I feel that april came and leaving very soon.
And its friday.
How time flies.
School holidays in 5 weeks.
Cepat kan.

I havent been doing much decluttering
But yesterday I sorted through some old clothes.
Its like lil one is growing .
Growthspurts...tetiba je.

Clothes that I bought for her in November
Semua dah tak muat.
Hmm.nasib shoes still fit

Nak kena shopping baju lagi but that can wait .
Maybe during our holidays.

Friday it is alhamdulillah

Nothing much to story as my minimalist project is put on hold.
Due to some work being done in the masterbedroom.

Have a good day


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, I love April, as it brings April showers....and we can see green grass again, buds coming out, and birds singing...Winter is at last just a memory.
But still cool about 6'c.
Have a nice day.
uncle Lee
i would love that 6 c weather...
the weather is nice here tonight.
you have a wonderful day too:)

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