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Need to go out and get stuffs.Banyak kerja nak buat hari ni

Tq for coming over and

Happy because I had my sister and cousin over.With Lil nephew of course.Syok melayan kerenah Lil nephew coz he is at the age yang immitate anybody that cross his path.He he.He is such a parrot.I know for sure I'm going to miss him when he leaves soon.
Seronoklah I tengok my sister and cousin felt at home when they visit.Dok baring baring,sembang,gossip and then dok sembang baring pulak dalam bilik..he he Fun.
We must do this often lah but I promise next time I masak ok.
Today tak sempat nak masak because kelam kabut sikit.
Now Football.
Mata dah kuyu tunggu apa dong?
It is a day where I should get up and start cleaning but the mood is not here.When can it come back?A little place called home need to be freshen up daily but the thought of picking up the mop and mop the whole place is scary.Ha ha.Memang tak ada mood that is why banyak sangat alasan.

Have to also go out and run errands.Tapi macam malas sangat.Ya ALLAH berikanlah aku sedikit semangat untuk bangun and keluar pintu.Menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang manusia,isteri dan ibu.

Dari dok mengadap laptop ni,better go now.
Have a nice day you all


Today's topic is about rudeness.I cannot tolerate rudeness.I hate it.I am the type that I will not give in to rudeness.Tak kiralah whether it is from kids or orang tua.It doesnt matter.I hate it.Kalau orang rude tak boleh nak ditegur,kasi sepak aje!! I am happy that hubby and I have the same perception over that issue.He is the person who actually boleh buat tak tahu but if ulang ulang berlarutan he can hate it like mad. Sama macam saya.
Adalah contoh yang berlaku a few months back .Budak tak kira anak siapa lah kalau kurang ajar ,tell em to their faces or just react towards it.We are the type of human being that we usually TAKUT NAK TEGUR LAH KONON BECAUSE NANTI TERSENTAP 
But I dont agree with that ,"Hey kalau engkau boleh kurang ajar" Aku boleh tunjuk kat engkau yang apa mak bapak engkau tak ajar kat engkau tau!!!"
That is how much I dont tolerate rudeness but with some people "Aku tak kuasa because some people just dont get it" "What goes around comes…
I felt lesu the whole day today.I couldnt even open my eyes yang makin heavy and my headache was pouncing on me like nobody's business.I cat napped a lot today but couldnt sleep so much.But the bizarre thing was I mimpi  everytime I fell asleep.
We had dinner at Wendy's just now.Nothing great about it.Biasa sangat but the environment was nice.

Got back home,Lil one straight headed for the shower and I washed a load of laundry,Ni nak sidai dah.
I also mopped my kitchen coz very the sticky.
What a tiring day.I've just settled cleaning and putting where it belongs all the presents Lil one got for her birthday.She is so happy because she received quite  a few bags,sweet and pretty in Pink kinda bags..
I am so tired.I have swept the house,now clearing my dining table and then need to hang the laundry and head to zzzz land.I cannot promise I can wake up in time tomorrow.After 2 weeks of holidays...I feel so malas lah nak start the school routine again..haish.
Anyway.Have a great starting of the school week wahai bloggers sekalian..

Happy BiRthday My darling Lil one

Its here.Lilone's birthday. She had fun this morning with her friends .She had a swimming party.The kids had fun,swimming,playing,catching,running,crying,laughing .Its such a relax santai party that is why I like having swimming party.
Thank you all for coming.She'll open her presents tonight
Went for a doa selamat somewhere I thought was jauh but bila on the way home,dekat aje

Rushed here and there...

Ran here ran there this morning.We ate in a hurry as well.Brunch at kedai mamak.After that rushed to settle a few stuffs and then went to Digital Mall.Nak cari cover for Hubby's phone.Got it together with the screen protector.Lil one cover for the phone that I gave her as well.

Now we're back home,Lil one is playing in her room while singing her heart out.I love to see when she plays in her room.The creative mind .The creative side of her.
I am contemplating between cleaning house and going out.The weather outside macam nak hujan so lets just stay in for the day..he he.But I need to go out and buy some Chinese Herbal Medicine .I wanna slow cook it for Ayah.

I also need to send some old stuffs away but so malas!!

