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Selamat Kembali

Next time if we want to travel to the east coast,we are going to travel by plane.
Lenguh tau badan travelling naik kereta.
We thought It was half fun though coz we spent time talking and laughing ,munching,sleeping,fighting ha ha ha
Seldom seeing Lil one sleeping in the car but this time when I wanted my rest I just turn around and told her,"SLEEP TIME" and off she went to sleep

We arrived east coast on the weekend and it was a santai holiday.
I noticed since our last trip in March,when we have checked in,we just got too lazy to go out of the hotel.We spent all our time in the hotel compound.Tak kiralah,cafe ke lounge ke pool ke restaurant ke,beach ke or the hotel room.We just didnt want to go out.

I enjoyed a spa session ,walla bliss

Washing laundry and cleaning our stuff.

break away

I slept early last night.
Woke up with the lights all still switched on.
I have cleaned the house,packed the bags: luggage,ubat bag,solat bag,gym bag,laptop bag,camera bag.Memang la we all can never travel light.LOL
 and now relaxing before falling asleep again.
I guess Lil one was so excited that she couldnt sleep.
We're leaving for our breakaway in a bit.

I have put aside stuff that need to be carried to the new house.kemas kemas never ending kemas.ini belum cerita unpack lagi tau. Laundry all washed and hangdry. Sink cleaned.
Hubby is doing his work and I shall wait for him to go sleep. Nightynite.


Its Friday,last day of school before the midterm break
Yay.It should give us the time to rest and heal and back at school
with new ideas,fresh look towards 2nd term of the year

At home,things are scattered everywhere.Not so much like before.
Inilah padahnya when you dont want to use the movers bila pindah.
Not that I dont want to use removal company but its too expensive for not as
many stuff.
Sedih I when they gave me the quotation the other day.
Decided that biarlah lenguh badan and angkat sendiri barang barang rather than pay that ridiculous amount to the removal company.Tak worth it i feel

So I sambil menyelam minum air.Apa apa yang ada depan mata,yang boleh buang and kemas i do that.Yang tak nampak belum buat lagi

Ok hari dah nak gelap ni.
Cuti pun dah mari...lets relax and enjoy the break I better go continue my work before the lazy moment come to visit,heh!!

All in one

This morning I woke up with flu,sore throat,cough,all Ada. After breakfast,I headed to the gym. Sweat it out.after going onto the machines I had a 10minute boogie session.I danced to sweat it at home,taking a rest first before starting to pack again. I am going to miss this small unit when we move completely.this cozy place we called home for nearly 3 years. Hoping I get well soon,because banyak kerja nak buat ni.

Sick...tired...need holiday

Been busy since Saturday,full to the max,Sunday too. Told hubby,busy buat kerja to settle the house is different from busy dok melangut je. I hope we won't be busy tak hengat macam ni once we move.we need our privacy and I don't want to be at peoples house all the time or entertaining people all the time....we need our weekends to ourselves too.unless it's parents and sisters session. Penat tau . Today I continue to do work. Lil sister is busy today so I shall be on standby. Penat!!!!! I need a vacation!

Our time

This morning leaps baca blog uncle lee, I pergi breakfast with hubby confidently.terperasan sekejap pakai dress tu.haha Hubby and I have this morning hour for us to just makan,santai and chit chat.this is when we talk about everything.sometimes it make sense sometimes it doesn't.just that it's in tune in his mind that pagi pagi is our couple time.sometime we run errands together sometimes we don't.heh!! I love spending time with my husband.this is the time he will my rengekan about everything or something.layanlah kerenah isteri ni k. Topic pagi ni is about cars, he said dah tua cenggini minat kat kereta dah hilang,I terus jawab, "I minat kereta lagi" hahahaha he said,"I ingat you just minat handbags" I jawab " handbags semestinya all the time minat and apalagi kereta" We talk about this car that car, at the moment we all just pakai aje kereta yang termampu,asal boleh gerak from here to there and there to wherever else.syukur alhamdulillah …

kemas sana sini

Been busy supervising work at the new house
No time to be at home to do work.
By the time I reach home,I was exhausted
So today i have little time before dinner to blog

I just need to declutter more before the move
Lots of things,I buang,donated,recyled.Puas hati.
Just a few more boxes to declutter then I am done.

Last weekend we went to gardens...Lalu  depan Louis Vuitton ,terkebil kebil mataku ini,lalu depan Longchamp pun terkebil,belek a few le pliage then keluar...Lalu kat Kate Spade,syok giler.Coz the colours memanggil manggil. Heh!
Bukan setakat I seorang yang belek...hubby and Lil one too.

We went for mother's day breakfast
Just spent time with my family.

wish list

It is still raining.

balik kampung

When we balik kampung,all we do is eat,sembang,golek,eat,sembang,golek he he

Now we're getting ready to go home
But most prolly singgah rumah uncle dulu.
Weather is not as hot as yesterday.Alhamdulillah

Lil one as usual balik kampung will spend time with her cousins ,they will lepak downstairs tengok tv,main game...

talking handbags...

This morning I had a get together with my friends .
We talked a lot about how our kids are growing .
Until the topic of handbags came out.My friend insisted on me that Prada handbags are cheap in London..Want to get Prada,go to London.I was like iye ke?Love handbags but havent check about Prada much because there's something else in the wishlist..hihihi
So i just googled out of curiousity..I found this
I love it because of the colour and design..

Is my friend trying to convert me from being an LV lover to Prada?I dont know but she says if she goes to London,she'll check it out.
She is one friend who is so down to earth and I like talking handbags with her .LOL
of course the harga of the handbag is out of my league... The blue is 920 pounds and the red is 3950 pounds. Giler ke apa?


I went breakfast with my bestfriend and then headed to lunch at aunt's
Had early dinner at uncle's house.
Today's meal semua kat luar,
Rezeki ku di hari ni..

So balik nanti no need to cook  and eat...

Hope I still have the energy to clean and pack when I get home.

I miss Paris we miss Paris

Miss arriving at Charles De Gaulle Airport....Miss the smell of a foreign romantic country:) Missing the streets of Paris Missing having our coffee here
Walking in every direction,there's always a coffee shop
aWWww bliss!! Yummy Crepes!! Lil one,hubby and I had the best of crepes in the winter cold.
oH i miss Paris... To be continued with more Parisien pictures...

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