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31st August

54th year of Merdeka...

Merdeka!!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

As both hubby and Lil one didnt want to wake up early today, I headed to the gym for my pre 1st day raya workout.Puas hati because I sweat and felt so satisfied.

As of now,we are still at home.I wonder if there's any  restaurants yang bukak,we are hungry.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

Salam Aidil Fitri untuk muslimin muslimat all over the world.
Its Tuesday,30August 2011.Malaysia announced that we celebrates Aidil Fitri today.29 days of Puasa for this year's cycle.

We have been busy since morning.Got back in before maghrib.Will update when I am not tired.

Now we are ready to go visiting.
Night rayaa:)


I forgot to post these pictures up...I forgot when also.. Lol..

26 and 27th

Been very busy for the past 2 days.

Now I am watching tv,I feel like nak demam,Pinggang dah ngilu rasanya.


I feel like I need one of those session...Destressing me! hmmmm


Sahur : nescafe, tea o nasi, lauk daging goreng

Lil one went straight to sleep right after finishing her sahur. I have washed and emptied my sink and now doing my laundry.hubby didn't want to wake up, he must have slept really late doing his work and makan straight I guess.

I have errands to run and places to go. Have so many things to do before raya. Outside the house and inside too.
I hope I succeed today with the plans that I have made. Oh and I need to send cookies to my bestie as well.

Its the 24th of Ramadhan today. Dah pasang lampu raya ke ?:)

Berbuka : Black Pepper beef and Spinach Soup.
Just Lil one and I.Hubby ada meeting berbuka today.

I went to visit my friend and pass her some cookie raya and was amazed at the beauty of the architecture of the new building in the midst of other condominiums there.Its beautiful and made me much it must be.Lil one was asking,"why cant we live somewhere like these" oh she loves beautiful things and when I explai…


sahur : masak lemak ikan cili api...terung goreng cili and grilled fish for Lil one and egg.

Aisey man, whats up with those two.Everyday I have to wake them up?Apekehalnya tak boleh ke bangun sendiri like how ibu wakes up?isk

Today I cleaned my house.Satisfied,tomorrow,going to continue with the knick knacks.

I am watching tv now and eating these.


Sahur : beef goring yellow mustard and spinach soup
Last night I was munching on honey roasted peanuts.sedap setengah bottle habis.... ,lol

This morning we were supposed to go pay our electric bill and pick up lil one'sbaju raya but hubby take larat so now we are getting ready to go.

It is so gloomy ,angin kuat and dah mendung sangat, would be nice to just lie down on the sofa ,hehe tap if that's the case,satu kerja take buat.



We bungkus nasi goreng ikan masin ,padprik and tomyam for sahur

I am watching Criminal Minds and waiting to fall asleep.

Earlier on I was googling on properties for sale.bukan nak beli but to find ideas what beautiful homes look like...Actually more to inspire me to redecorate my home...banyak jugak ideas dapat and googled on some other sites as well decorate a small living space needs a lot of decluttering and giving away stuffs.
So dah google tu semua,dah inspired.So tunggu apa?Nak start la but can wait till tomorrow lah.

I couldnt sleep last night.Naik angin satu badan.Teruk jugak nak baik,I asked ALLAH,please let this pain go away as I want to sleep for a while and I did,syukur alhamdulillah.

The whole day today ,we spent at home.
We went to buka outside,had oglio spaghetti both hubby and Lil one ,one plain and the other one seafood and I had tapas.YummY!!
After that I surveyed a few stuffs for Lil one and headed to the pharmacy to buy vitamins for hubby and I.Then i headed …


Balik rumah,settled Lil one and I had my fiber.I am so hungry now!!
Hubby went out to buy sahur.Laparnya.Perut growling.
Its raining heavily outside and I am watching Grey's Anatomy.

Have errands to run pagi esok.Nak kena bayar fees itu ini before cuti raya nanti.

Due to drinking my fiber drink ,best betul pergi toilet pagi ni.
Weather is gloomy outside.
My friend is dropping by to pick up raya cookies.
Lil one doesnt wanna wake up for class.Hmm..