Oh ya,need to ask Lil one to choose the bags in the container to give her cousin and a friend.


Makan makan


Great outing

Had a great outing with my sisters and cousin today.We went bowling.The kids and of course the littlest one had fun....After that we came back home and then we headed out again.Went to buy something that we're only supposed to get at the end of the year.But since Ayah said that we are entitled too,so when we saw that thing in a different color,we got so excited and couldnt tahan lah...So that is why we bought it today.

Ok now we are going for dinner.We will see how it goes.


Yesterday we went to I*** and had lunch there.My sisters ,my cousin and the kids.Kecik besar and every size you can get:)
Food there not nice like before.After that we headed to Absolute Thai.Lepaked there had coffee and sembang sembang.Lepas tu balik to my sister's house and then hung out there till 10 pm .So like tired and melekit because yesterday it was really really hot.

This morning pakat pakat then my cousin came to pick Lil one and I up and we headed to the twin towers.I babysat my lil nephew while my cousin went lunch with her girlfriends.Ok what I like to jaga my nephew coz he is such an adorable lil boy.Duduk and coloured with Lil one..They made each other laugh a lot.After that we went jalan jalan at Parkson before heading to Machines.Bestnya masuk kedai tu.Rasa macam nak beli semua yang ada dalam kedai tu...he he he ...teringin je..Before that I bought Lil one a crumpler bag.She is so happy and I like it too.

Met again with my cousin and you can see her son's gri…
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Outing dare pagi tad......

Experience and changes

My favourite kind of book

Later after I am done sorting and cleaning I need to find where I kept this book.I love the book.It makes me feel special when I dont feel like one during one of those days...Its amazing how the content is written.It can make you feel really special and happy

Dinner tonight...

Had nasi beriyani kambing for dinner so now I think i have to drink my air halia...hmmm...terover eat but I guess its alright because I just had chicken pie for brunch:)

Trying to clean the house before going to bed so that when I wake up in the morning,the house is in perfect condition.

Oh hubby please,take all my laundry and ask them to gosok and lipat nicely ,please?I am not in the freaking mood to handle clothes right now

Dinner malam semalam



Last night's dinner.Something that I never eat because malas nak kopek:)

Terlebih cakap

I think I tak larat nak wait for the England game.Ni pun mata dah kuyu.Hubby dok ulang tengok kickoff party concert.
Lil one dah tidur.We came back quite late from dinner.
Something happened just now.Me and my big mouth.I am not a hypocrite and I speak my mind but I think I must have hurt someone.How do I handle situation like this?Should I just not speak my mind,should I shut up or Should I just be myself and say the truth?
I realised that at my age when I sometimes blurt out without thinking,I regret after.Maybe dah tua tua,sensitivity tu lebih kot.
Ok la kisah tu boleh mengajar I sendiri that next time,bila nak beri comment,fikir dulu.Astaghfirullahulazim...I'm so sorry!!

Mencerminkan diri dalam cermin

There is always 24 hours in  a day.From the moment you were born,till today there's always 24 hours in a day. But how do we live our lives?Do we go about our lives without looking back into ourselves or do we go about our lives, always remembering that whatever goes around comes around.Do you ever reflect yourself in the mirror?As orang kita kata,pernah tak cerminkan diri kita dalam cermin?What do you see when you do that?Do you like what you see in the mirror?Or not? There's a saying that goes...we live our lives the best way we can.We learn thru our mistakes.We realised and regret a few things in life.We try to be a better person. You know where I am going with this This morning hubby and I chat about LIFE so to speak.We're not condemning anyone but we're learning from other people's mistake.Its like a pengajaran or something like that


This morning I woke up,tried to work on my house but the mood didnt come.
Lil one and hubby is still sleeping.
I need to get them up.I'm so hungry.
We need to go have our lunch before doing anything else.
Yesterday upon arriving home,I washed all our dirty laundry.Swept the floor and relax tengok BOLA..
This morning I tried to do some work but no mood.

Waiting for Lil sissie to tell me where we're heading today.Whats the plan?Where is my Oz Kazen?

Clouds,I love em

On the way back just now in the car....
Bye bye going off now....Bye beach...


