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Its raining so heavily.I love it.If only I can go under the duvet without thinking what Lil one and hubby will think off me and fall asleep...hihi:)
Well we're going to my sister's house for tea.
Got back home right at maghrib and now I'm doing my housework.Hmmm sambil tengok tv.
Esok maulud Nabi and cuti
So banyak grammar error in my previous post.Sorry !!:)

A good chat with a good friend

I had a good chat with a friend of mine this morning over coffee and lontong.We chat about me about her about our families.Nice to know that when we need a shoulder we are always there for each other.
After that I went to the supermarket again.This time I didnt forget my green bag.Nasib
Bought a few things yang hari hari nak.Lil one's yoghurt and drinks.
Then drove home,thinking about how my life is turning out to be.
I like what my friend said to me earlier,"Since I've known you for 10 years,You have change .You are such a positive influence to yourself"..
he he..I usually dont take compliment so easily.I'll always be humble but this morning I smiled and said Yeah I can feel it too.

All in God's will I said..

Now I'm rearranging my furniture .Need to throw away one of the table because kakinya dah patah sebelah.If I can the other side to patah as well I'll keep the table aje.Can make like Japanese table:)

I rearranged hubby's Sound System as well.Bilala…
This morning I went and drank nescafe alone while waiting for the supermarket to bukak.I dont think it was wise to drive in and out of the house banyak kali waste my petrol.So I was tweeting on the Ipod touch,cool la that gadget...

Went to the supermarket..I didnt browse aisle to aisle...I cannot afford to do that..I went and got what I wanted and then drove home...

I am sorting books from the boxes.I was thinking of putting them away or send them balik kampung,i'm not sure yet.
I love my books too much to let it go.

Need to cook soon.So that afterwards I can enjoy the idiot box sekejap:)
Yesterday night my Lil Cousin had her baby.Baby is so so cute.
Feeling tired already.I woke up very early this morning because I was afraid I might terlajak...hihi

Lil one is drawing.I'm watching tv, fb'ing ...checking my blog.
I think I heard the sound of thunder .Yay hopefully it rains heavily tonight.

monday blergh

It doesnt matter how smoothly you say things,sometimes you need to think further before you say anything This morning hubby and I went for breakfast.We joked and questioned again about breakfast price now a days. Crazy expensive.Everthing is expensive. Teman him to kl ,did some banking . Came home I started cleaning.Ish boring lah asyik cleaning aje kerja I.Hmmphh...never ending job being a fulltime housewife. Harini nak masak apa dunno yet. Might just tapau:D
Its amazing how when you have nothing,you feel that everything that you have is all that you need.
Well I just needed to type that.
Yesterday I showed hubby what I wrote and he read it for the first time.
He read and read and thought that I should write a personal book for our keepsake:)
I think I will...I'll do it up nicely and have it binded and all.
I am going to sleep already.

Nighty night my blog
Went to Lil sister's house and hang out there for about 4 hours.After that Lil one and I went to big sister's house to fetch hubby.Jumpa parents sekejap and then we went off .
Balik rumah,Lil one showered,Played her laptop,her ipod ..and now having her dinner.Yeah early dinner for her because nak adjust balik routine for tomorrow.

I need to clean my house but later la sikit
What a beautiful Sunday morning.
Hubby and I are getting ready.He have some place to go with Ayah and I will be going to Lil sis's house to pick up Lil one.Mak will be going out with big sis...mana they all nak pergi I tak tau.

The last day before school begin again.Hmm back to routine tomorrow onwards.

Dunno what my Lil sis nak buat today.
Kalau ikutkan I ,I want to stay home and clean the house
Just came back from Gramps house,sedapnya makan malam ni,with desserts and all...
Just came back from Gramps house,sedapnya makan malam ni,with desserts and all...
Hubby went out to settle a few things just now and I reminded him not to be late ambil Lil one from mom coz Lil one got class to attend to.
Tunggu punya tunggu,lambat jugak.Luckily not too late.
I couldnt stand the heat ...the sun blarring into my eyes..sakitnya mata and sakitnya kepala.
Memang my migraine tak hilang.

Hubby took me out for late lunch and I yang kena belanja today..haih...:D

Picked up Lil one from dance and then balik rumah,tak tahan

Sorry,we had to switch on the aircon today.
Rasa macam nak pengsan and puke kepanasan.
I havent gone out of the house today but migraine full swing.Astaghfirullahulazim.Panasnya Ya Amat diluar tu.God please give up some keredupan so that I can get rid of this migraine.

Saturday as usual ...Banyak activities sana sini.
Tonight ada dinner at gramps...Makan lagi:)
Hubby is packing dinner so that we can eat at my sister's house.
Told him to order quite a few lauk just now and he asked me why so banyak...ehem ehem,macam lah tak tau,family kita ni kalau time makan ,biar lebih tak apa,jangan kurang aje..