I have tonnes to do today.Dalam rumah,luar rumah.

updated at 1.21pm

My friend dropped by just now and we chit chat for over one and a half hours.We talked about peace and tranquility .

Its amazing alhamdulillah to have her in my life and we have the same beliefs.To reach ketenangan ,its not easy but once you've reached is amazingly beautiful.Its like everything that you own in your heart and soul is the best ketenangan anyone can ask for...Its not about material stuffs...its the inner you..Alhamdulillah.
She asked me,what gives me happin…


I can smell rice cooking.Well i cooked for sahur.Now watching Suv...

Sahur : nasi and kambing masak apa not too sure. Hubby went out to buy.Lil one had saba fish and rice.

I am washing laundry pagi pagi Jumaat ni...

Stuff to do : Lipat baju later. Pick up kuih raya. Ambik baju raya.Dah siap and settle. Just need to send those for dry cleaning. The house will soon be spotless when I am done with the bookshelf.

Hubby and Lil one was counting down to raya semalam. I was counting down to how many more workout till raya:D yeah yeah gym fanatic I am.

Bought mom's present semalam as well. Might ask hubby to buy ayah's his present when hubby goes to look for his songkok.what shall I get for my sister's?and grandmother? Hmmm..think think. Nak order hamper, dah too late kot.maybe will go to one of the bazaar in the shopping center to look something for them.
10.16am : Picked up raya cookies.
Opened raya hamper and sort them out.

12.20noon.I tried to clean but suddenly the mood dissa…


Sahur : nestum, nandos , beef sausages

As I was eating just now I thought about my arms exercise. I googled and found a perfext easy exercise for inner arms and back of the arms but as I was exercising yesterday I forgot about the back arm routine. LOL...I need to google again. It feels good you know to exercise. I just found my passion in it for about a year. Not to say that I never enrolled into a fitness center but that time it was mere wanting to join a fitness center because everybody else is doing it .what a waste of money but then a year ago I was determined to start exercising because my sisters and cousins are doing it. I felt that I needed to try again. And I found the cross trainer. That machine works well for me as it works the whole body and doesn't hurt my over the top problematic knee due to fall and all. I love the cross trainer and that machine have been my best friend eversince.Even typing this makes me wanna work out now.
Never have I ever imagined that I would …


I just masak nasi.I also mopped the kitchen.Wanted to wash a load of laundry but then again,let the ones on the ampai,kering dulu.Watching criminal minds and wanting to clean something else.Should I mop the rest of the house since I cannot sleep? I was deleting pictures from my memory card.Now ada space sikit.I know I should delete all ,but sometimes I just like to switch on the camera and look at photos before snapping the next picture.

Updated at 11.39am
I washed a load of laundry and another one on the way.i cleared hubby's wardrobe.I folded some clothes as well.
I need to sort some paper clutter,ish tak habis habis.
I opened my bookshelves and at the same time wondering about the billy bookcase I want to buy.I am just too lazy to go to Ikea.Lagi lagi today public holiday.
Lil one woke up and said,"Are we going shopping today?" Aish anak daraku itu ada lah benda yang nak dibeli...sure shoes again!:)
I said," i am not too sure,daddy have things today"
Terus monyok mu…

Just pictures from memories



Sahur: Late...rushed made burgers and macaroni and cheese.
Sakit gigi.

update : 3.47pm
Sent some laundry to the cleaners,washed some and packing some for hubby to send to his cleaners.
Moved stuffs in the house so that it doesnt clutter our little space.Checked my bookshelves and rearrange some books.
Now watching Law and Order but my mind is thinking what to do next.Music is playing at the other part of the house.
Clothes what else is new need to be folded.urghh!!!

Told hubby to buy food for berbuka and sahur,i will masak nasi and goreng telur.Oh i need to do grocery shopping ,maybe weekend.

Well hubby earlier said,just get ready,not buying anything for berbuka today..lets makan luar.I was contemplating because I didnt want to be late for my workout session.But then again he said,teringin nak makan steak.Ok lah..ikut jugak.

Updated at 11.46pm...