I have packed our bags.Lil one is with her cousins at the beach.Hubby is still snoring away.
I had breakfast and got back to the room and packed our bags.
We will have to check out on schedule because patrons are back to back.School holidays al maklum.

Will blog tonight from home.

A fresh smell of early morning

We're still here at the beach.Saw Ayah and sisters walking passed by .They went for their morning walk.I tried waking Lil one up before she snuggled nearer to daddy dear.
Hubby tu memang tak perlulah nak kejut ajak pergi breakfast.He'd prefer to sleep.
World Cup Fever is back!!
Cannot wait to get on the crazy fever as well.

Last night before falling asleep,Lil one said she wants to swim this morning.But she doesnt wanna wake up.So nanti jangan marah ibu tak kejut.

Snaps from today



Sambil jalan around the hotel I snapped these.Cantik kan alam fauna di Malaysia ni,berbagai colour.

Staying in the room

I have watched Scrubs twice,Desperate Housewife.Cheked Fb,played Fv...Twit and now blogging again.
I betcha they had a good lunch.Nasi Dagang I heard.

Weather is starting to get gloomy now.I think I will jump on the bed and fall asleep.
Snapped pictures of this beautiful place
I might just order room service again:)Hee hee

They're back.Lil one have just changed into her bikini' cutee

2nd day at the beach

Hubby and Lil one have gone out with Ayah and Lil sissie.I dont feel quite good..Yeah its the time of the month where we dont have that power to stop it from coming.
I ordered room service just now ,had Sup Ekor Bidara and just for that a plate of rice it cost us nearly rm23.
Hmm with the service tax and all
I have this funny behaviour when I stay at hotels.I want to it to be spotless..ha ha so I have been putting the laundry kotor in our bucket.I have a basket for our shoes.And The room is spotless la jugak just waiting for housekeeping people to make our bed.I like it clean and sedap mata memandang
Next time just have to remind self to bring extra adapter when I travel.Susah nak charge all the gadget with just one plug.
I like it that the beach is just a few steps away and I can walk in and out of our room whenever I want to.Actually Lil one have been doing just that...walking to her cousin's room gramps room,aunts room..ha ha
She is so happy that she's here on a break...It…
It is raining here in Kemaman.
Both hubby and Lil one is asleep and I'm heading to bed already.
So happy to see the beach...Rasa tenang sangat
Heading to bed.Just hoped the clothes that I've washed just now will be dry for tomorrow's packing up.
Lil one had a great time playing and watching tv,listening to her ipod touch,singing her heart out and packing her luggage.
This time she's bringing just a small luggage.I'm sharing a luggage with hubby.Usually we have our own but this time,ok lah once in a while kan.
Want to go lie down but my mind doesnt want to sleep just yet .

Duitku melayang today...

Feeling very satisfied and thankful with what I got myself at Ampang Park today.
I also managed to buy our Ipad covers and screen protectors...Just like that it cost me rm454 crazyyyyy

I am packing for a trip to the east coast.Doing laundry at the same time.

Lil one is playing with her little figurines inside her room.
Packing for a trip rasa macam leceh sangat because takut tertinggal itu and ini so I repacked just now.Heh!!


Our Ipads arrived
The day hubby gave the green light to order these,I did:) It arrived today via a cousin who bought home these when she came back for their long holidays. Thank you cousin Dearest for draggin these for me.We appreciate it so much!!
Tomorrow will have to go and browse for the barang barang yang diperlukan...heehee
Belum puas belek because I have to charge it overnight.

We are so excited because Our Cousin and Lil nephew is back for the holidays.Yippee yay.Cannot wait to meet them.Windunyaaa
I am just decluttering my house a bit.There are still many more toys to clear up.Lil one is getting bigger.Toys can go elsewhere.But actually I'm very sentimental la when it comes to her toys.Sayang how la like that?

Its Sunday yang quite boring coz sisters both not well.Hubby went golfing with his I'm home alone at home noone to talk to...chis!!
Hubby said tonight nak makan simple simple aje so Lil one and I got ready and we go to our normal makan place and I had briyani kambing...Lil one had kueyteow goreng kosong and hubby had porridge.Bila nak bayar tu bila kira kira,lil one did her addition and said "Oh my God,our dinner cost rm27?" And this is a simple dinner.
Yeah price makan sekarang tak kiralah breakfast,lunch or dinner memang mahal mahal belaka.
After that we dropped off some stuffs at my Sissie's house and we got home,told Lil one to wash up ,brush her teeth and now she's watching 413.School holiday lah almaklum.

