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Happy Birhtday Malaysia

and Happy Birthday Neesa

Girls cousins?anyone?

Spending the weekend at Saujana with the inlaws.The lil one want to have fun with her cousins..."Wanna be my cousin?" Wanna be my cousin?:)
h A h A..That advert on tv about Wanna be my sister?Please be my sister..that Little girl on tv so cute.


Do you get up when its raining in the morning?I opened all the windows in my house...I simply love the breeze..Tried waking up the lil one but she's tossing and turning still.I have my day fully planned and I'm gonna make full use of it.I need to go trim my hair coz its panjang already but didnt make any appointment yet..So I'll just walk in later.
Lately I've been thinking of what to do .I want to try do something,sell something but havent come to a conclusion yet.I guess no guts kot.Have to sit down with sisters and my cousins to discuss and exchange ideas.
Ok i dah melalut pagi pagi ni.Have to go wake her up.School's waiting:)

Its funny

when I was browsing thru blogs,i found one that made me smile.What a coincidence to have our child the same middle name. think I will message her and maybe exchange thoughts on how she decided to have that name..


I just got out from the playroom...Sorting thru all her toys..and trying to throw some away..grrr..I dont know why I just feel like cleaning today.

Happy birthday

Dearest Hubby...You're a year old man:)
Our biggest hugs and love to you on your special day...We love you always


Well I'm going to enjoy myself today and go shopping with my savings:)Well A lady needs to treat herself something nice once in a while and today is the day for me.I'm gonna have lunch with Marls today and I'm excited coz its been a while we've done this:)

So kenyang and so tired

It's Sunday Evening...I have been eating non stop since pagi tadi.I had soto for breakfast and then had the pulut kuning and rendang ayam.After that makan nasi with ayam kurma pelita.So nice.Now we're packing our stuffs and then going to eat Seafood Shaslik and Pancake.hmmm yummy...

Its the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics..I bet its gonna be awesome just like the opening ceremony.

Tomorrow school begins again..Back to our normal routine..Wake up early and all...urggghhh tiring.The thought of it makes me tired already

Right now I'm on the bed in my room typing this.The LiL one has been watching tv non stop,Kesian her atok...tak dapat chance.
Weather is too nice to do anything other than sleep:)
Too lazy...too kenyang...oh my!oh my!!!No eating like this anymore

We got ready pack and everything and then headed to the club for dinner.
I had seafood sashlik,hubby had lamb chop,ayah had fish,Lil one had fish and chips,mak had seafood shaslik too.
We ate and ate.The lil one did…

Our weekend

Last night we drove up north to spend the weekend here.
This morning we all woke up late I guess about 9 plus am.
We had nasi goreng for breakfast .I cleaned the kitchen,Mak was at the wet kitchen preparing stuffs for later.The lil one watching dvd on her laptop.Ayah in the room playing solitaire on his laptop.My hubby upstairs doing his office work.
I had my shower and cuci the toilet and then now just lazing around.Thought of going out to the shops later as usual balik kampung sure we go out.Then later on mak wants to go TESCO.
I just love balik kampung ,the feeling,the sound of birds chirping outside,the sound of water from the window of my room here. hmmm..How nice.I cant even hear any sounds of cars...its simply relaxing.
I will definitely take pictures later

I snap pictures this evening but will wait till we get home to upload it.
Right now hubby and I are at coffee bean,sipping kopi.
Its raining here...since petang tadi...
Ok dokee...The lights just went off over here...

Lazy day.

Woke up feeling grumpy all of us.My husband rushed like anything.Got the lil one showered and I took one too.She continued watching her dvd on her lappy and then we went out to eat at CHAWANWe ate the kuey teow soup but before that we went to ELCand she shopped with the money from her tabung.Satisfied I guess.

Now she's with her tutor doing her composition and grammar.I'm waiting for the cleaner to come and clean my house the whole house yep


The whole day today.I know what a lame excuse but today I boring sesangat.I let the Lil one spend time watching her "Hanna Montana","High School Musical" and some other girlie Dvd's ..Well she enjoyed her time today and we're not like this usually:)

Just had my shower and watching a chinese tv programme .Too lazy to fold my laundry.Actually too lazy to do anything today.Hah!
Ok Goodnight my blog
Hubby wants to chit chat with me now:)

Need to get rid of things

But I'm too lazy to clean up today.I know I have to do it but I dont have the mood to do it.So I'm snapping pictures of my junks and post it here today..Ha ha Ha..

Watching tv while surfing the net and reading other blogs from round the world.Its fun to read blogs that makes sense.I realised I learn something new everyday.With other people's lifestyle,culture and habits.

The lil one is playing games on her laptop.I have just made stup for dinner.But she wants to eat it now...Give it another hour I said..
In the mean time,I'm snapping more pictures.


I hate this.When they were making noise this morning they woke me up from my beauty sleep.I wanted to sleep in but those 2 just couldnt let me.So I woke up with a throbbing pain at the back of my neck.Now at 17.11 it is going away finally.Urgghh...
My husband had to work eventhough its school holidays .So I didnt wanna cook so I had to take the lil one out.We had kuey teow soup.We both makan dengan berseleranya...then we went to look for art and crafts things.Just want the lil one to fill up her time.

Enjoying our holidays


Clearing my stress

Sometimes,I wish I can watch the sunset everyday.The thought of it makes my stress dissapear:)


This morning we got things ready for our bbq session and then had to rush and get the lil one ready for her dancing class.After that went to get cake from our friend and then my hubby wanted to minum so we went to minum and then my sister called asking where we were.She came to look for us and I was surprised to see her driving her new car..Whoa!!Cool..After that they went to pick up the lil one and my migraine attacked.So I'm in pain right now urgghh I hate this feeling.I wanna have fun later with sissy's and kazens..hopefully this pain will go away after I baring for a while.
I'm going to take loads of pictures:)
Yay a gathering we've been looking forward to.


I have to go out and buy stuffs for the bbq tomorrow.I am so lazy to go out but I have to.At this point of time I'm more excited to continue cleaning from yesterday.I made the lil girl the happiest person last night because I got her new room ready.Now she has a bedroom and a playroom but need to dejunk the toys in the playroom and find time to make the bedroom looks nicer.

I had fun doing my collage last night.I was browsing thru my boxes of pictures and know that I have to do something with them all so I'm slowly doing a collage or scrapbook it..

I have to run now
Dont wanna waste time today:)


I was in the car at that time,waiting for my friend to meet up for our usual round of coffee.


Comes every once a month-mEaning that is the time of the month that I dont feel like doing anything at all.

Life with homeworks and houseworks

Noboday told me when you're a mommy your life will be like when you're young but with an offspring..I am good at blending houseworks with homeworks.Everyday she comes home from school I make it a point for her to sit down at the dining table and finish her homework.But before that she will have her shower .While doing homework she is allowed to snack :)After completing all the homeworks,she does her revision for about half an hour.Yep depending on how many homework she have.

After that she is allowed computer time for a while...(yeah kids now a days,computer knowledge is a must,if not they'll be left behind)
then she goes upstairs and play in her room until dinner time.After dinner she must clean up her room and then go to bed.She'll be in bed by 7pm everyday.
That is the routine I have instilled in her since she started kindy.I believe kids with a set routine will grow and develop into a well adjusted kids.
Like right now,she's doing her h/w and I'm on the net …

Here Comes Decluttering Mood

Once in a while I let go off the things that I want to clean up.And this is the time when my mood is in full force.I'm going to start by tonight.There are so many things to give away and things to redecorate.I need to do this .I have a target.
I will start with the kitchen.