Ok hubby dah text suruh turun...
Hubby picked me up at noon and we went to pick Mak and LiL one up and then send Mak to mY bIg sisters house and hubby sent me and Lil one off to a playdate.
Its been a while since I met my bestie.
Lilone's played and played for an hour an a half and then we all went off.

We're home,Lilone watching dvd in her room ,airconditioning on full blast.
Well its still so hot here in kl..

Hubby have gone out for a meeting and we're both just lazing around at home.

Dont know whats up for tonight.
Hope to meet sissies and parents:)

This blog is my personal diary

Woke up feeling a little bit better than yesterday.I slept like a baby.Feels good waking up today.Weather is gloomy outside.No laundry today.
Gelap sungguh my cosy house coz no electricity on...Dah pagi,tutup lah semua letriknya

Both of them are still sleeping.
I was supposed to go run errands pagi ni but have to wake for them to wake up coz hubby will be taking us..
We will see if that is going to happen..he he
He sure will be busy with work.

Later my blog...
Hubby took us to lunch at the club.Ramainya manusia.We ate so quick and then went to see the newly renovated club.We went to our car on a buggy.Seronok betul Lil one:)

Got back home,went to the minimarket downstairs Lil one of course bought an icecream.
Now Lil one is in her room airconditioning switched la very hot outside.

I am going to do some work later ,not now
Woke up this morning feeling icky again.Ishhh...Its tiring being a woman .With all the negative Pms syndromes and all.

Made breakfast for them and then hang out watched tv for a while.
Hubby has gone to work.Lil one is in her room drawing and watching dvd's..

Hubby said get ready by lunch we're going for lunch at the club.We will see what time that will be.

Weather is suddenly mendung today and I wonder if its going to be hot again later

Text Mom just now,she sprained her knee..Kesian dia...Dah suruh makan ubat and rest.

We went for lunch at Pavilion Food Republic.Ramainya orang eventhough we didnt see that many cars on the road.After that we headed upstairs where hubby had his coffee,I had my ice capuccino and Lil one had chocolate blended.All the time she was with her Ipod...
We went in to browse at the shops.
I got myself a lipstick .
We got out of Pavi and headed into the smart tunnel.Panas Ya Amat.Teriknya,nasib tak pening.
Woke up this morning body aching...tummy cramp...
Lil one and hubby is really relaxing today...taking their own sweet time to get ready.We have planned that today we're going to Kl..and jalan jalan cuci mata:)

We will see how it goes.Nak siap so malas
Esok we're planning to go jalan jalan.And maybe in the afternoon go and visit gramps.

On d way home

These were taken on the way back just now...I thought the road back to Kl would be carless but so many cars jugak...
These pictures were taken when we were on our way up north...
It is so hot in our kampung....
My Kakak and her family is on the way balik kampung to the east coast.Traffic very heavy she said.Kesian...
And here we are stuck at home lagi.
Lil one got up early and slept back and woke up about 11 something.
Hubby is still sleeping.I have done my housework and just waiting for him to get up so we can push off already.Lil one is excited to see Wan and Atok..Me too..but hubby is so tired,let him rest lah.Karang kalau traffic jam at the highway tak de dia complain penat:)
Lil sister is lazing at her house waiting for us..hehe...Rest and relax la dulu
Semalam petang went to my big sister's house for Tea...Sedapnya makan goreng pisang yang lembut and yummy.
Lil one took her guitar along so that she can learn notes from her abang saudara but the boys were busy playing outdoor with their friends.

3 of us sisters hung out and chat , enjoyed the goreng pisang and apple crumble my big sister made.

After that we all went out seperate ways.

Hubby wanted to go to Klcc to get his perfume but I said ,"We're hungry,I think we should just go and eat" so we went and spoilt ourselves with Korean Food.Its not a regular thingy.Its something that we all look forward to.

Now both of them are still sleeping.
I am cleaning the house.Hish banyaknya barang.

Dunno what time they'll get up.Need to go and send something to my Lil sister and have breakfast or brunch with her before leaving for our kampung..


Argghhhh Penatnya...
Never ever I'm going to shop shop shop ever again.
Sorted out baju baju...well we have too many baju I think..Mana taknya dulu dok shopping tak ingat dunia...

Sorted some to donate,some to recycle..Penat..and I'm still not done.
Gonna pack the baju to bring home to Mak's house for her to give away accordingly.

