Thursday, February 25

A good chat with a good friend

I had a good chat with a friend of mine this morning over coffee and lontong.We chat about me about her about our families.Nice to know that when we need a shoulder we are always there for each other.

After that I went to the supermarket again.This time I didnt forget my green bag.Nasib

Bought a few things yang hari hari nak.Lil one's yoghurt and drinks.

Then drove home,thinking about how my life is turning out to be.
I like what my friend said to me earlier,"Since I've known you for 10 years,You have change .You are such a positive influence to yourself"..
he he..I usually dont take compliment so easily.I'll always be humble but this morning I smiled and said Yeah I can feel it too.

All in God's will I said..

Now I'm rearranging my furniture .Need to throw away one of the table because kakinya dah patah sebelah.If I can the other side to patah as well I'll keep the table aje.Can make like Japanese table:)

I rearranged hubby's Sound System as well.Bilalah dia nak wire them up so that I can listen to better Jazz on a good sound system.

Sweating like mad as I'm cleaning.Is it going to rain later?heee heee

Okdokie,got to continue cleaning

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