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Bought a cake from Recipe for Dad...We celebrated his advance birthday tonight.He loved the cake...Before the cake session,we ate a very heavy dinner...
Back home now and going to have a warm shower and jump into bed..

Quality time

Hubby and I had a good time chatting this morning while having our breakfast.Pagi ni makan beriya iya...padahal malam tadi dinner best sangat my sister cooked
This morning we had drumstick sorang satu,kueyteow goreng,Nasi goreng and Paru.

We talked about the future.We talked about Lil one's education and things to come in the future.We have to plan from now.Cannot wait until last minute,susah nanti.
We also talked about our families.How  my dad is a mentor to his nephews.How they look up to him .How life treats people.
How people with good heart receive such blessings from ALLAH

Love the fact that we talked about everything.
Hinted to him as well "Mother's Day" is coming too.hee hee

I love the rain .It is not even 6pm and it is so dark like after maghrib.Love it.
I have just finished mopping the house.That doesnt happen often k but I was thinking of a good bestie who mops every morning and night before bed.Should I follow her routine so that I can get a bod like her?hee hee.
I ni kemas rumah pun tak habis habis tau.She is such a cleanaholic and I am always amazed to see her house is spotless

I just hope my hubby appreciates what I do at home.Make sure beds are made,house is not messy and minimal is something that I'm still learning .Proceeding that way really.I want to make the house like how when we got married.No stuffs!! Period.
Been busy cleaning thats why no update from me.

Toiletries Al Safwah and Elaf Taiba

Found this while cleaning:)Missing Makkah and Madinah now


Working with the cleaning of the house.The mood is subsiding so its getting slow.I need to get back in the mood,I shall surf for before and after pictures to inspire me.
Last night I watched Oprah and Nate Berkus said, Dont let things get in only,Edit your room..I like that word.Edit so I'm editting my room ,my house now:)

I love the fact that a simple word or a picture can inspire me.
So here I go again...Clean clean clean.

Yeah and tomorrow I'm expecting need to hurry and clean


I have stopped cleaning for the day.Will continue tomorrow.My back is aching and the whole body is aching.
Tomorrow will have to do more

As I looked out the window,the jalan is basah.Loved the rain just now.
Hubby and Lil one is watching tv while waiting for Maghrib,its my turn to shower.

Feeling I am not too sure what I should call it

As I was cleaning just now,Found a luggage load of albums.I took each and one out and started flipping thru and I saw Lil one masa kecik.I miss those moments.I miss the times when she is not in school.She can go everywhere,anywhere,anytime,anyhow with me..
Sedih tau tengok...:(

Love it

Had my lunch in between decluttering.Love the feeling that part of the house is getting cleaner by hour:) I can hear people drilling outside,it is so noisy.
Bila lah nak habis construction building sebelah ni.Noise pollution betul lah.I love the fact that I can enjoy staying at home and clean whenever I feel like cleaning.Later tonight,I'm going to angkat all the laundry yang dah kering di ampaian and lipat to sort out.
Lil one's room need a makeover.Will have to discuss wtih hubby what we're going to do about that.Iyelah ,nak pakai duit kan so kena discuss

Spring Cleaning

Ok cleaning session begins...These came from the other side of the living room.I have pushed them aside because I have cleared the other side.Its pretty and nice now.
Actually this is not cleaning session,its more like spring cleaning.Throw stuffs yang dah tak pakai.Clear my house,clear my mind,clear my soul.

Catatan emosi

Its all about us really.No one else really matters.To be able to talk with hubby about everyday thing is something that I love.He will listen,give pendapat...argue and then accepting the fact the his wife is always right.

I was just thinking about my growing up years.I used to have such confidence in me before I blew up like a balloon like this.Now confidence ke mana,rambut yang ikal mayang panjang berjela jela hilang ke mana.Now its the simple me.Have I lost the power in me to be that woman I used to be?Have i changed a lot in this one decade?Yes I have..The process of married life,giving birth,being the housekeeper,the driver of the household makes me feel old ,sometimes.The part of going into depression because of the takdir of life who came to visit me in 2006 and 2007 .

I appreciate all my blessings and not.I wouldnt have grown up if my life was just a breeze.

