everyday experiences.

Yesterday while waiting for hubby to come back from work I cleaned.
i like the after feeling
felt so satisfied and contended .

Lil tween asked me about OCD yesterday.
asked her back where she heard it from
From school she said.
the topic came up because there was a boy with OCD tendencies.

I explained to her what its all about .
At the same thinking oh my she is growing with all that she is experiencing and to be asking questions like that.
And also acknowledging she is not OCD at all
We laughed and had fun discussing the topic.

last night after dinner a friend called me up.
we talked mostly about our kids.
where they're heading in life and what they're up too.
its fun to see how they are adapting to new things in life.
it also made us realize that clock is ticking.
we are calmer at this age.
life did passed us by.
we are wiser at this age.
We know what is right and wrong way 
We are grownups after all.

this morning on a beautiful saturday morning i am up and about.
fed the cats and made nescafe for me.

there are clothes in a basket lining up to get into the washer.
Dishes are done.
Books need to be hold and read.hihihi

my saturday began with a smile.


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, ha ha....yes, I guess today's kids different yo our yesterdays. What with the media, TV, movies, Internet....they learn things by 9 years old what I learned at 15, ha ha ha.

Yes, you have fun, Ibu...and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

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