.
Due to some work being done in the masterbedroom.

Have a good day


This morning while having meehoon curry for breakfast I said to hubby, I teringin nak pergi Mekah lagi .Rindu rasanya but hubby said," kita kan kena buat yang wajib dulu" Ya I know but I feel like I want to be in Mekah and Madinah The peaceful and calmness I miss. Sabar he said...
Got back home I washed laundry.
Ingatkan today I want to kemas sikit but I prefer to baring and enjoy my tv time.
Just cooked nasik . Gonna go makan later. Its raining and thunder . Best I love this weather.


Life is such I want my child to have the bond with her cousins
Life is such kids bond differently now a days
With gadgets in hand

I am still learning to accept the fact that these are the millennium generation kids

Not like how we were during our childhood

Theres so much to learn and understand raising kids this generation.
I have to put myself in a kids situation

Its difficult but I am learning.
Just imagine a process they change from being a kid to teenagers the horrifying years and then from that age to being young adult and next step and so on.
In that process we are learning to handle hoe our age grows.
Yes the life cycle.

I just pray to ALLAH that I stand this process.
I wonder how it was years ago.

Okdokes.just letting out how I feel today

book + coffee

Sitting down with a book this interesting makes life good.
Reading this book comparing french moms and anglophones moms.
Its really eye opening how we came to be.
I am thankful I found this book at kinokuniya in klcc.
Amazing how when you read a book you tend to feel like one of  the characters in it
Okdokie going to enjoy my book and coffee 


Recycled stuff into the orange box.
I love the after feeling

This inspire me to keep on cleaning.

Yesterday night I emptied all my handbags
Sometimes when I change handbags I leave some stuff inside
But yesterday I emptied all
Puas hati.
Now they are beautifully hang in my wardrobe
Little things that makes me happy

Now I am going to look and see what else to do

minimalist kitchen

I want this kinda of kitchen . Minimal and practical
Hoping and wishing too

minimalist laundry room

I wish for that
Picture courtesy from google

How nice  Wishing and hoping

pursuing my dream to live minimally

Last week I opened lil one's wardrobe and cleaned it. There's a stack of clothes yang dah kecik well yang dah tak muat. I like cleaning and sorting those kind of stuff Today I will open my wardrobe pulak.
I also have other things to sort out. Yes I am following a challange by Dave Bruno Buat buat sendiri je. To keep on going with my dream with living minimally.I want to live like in a hotel. Only hotel furnitures and our luggage. I doubt I can but there's no harm trying kan. Oh not to forget lil one's shoes. The rate that she is growing kasut pun cepat sangat tak muat. Hopefully today I will be inspired to continue cleaning.

so lazy

Oh my
What a lazy saturday it have been.
Makan tidur makan tidur.

a blog page which made me cry.

Today I stumbled on a blog about a husband who took care of his wife
We can never see this everyday and when I found the post of this man on another blogger's post.
I read and I cried.
How much he loved his wife and how eventually he stopped working to care for his sick bedridden wife.
I cried a lot.
It touched me very deep.
May ALLAH bless him for being such a wonderful husband to his wife.
I read a few posts from him and I have bookmarked his blog page.
Eventhough his wife has passed away I will continue reading his blog to become a better person myself.

His late wife is one lucky woman to have found a true husband in him.

I hope he doesnt mind me sharing his story here

He is Abil and his wife is Fauziah/gee

When you read his blog you can cry because of all the things he went thru he could still cheer himself up by writing and blogging and to Abil I salute you man and to arwah gee I pray you rest in peace now and al fatihah.




I am in the midst of minimalising
I dont need to buy anything when I go shopping
I should donate /recycle our clothes, handbags, schoolbags...
I must but where do I start?
What about paper clutter?
What about pictures?
What about little tidbits?

Aisey.How to do all that when the calling is not here yet.

I like to sit down and sort things but when I sit on the floor I tend to go horizontal. Heh

How like that?

april it is

The alarm clock went blarring and i didnt hear it.

School begins again today.
The traffic will be horrendous I guess.
I just hope not.
Another 8 weeks of day in and day out duties.
I shall embrace it gracefully. Not@!!
To make it sound better, playdates and outings included

I hope to start crosstraining again on my elliptical machine.
It doesnt seem to miss me that much.huh!!!
.excuses excuses excuses

Morning routine would be breakfast first and the exercise will come right after.

Its been a year since hubby said he will start gym with me. Errrk .another april fool it is