I spoke to Mom this morning and I have to pakat with my siblings to do something with Dad.He worked hard all his life ,he…
Cleaning session in full by tomorrow morning.I need to do this so that I feel the satisfaction after..I have been sorting clothes.There is too many clothes for the amount of people living here.Need to let go of some.
I am sorting by person.I hope this will settle by tomorrow.
A tiring day .Hung out with my siblings and did practically nothing actually.Sembang sembang.Mengisi masa terluang.
Got back home,I made soup for hubby,kibas katil and making him change afterwards.He is not well.Let him rest.Very stressful kot working and surrounded by sick people.
Lil one is relaxing before dinner in her room,drawing la tu apa lagi.
I can hear the fogging going on downstairs...Just remind myself to spray the whole house later.
Planning a birthday party is not easy.But I love doing it.I've called the caterers asking for quotation and hubby is satisfied with it.Will give it a few more days to think what to choose and what not.
The thing we're afraid during a party is not enough food.Kalau lebih sikit,tak apa,can pack up and ask guests to bring home.

Wonder what the theme is going to be this year.We will see
Now I am going to rest and watch tv and sleep.
Tomorrow is Monday ...we will see if there'll be any monday blues.

Our Lunch

Had a very satisfying lunch today.Alhamdulillah
Yesterday's dinner Garlic Rice so sedap.We just tapaued.Told Lil one next time after school I can just bungkus this for her:)
We've been watching drama melayu,drama mat salleh back to back.Rupa rupanya kat tv tu banyak betul Drama..he he or maybe because its a Saturday night that banyak drama?
Hubby yang beriye iye tengok tv ni...ha ha kejap masuk bilik,kejap dok kat living room.
Now tengok drama mat salleh pulak.
Yay I got snow on my blog:)

Just membelek itu ini and found little widgets.Cool.
We had our early dinner and Lil one is on her bed watching a .dvd movie before bed.Its Saturday night,let her enjoy.

Dont know if hubby have any latest dvd to watch tonight.

Lunch on a Saturday

Makan ni tadi for lunch at Kampung Baru.Hubby drove masuk kot ni,masuk kot tu...
tut tut sampai kedai ni..he he he:)Love it because it is so like makan kat kampung...
And after that feeling so full and satisfied we drove to pick up some documents from some work people.And then we came back home...Teringat ingat kat Masak Asam tadi tu.
Syukur alhamdulillah because diberi kenikmatan untuk menikmati Asam Pedas...
A short entry.
Good night.
Hubby just asked me what time it is and i advanced the time because he is always late..:)We will see if jam loceng tu berbunyi nanti he can wake up on his own or not.
We're watching whatever dvd that he put on.About war...

I cleaned a bit earlier on today but not yet finish.Still have so many things to do.
Aisey man...I ter REMOVE my life do i put it back on the side of my blog eh?anybody help me?
Lil one have been sleeping,resting,watching dvd's,watching tv,read a book,grumpy ,whiney,ate and now waiting for her mommy to give her medicine and off to bed.

I have been discussing a topic with my sisters and cousins just now about something.
need to continue discussion online a bit later
Hubby tapaued food just now...
Lil one is attacked by high fever again.Just gave medicine and now Lil one is asleep.Let her rest and I'm making congee for lunch.
Our normal congee recipe would be potato,carrot ,nasi and sayur...and pakai ikan bilis I rebus dulu and then use the stock
Hope she get better soon.Baru aje tak sihat last 2 weeks.

Fly fly fly

I like terminal 3.It looks brand new and awesome environment.The feel of being in that airport makes me feel like I want to fly
Its nice they have everything there,in fact I found a shop that sell baju and rambang mata I sekejap:)

Dah licin...

A very simple appetite for our family dinner..


Nasi dalam periuk berasap lagi

Broccoli and Garlic

Ikan masak kicap yummy

Our dinner so simple:)

tuesday yang mendung

I am relaxing chilling enjoying the weather.Amazingly God answered our prayers for some redupness.Thank you GOD.

This morning hubby and I was chatting and yackety yack at breakfast,we lost track of time...Tut tut dah 10 am ,rushed balik la coz working day right.he he
After that we went to gramps house.Lepak there a while..Hubby sent me home after that.I rested for a bit before I sort some junks to recycle.Feels great to see that there is no clutter by the door.
I was so emo just now coz as I was driving in the hot hot scorching hot sun,my car stopped tengah jalan.So many times.Sensitivenya hati I because dah la dah stop and of course I couldnt switch on the aircon then Lil one and I were sweating like a river.Panas ya amat only God knows and sensitive emo,sure PMS'ing..
Was worried because Malaysian Drivers ni very impatient.My car stopped at the traffic light sambil nak start balik tu,they kept honking...hish!!What attitude.
And seorang pun tak ada berhenti untuk tolong .

Called hubby and complained to him but what can he do...he is not in town.As I reached home hubby's cousin called to check on us ,alhamdulillah ada orang prihatin.

Lil one terus masuk shower because she was like terbakar hot,sian dia.