Our rushed dinner

Hubby called tadi petang kata nak bawak we all pergi dinner.I said ok but have to be fast.I dont want to lepas my maghrib.Kalau dekat dekat boleh so we went la to this place .
Tengoklah Lil one makan apa:)

After makan tu,rush la we all balik

Earlier on as I was cleaning my bags and Lil one's bags...I found my 1st handbag that hubby gave me.As a hantaran...Ala kenangan manis kau dan aku moment kejap tadi...he he
I shall bring the bag to the original store and ask them if they can clean the bag for me.Nak kasi cantik and berseri balik itu bag.
Woke up on the wrong side of the bed perhaps?Grumpynya muka my hubby.
Benda yang I nak buat pagi ni semua cancelled because he looks so not in the mood.
Here we are sitting having our breakfast,he is reading the newspaper with a pout.
This morning hubby and I were talking about a topic yang tak concern us langsung.Immediately dalam dok leka tu I told hubby,"Yang boleh tak kita jangan meleret leret assume" Coz I dont feel comfortable la..He said,"Ya la Darling,lets stop here"

In my heart i mohon ampun pada ALLAH agar kelekaan i assuming tu diampunkan ALLAH.
I tak sengaja..

Hope to immediately realise whenever benda benda macam ni happen.
I want to be a muslimah yang pandai jaga mulutnya.Tak berkata kata nonsense ...Pray to GOD that I will succeed...Insya ALLAH

Okdoki...Lil one is in the shower...."Cepat la shower ,nak maghrib ni"
Dok nyanyi nyanyi lagi dalam shower.

I will go and wait for Maghrib now...
I saw my neighbor moved ,I got inspired to clean...
Now I'm sitting at the lobby surfing jap before and taking a breath of fresh hot air.

In a few days,CNY will be here.
Lil one mesti excited nak pakai cheongsam...Whenever ada holiday she'll go for the costume first...Hee hee.

Eating right

Type B MenuBreakfast
Fluidizer cocktail
Rice bran cereal with banana and skim milk
Grape juiceLunch
Sandwich – thin slice of cheese, thin slice of turkey breast, two slices of bread, mustard or mayonnaise
Green salad
Herbal tea Snack
Fruit juice sweetened yogurt
Herbal teaDinner
Broiled Fish with steamed vegetables
Fresh fruit
Herbal tea or coffeeType O Menu Breakfast
2 slices toasted Ezekiel bread with butter
6 ounces vegetable juice
Herbal teaLunch
Organic Roast Beef, 6 ounces
Spinach Salad
Apple or pineapple slices
Water Snack
1 slice of cake
Herbal teaDinner
Lamb and asparagus stew, steamed broccoli, sweet potato.
Mixed fresh fruit
Herbal tea
This episode of Perfect Housewife dah tunjuk.
So here I am blog hopping.
Mata dah kuyu...tapi nak minum milo lah sekejap before tdo time.

I shall write better tomorrow...nighty night blog
While waiting for Lil one at dance class ,I tapau-ed her dinner.Harini kan dah kata tadi,tak masak.
Hubby got meeting with his cousin so I will settle Lil one early and then go to bed early tonight too...
Dalam dok kata tak nak cleaning today,I did my laundry a little bit.
Now my mind dah go into cleaning mode.

Was reading some blog today.They went on a girlie trip to Bandung.That inspired me to organise a trip with my sisters and cousins.Dalam peringkat planning aje ni...we will see how.
Pagi tadi went out with hubby for breakfast.Makan maggi goreng,sedap coz this guy at the mamak shop pandai goreng mee and maggi goreng.Kering and yummy.
Back home,hubby is getting ready to go to work and I am relaxing with the laptop on the floor.
Baring sambil type ni boleh?:)

Today is Monday,second week in the second month of the year.Cepat sungguh masa berlalu.
This weekend,CNY...jalan di kampung sure pack but we're going back anyway.Lil one dah over excited knowing we're going balik kampung.Pagi tadi on the way to school Lil one asked ,"So when do we pack?" "We have to pack early and go back early" She loves going back to my hometown because she gets full attention from Atok and Wan.
And Atok and Wan pun punyalah melayan cucu perempuan yang seorang ni...

I am not sure if I want to clean today.:)
As I am preparing myself to bed,I thought about what I want to do tomorrow.I have so much to do at home but the mood isnt here...So we will see if the mood comes and visit.

I am also in need of a good massage.I have to check places.Nak yang murah and best,ada tak?


My books

I have a fascination for books.I love reading and buying books.Here are my special collection placed on top of the speaker beside the living room tv.

I have tonnes of books.
I owe my passion to my mak and Ayah because they took us to the library every weekend those growing up years.I simply love books:)Thank you Mak and Ayah for introducing me to the love of books.
Both hubby and Lil one doesnt quite like books like how I love books .

Lil one is more into art and hubby loves his idiot box of course and he only have a few collection of books.

He just couldnt understand how come I love books so much..Ha ha.


I am so proud of Lil one today.She berjemaah wx hubby and I ...alhamdulillah
Now daddy is putting Lil one to bed...their usual routine when daddy is around...Story time la tu..
I am going to rest and watch tv sambil tunggu Isyak...