I am here updating statuses...and typing this.


What type of a person are you?The one who voice out your thought oR the one who suffers in silence.I always pray to ALLAH that I dont mistreat people around me.I want to be as neutral as can be.
Sometimes we tend to forget that life is all about happiness.Its not about holding grudges between humans.
That is my belief but in this world you tend to meet people who always "Pilih kasih" .They say they dont but actually they do.They just dont want to admit it.
I hate hypocrites.
I hate the fact that some people in their lives think that they can do anything to people.They think it wont come back to haunt them.This world is round.What goes around comes around.
I belief that we the younger generation need to have that utmost respect for our elders.You treat them well ,with full undivided respect.

And as elderly people,you as an elder person,do educate the young .That is your job.You love your offspring,you educate them.Dont be afraid to do what is right.

For example.Now a days za…

Zaman dulu

Tonight I heard stories from back then....How life was easier and simpler those days.No traffic jam..No hassle ,no migraine .
The only same thing I find remain the same is how a woman do their housework.How they have to do all the cooking,washing,folding,ironing,cleaning but I'm amazed at our old timers how they used to still look good and wear beautiful kebayas even after finishing their housework.
My arwah greatgrandmother, used to share tips on how to be a good wife.
She always remind me that when your hubby comes home from work,serve him water ...berlapik and beralas.Make sure you're well dressed and smell nice for him..
I hold to her words.But how do I maintain the well dress part when hubby comes home at odd hours of the day?Sometimes,balik tengahari,sometimes tak...sometime petang or sometime lewat..But I try..he he.But I am the type that I need to refresh myself 3 empat kali when I'm home.
That is why I dont quite like going out sangat...Leceh kan nak refresh your…


I had fun with my sisters today.We went out to Kuala Lumpur look see look see for stuffs.We hung out at Old Town Kopitiam and then sambung shopping.After that we headed to pick up all the kids and then balik for ugama classes.
Kids played outside,had fun and then the kilat came.Everyone rushed in...Lepak dok lepak,makan minum solat semua di sana today.
Just got back in and settled showering.Lil one is in bed.

I am going to siapkan my laundry that need to hantar to the laundrette and then nak check if the kitchen is clean and then I'll head to bed.

I am exhausted

About bullies

I am in dilemma Lil one is inviting friends over for a birthday party.But she doesnt want to invite this one particular person.This person loves to bully lil one and her friends doesnt matter boys or girls.
I as a mother,feels that its not right for the bully to be happening but when sending out invitations,with that bully being left out,hati ada rasa macam tak sedap sikit.What would you do if you were in my position.

Lil one insist that she doesnt want to invite.I have to respect her wishes.
My mommy blogger friends,do give me some insight please:)Thank you.If you were me,how do you handle the bully
Some for the cleaners,some to throw or donate.I am tired.


Gonna continue reading the book by Muhammad ' Ali Quth titled Women around the MESSENGER.
I read I stop and I read again...hope today I will read more:)


I am hooked with a game on Lil one's Ipod Touch.Haish...Boleh leka main game dah tua tua ni...he he he.
I just larthered a blob of minyak panas on my body.Berangin pulak malam ni.Adok sakitnya.Am trying to fall asleep now..
Soon the holidays will be here and I'm glad .Lil one is excited because she gets to play.She finished her holiday homework and she can play that 2 weeks.No bukak buku,no workbooks...mana tak thrill nya?

Hubby ni dok ikut pulak football sana sini...dah demam world cup le tu.
I have been spring cleaning my kitchen the whole morning but still la banyak nya benda.Whats wrong?Hish I never buy anything for the last 2-3 years but benda yang tak sepatutnya in the kitchen ada in the kitchen.That is what I hate.But when I spring clean one area of the house,the other part of the house macam apa aje sepahnya..hish!!!

Now sedar sedar dah nak pukul 2pm..Nak mandi lah coz it is sooooooo hot these past few days.I hope it ribut again so that I can malas myself again this evening..hee hee