Waiting for Lil one to finish homework,I'm gonna go and check my car.Try to alih it to a proper place.Tadi the engine just stopped.
Had Durian for dessert just now.alhamdullilah Syukur
It rained a couple of times today.
Had pizza for dinner tonight
Its a very lazy Sunday.Hubby dah bangun,tidur balik...Lil one also still sleeping.
I had my breakfast cannot wait for them :)And now have to do my laundry.
The weather is unpredictable.Malam tadi it rained and pagi ni I'm sweating banyak.
What shall I do after hanging my laundry?Mengemas lah apa lagi.

Yesterday on the way home,while hubby was driving I was thinking about life.How I have changed a lot because I dont like to go out from my house .I love staying in.Cleaning my house and run the house.I'd rather we have dinners and lunch at home then to go out wasting money having food outside.
I'd rather have friends over.Manalah kawan kawan I yang tinggal beberapa kerat tu?
hello blog hoppers:)I can see that I have some visitors but I dont know who:)

I am getting Lil one ready so that we can go dinner after maghrib and then go visiting Family members.

Hubby ni dok melangut pulak tengok sports channel...

I tak posh langsung

We went for dinner at one of the posh warung.why we call it posh coz everything is mahal and people who goes there all posh posh.Talk very loudly macam tak ada orang lain duduk kat situ.I dont know who gives them the right to behave that way.
We wanted to eat there because I wanted nasi and that the melayuest nasi i can get there
Tapi spoilt our mood la because some people tak nampak pun ada ramai lagi orang do makan kat situ
We're back home and LiL one is settling herself into bed.Ohh she's cleaning her room before naik katil.
Good job dear

God test you because God knows best

Yesterday night hubby and I hung out at our balcony,dok minum kopi dok bercerita about life and kelakuan manusia.

Interestingly when we talked about this topic,we always argue,mana taknya one form mars the other one from venus:D
But kata putus we both agreed on something that kelakuan manusia berbagai bagai.
Dugaan ALLAH menduga setiap manusia.Seandainya dah berumur kalau masih berperangai macam budak sekolah,something is wrong somewhere.Dalam kata lain,"We're all grown ups.We change.We become better people"

Hubby said,some people just dont learn their lesson.Bongkak,sombong and bodoh at the same time.Bila bermasaalah mencari ,bila senang lupa diri.

Yeah we both experienced lots of things thru this 4 years hidup tergendala dengan dugaan yang mendatang.But we learn I guess from our mistakes.Chances taken in a business deal,Kena conned pulak.Iyelah benda dah nak jadi..We accept,we redha and we have to get up to face what is coming for us in the future.

Apart from bringing oursel…
Salam Jumaat.
Hari yang penuh berkah.Insya ALLAH

Run here run there run everywhere.Banyak benda yang hendah disettlekan pada pagi Jumaat ni.
Had breakfast at one of the kopitiam near uptown.Ok lah so so.Had a good discussion and chat with hubby.After that we did our banking.Sembang pulak dengan orang bank tu...he he .Its nice to meet people in the morning and they have a smile on their faces.

Went to beli Ikan as well.Hubby said he wants masak kicap tonight.Okdokie later ye yang
Lil one loves fish and beef.
Have a nice friday readers..


Decluttered hubby's wardrobe.Banyak betul hanger hanger kosong ,plastic balut baju dry cleaning dalam tu...ish ish ish...plastic tu kan boleh buang sendiri...
Then ada lah lagi baju baju lama yang boleh direcycle.
While waiting at the traffic light,sempat tu keluar camera.
Tak tau pokok apa tu...
Had breakfast alone this morning.ScRambled eggs and Salmon.

Now back home tengah relax.later baru nak start buat kerja rumah
I was driving just now.The sun straight masuk my eye...the glare oh my goodness.Now I need to go shower and then menenangkan diri if not boleh migraine like that.
Was chatting with mom on the phone just now,on speaker in the car and we were talking about me masa kecik kecik dulu...comparing sikit dengan Lil one:)Seronok teringat childhood I and mom was giggling and laughing as well.

Oh the thing that I wanted to do this morning "decluttering hubby's wardrobe" Tak menjadi coz not in the mood...hihihi


Since the house is so minimal,dah tak tau nak buat kerja apa kat rumah ni...Oh yA, nak kemas wardrobe on hubby's side.Pagi tadi tengok berseleraknya almari dia..haish...mana boleh macam tu.Minimal please.So since he is at work,I shall open his wardrobe and declutter:)
Dont ask me where I put some of the clothes it goes into the recycle bag.