Have a great week ahead you peeps
Hubby took Lil one swimming.They spent one hour swimming and Lil one came up bisingnya mulut dia tanya why mommy tak turun...Hish kasilah mommy chance dok diam diam "me time":)

Lil one showered,now she's watching friends.Sambil makan her favourite spinach soup dengan nasi penuh satu mangkuk.Dah swimming,lapar la tu.

Hubby is relaxing and I'm going to shower and wait for Maghrib.
Then I wanna settle in early after Isyak..

Love today because I did nothing:)
A very lazy Sunday ...Lil one today took out her guitar and played or fiddled with it I would say.She's watching the repeat of the grammy's and plucking the guitar with Taylor Swift..He he I can imagine at this age,all you dream about is to be famous!!

Hubby just went out to tapau lauk for us.
Its really a lazy Sunday.
Tak buat apa hari ni.
Weather is nice today.Hubby and I are hanging out with a family friend at one of the kopitiam at one of the mall.They're chatting while I'm surfing the net.

Lil one injured herself yesterday.Played the scooter,jatuh,habis berdarah lutut...Screamed like mad.So today no ballet and dancing class for her.

Wonder where we're going after this...
I think now visitors can comment on my blog,try please:)
Sitting down having nescafe tarik enjoying the breeze after the rain...I want to to shopping but heading to sister's house nak makan goreng pisang:)

Hopefully saturday will be a better day ....


Having breakfast with hubby.He is reading the paper and here I am typing this.Ramainya orang dengan laptop masing masing...
Have a good Friday everyone .
To whomever yang visit my blog,Hi,salam perkenalan:D
Today connection very bad...SAKIT HATI
I managed to clear ouT Lil one's betul kemas and I managed to empty a few cabinets.Its now empty,puas hati...
Someone please help me macamana nak tukar templates?thank you

Ate out tonight

Went out for dinner .Used the card/voucher that my gramps gave me for my birthday last year.We ordered sambal petai and sweet and sour fish with rice for both of us.Lil one had chicken chop.
After that we browsed jalan jalan at the supermarket.
You know I have this thing.Whenever I bring along my green bag,i never shop and when I dont bring it along I always have something to buy.Aperla punya kepala..ha ha so just now I browsed for product yang dapat bag free so that I dont have to pay for the plastic that they charge for 10cent a plastic bag.I rather not pay for plastic tau.I'm turning green right!!

Went to the card shop to buy a birthday card for a cousin in law down undahh...Got a cute lil one and edited it a bit and its good to go by tomorrow...hihi:)

Came back home,hubby dropped us off .I got Lil one showered and head to bed.Her room is so cosy,she said "My room like hotel,so sejuk and my bed is so cosy with all my softies"...:)

I am typing this...heading for the bathro…
Wasnt in the mood to do anything.Kejap kejap nak baring.Very bad Pms.
But I managed to clean the masterbedroom.Alih tv put on the bed,the tv holding the tv,I've taken out and put outside.Hoping Lil sister will come and collect it.
Need to rearranged my room.

I was wondering how it would be like to have a flat screen screwed on the wall.So my room will be minimal right?We will see what hubby have to say when he comes back from work later.

I have been cleaning never ending and hope by next week my house looks like a lil cosy resort.
I woke up with the worst temper ever.
I think Lil one is going thru that process with me because her mood swing this morning was like mengalahkan I PMS...hISh...Kecik kecik dah grumpy.Apa nak jadi bila besar nanti?

I am not in the mood to do anything today.Nak memalaskan diri lagi.Hayo.
I have been cleaning house today.But nothing seems to look kemas.Chis...apa ni...mood tak straight kot.I am also doing some washing laundry.Hish never ending betul la kerja orang perempuan ni...

Tomorrow I'm going to concentrate a bit on my telekung blog.Belum set up lagi..
I watched Oprah tonight and I have a very strong urge to go shoe shopping.Hayo.Dah elok dok diam diam tak payah shopping,ni ada pulak panggilan di kaki untuk mencantikkan kaki...Hish merepek aje lah I ni..

Mana taknya...seronok tengok all those women on there parading the best shoe possible for your feet.I am very tempted...but Ya ALLAH tolonglah aku...Aku tak mau shopping for the mean time.Kuatkanlah aku dari panggilan kedai...

I am watching the repeat of Grammy's too.Dah tengok siang tadi.Cuma nak soh mata ni lelap cepat sikit.

Lil one enjoyed her dance class today.

Cleaning dAy...
I havent been in the mood for the past week.I dunno why but I have been very moody ,grumpy.Oh I know why.Its my PMS...But why is it this month I feel like a useless person?Blergh.

Woke up this morning feeling so yucky...Those 2 are still sleeping.Its a holiday today and feels like doing nothing at all.