Sambil dok melayan mata kuyu i this morning,dok berangan lah berada di tepi pantai..Ish lama sungguh tak ke pantai.Rindunya dengan desiran ombak dan angin laut.Hmm hubby,jom la kita ponteng sekolah and ponteng kerja and go somewhere satu or dua malam?

I was browsing thru my pictures box.Dok browsing tu la yang berangan nak pergi holiday....eeee rindunya naik kapalterbang.hehehe

Pushed the box back under the coffee table and now I'm lying down for a while before I start cooking.
Maybe today I'll bake

Found my treasure:)

Feels so good cleaning and decluttering.Sambil dengar music,tengok tv...aircon switched on ofcourse coz the weather is yucky outside,tak sanggup I nak bukak tingkap.Now its mendung pulak,hopefully it rains and take the haze away.
Look what I FOUND:)
Back in the 90's when I went to watch M.U played in Malaysia.
Morning morning.Went to have breakfast with hubby.He was busy reading the paper.I was busy eating.The couple next to us were nice in the morning having conversations.Heh

Back home,belum start housework lagi.Clothes in the machine .
Wondering what else to do today.
Tomorrow I am going to declutter clothes. Kadang-kadang, dengan penuh satu lemari pakaian, tidak mungkin dapat mencari sesuatu untuk digunakan.
Its time to clean the mess in the lemaripakaian There are so many things that I do not use or love • Too many things in too small a space • Anything unfinished
I need to segregate and remove items from my houseI have stuffs on my rocking chair right now.That need to go.I have a big box of junks and treasures that I need to sit down and sort em out.There are a few luggages with paper junks.hmmm where should I start?


I Fried Udon aje today.No fancy mancy.Not in the mood.-[Pms'ing]
Simplest dinner and they're eating it now.Usually on school night we eat before maghrib :)
I am not doing anything special today.My housework is settled.I am relaxing enjoying the comfort of my bed and just surfing the net.
I for today am free of housework yippee
Should just sort out some old books later if I have the mood.

Lauk for the day by me

Lil one's favourite

Ikan bilis goreng cili Hubby's favourite

Sambal belacan my favourite

Waiting for hubby to come home with minyak masak,Nak goreng ikan and ikan masin.
Yesterday's dinner.Teringin sangat nak makan masam masam and pedas so berjaya pujuk hubby
What a boring Saturday night on tv,Hubby is scrolling every channel and cannot find anything interesting.
Hmmm..Next time have to be ready with Dvd's to watch on Saturday night.
I have just hangdry my laundry.yA..In this house,laundry tak kira masa:)
Mopping rumah ikut mood,sapu rumah everyday.Declutter also everyday

I managed to declutter the kitchen while hubby went to pick up lil one earlier on.Lil one came back home and saw the kitchen and said,"Whow Mummy!! what did you do?" i answered her by saying,"I did what jeanie did lah" Just click my eyes and it all turn nice..She laughed and laughed and said this to me," Ala mummy,you cleaned it didnt you"...he he seronok bergurau dengan dia.And menyakat pun seronok jugak
My Canon,Thank you for making me more creative a person.

Lil one's favourite

On a cool saturday like this,this is a fast way to fill in the tummy for Lil one
So I showed her how to do her easy peasy fast food!!
I am proud to say that my house is a little less cluttered and nearing to minimalism.I am happy.
Everything is at its place and I'm dejunking stuffs in the cabinet,under the tv cabinet,bookshelves,console..yay.
Very sombre afternoon .The weather is gloomy.Lil one is doing her homework and I am lying down watching tv and surfing the net in my room.
Told Lil one to finish it off quickly so that we can go out after Asar.
Need to go run errands and then nak balik before Maghrib.Need to cook,hubby said this," malam ni I nak makan macam semalam ok" " We dont have to go out tonight Tolonhg goreng my ikan bilis please"
Kalau ikutkan hati,nak baring and tidur kejap
So to Lil one have to finish hw quick.
Seronok tengok awan masa drive petang tadi....Lovely scenery.

Recycle bag

Today I remembered to take my recycle bag to the mini market.
Usually selalunya grocery bag mesti tertinggal.I promised myself that I only use plastic to buang sampah ,thats all
Yang lain,i use my recycle bag

Broc n Carrot

As I was preparing the vegetable of the day


I heard on the radio Aaron from biggest Loser asia said,get one hour into your routine.Jog,run or walk..Exercise for one hour daily.
Hmmm tried walking the day before yesterday half an hour aje then guruh today have to walk again:)

Waiting for my bestie to pick me up.We're going for breakfast and chit chat.Its been a while since we met.
Dont know what to cook today.Will think of something later or ask hubby to take us out dinner somewhere
Morning my blog.
Hubby ni grumpy aje dong...tak cukup tidur la tu.
Wake up please everybody in the house.Its suboh time!!!

Lil one's favourite green

Making her favourite soup again apart from regular menu.
Waiting for the machine to stop .Can sidai all the baju


While having breakfast I heard birds chirping all the time.So I looked for birds couldnt find any ,just snapped the greens.I love the matured trees.Amazing how it makes me feel early in the morning.

I have sapu the house,vacuumed and kibas apa yang patut.I have made both beds.Lil one tak sempat buat her bed this morning coz I terbabas till late.
Now waiting for mood to lipat to come and then I'm done for the day.


Hubby put on a dvd,but he is snoring away.Ya I'm blogging from the bed .And he is snoring really loud.
I blog hopped tonight.Seronok baca blogs he he

Ok dokies,I better switch this puter off if not sampai esok pun tak habis blog hop


Was downstairs exercising just now and Lil one wanted to go to the playground so as she was playing and I walked to the car to take something,I heard a eh...gatalnya ada orang nak whistle whistle...tut tut pusing belakang my hubby rupanya...he he ...Dia tanya," tak dengar ke I whistle?" I kata," Dengar ingatkan siapa yang whistle kat your wife ni" He grinned and usik I ,"Sukalah tu!!!"
H a h a

Couldnt stay long at the playground.Guruh berdentum.Lekas lekas cabut naik ke atas.

Lil one is reading right now.I'm googling for a bit before mandi time.
As usual the morning rush makes me kelam kabut.Those two relax aje.Hmmm something in their vein that makes them like that.Or is it me?

Back at home,Cleaned up my room .
Put laundry in the machine.
Running errands in a bit.
It feels like Monday how come?
Dr Cafe sedap kopinya.

New resolution for my blog

I am going to snap a picture a day for my entry

The bond

Before Maghrib dah balik ...tadi had coffee and makan makan with my sisters.Changed to two places...he he

Got back home,Lil one had her tapau'ed food and got ready for bed.

We dont have to have anything to say but when we hang out together it reminds us that the bond we share is stronger than anything else.Siblings bond.I love it.

We make the Lil one's bond too.Doesnt matter if they're girls or boys...we make them have a respect and love for each other .Maybe they wont feel it now but when they're older they know that they can count on each other.
What is that?
I feel very lethargic .Back pain,headache ..body pain.Hmm dont tell me I'm coming down with something.I need to drink a teaspoon of Manukah Honey after this.
Getting ready .Just for the sake of getting ready.Lil sister texted me ajak minuk kopi.So we're waiting for her call.
Today's class pun cancel lah.Lil one put not in the mood to dance.
Today we all woke up late.After suboh I decided to sleep for a little while longer but then terbabas sampai pukul 11 pagi...Didnt feel bad coz Lil one pun not feeling so well.So skip school on tak sihat basis I dont quite mind.
Hubby asked me just now,"Aik yang, you ingat today Sunday ke?" hehehe I asnwered tak larat la yang...and he just smiled at me.
Lil one asked me too "How I come I tak pergi school?" "Aik...semuanya ibu salah ke?"
Lil one just giggled running into her room to watch tv ...Mentang mentang tak sihat,enjoy dia tengok tv...he he
Before hubby went to work just now,sempat tu mintak pocket money Lil one.
Dia kata ,haish tak pergi school pun nak pocktet money ke?I jawab...SEMESTINYA:)And dah ambik duit tu,lupa pulak nak kiss kiss hubby ...
opps sorry Dear!
We both have makan .She have mandi and its my turn now

After zohor nak keluar sekejap to find presents and go to class.
This one taken in Penang

This one as well
This one masjid on water in penang

And the college is MCKK in Kuala Kangsar

One Year Ago...

This was the day we bertolak untuk mengerjakan Umrah.We went 13 of us.My parents bawak us his kids,menantus,cucus and also uncle and wife.
Betapa seronoknya mengenangkan pergi umrah beramai ramai.
We didnt know what to expect bringing children with us because before that we went, belum ada suami and anak:)

It was a fullfilling trip for all of us,alhamdulillah.
We stayed at Al Safwah in Makkah..Just a few steps away from Masjidil Haram.
At Madinah we stayed at Elaf Taiba..just a few steps away from Masjid Nabawi

Ya ALLAH how I miss being there.

My daughter and nephews finished their Umrah just 40 minutes before Suboh.They were very tired but didnt complain not at all,alhamdulillah