14th and 15th

Sunday Sahur : little sista knocked on my door for quite sometime because we slept at about 3am..ha ha...
Everyone got up ,easily...had sahur berbagai bagai lauk and after sahur all went to suboh and slept after.
I practically slept the whole day and havent done that for a while.Woke up for prayers and slept back till lil one said to me "how come you slept so long"
Upon waking up finally mak said she wanted to go to Pasar Ramadhan so I got ready as well.
We finally went out ,mak,Little sister and my big sister's maid.Dari dalam kereta semua dok pesan to each other,sabar ye tengok food nanti..he he..
We did quite well without wanting to buy everything that we saw..ha ha
We went to giant after that to get our jamu's and they shopped a bit.
Arrived home at about 7.10 pm ,luckily big sister was home to set the table.We just had to hidang whatever that we bought .
Berbuka puasa with the whole family.
Alhamdulillah Lil one berpuasa penuh and seronok tengok dia berbuka with her cou…


Its passed midnight,I cannot sleep.I am feeling hungry suddenly,maybe can make nestum or oats.
Sahur : Nestum,Rice,Oats..we all had a mixture of that.
I have washed my laundry and dah sidai.
Saturday morning,after suboh ni I want to sleep.

We woke up at about before zuhur and right after that we proceeded to balik kampung.
The journey was wonderful.Rained nearly all the way.
Reached at about 6.30pm..lepak lepak ,showered all and waited for berbuka puasa

Buka puasa : with our guests from england at home.It was nice catching up with them.We took turn to pray as we didnt want to leave our guests unattended.
After sending them back to their hotel at 11pm,lil sister said she wanted to go for coffee so we accompanied her.I didnt drink any coffee because dah malam kan.

Reached home i ate again and then lepak with little sister till 3am..ha ha!! chit chat over everything ...


Sahur: Lil one had sahur in bed,mummy being very early and kesian tengok she cannot wake up from bed.
It was another story all together waking hubby up.Dekat 15 kali kejut bangun taknak bangun but then bangun buat terkejut..he he
Waiting for suboh and then i shall nap a bit before morning routine begins. Cleaning the house.So many things to recyle still.I wish i have help right now.Not that I cannot do it but for someone to do it for me when i dont have the mood would be nice.Hubby asked,"Do you really need one" i answered,"not really,I can do it just that when I dont feel like it the house will be in a mess...when i have the mood,it will be spotless"
Just hope they understand that sometimes I just dont have the mood.I am not a robot who cleans like no one's business.
But today i feel like cleaning.and yesterday too
Today berbuka at home.Hubby bought lauk.Ayam percik,asam pedas and some kuih muih.
Hubby is watching dvd,Lil one is drawing in her room.I shall get the t…


Its the 11th of ramadhan already.
Esok the 12th lil one's baju raya siap . Shall pick them up next week.Coz will be very busy this couple of days.. And weekend ni pun busy.

I don't plan to buy anymore stuffs for me as I have 2 pairs of baju raya already. Well maybe just shoes...we stopped shopping like we used to. This year baru I started tempah baju raya again. A few years back. I recycled my baju raya. He he
Just buying clothes for Lil one as she is growing and in need of new clothes.

Oh and about duit raya, this raya... Will give everyone equally. Cousins, anak sedara and friends kids,semua same amount.raya packets hubby belum dapat. I saw cute raya packets from Harrods haritu.. So cute.. Wondering if I should get some. Hmmm..
Kuih raya I've ordered some for mom, for friend down under Malaysia.. We're planning on visiting soon. Everything will be decided next week.

 Tadi as I was walking to recycle the stuffs ,met one of the ladies(neighbour) she asked me what…

Slow down...

We must learn to take a step back and enjoy life,every minute of it...
We rush thru things every part of the day where as we should just take it slow.
I am to be blame too but part of me always rushing things especially in the morning because I dont want them to be late for their things.I cannot just let them be late but i know its their responsibility to be ontime.
I must take a step back and just let them be,but can i do that?Errr...
Maybe towards the evening i can slow down but in the morning i know i have to always rush them...he he

When I google and read on stuffs like that I like because it reminded me of my childhood.Always playing after schoolNO Rush on anything.No stress over homework all the time but now a days,school is so stressful.I dont quite agree but still have to finish and settle homeworks first before anything else.
I trained lil one to finish her homework as soon as she comes home from school because after that is playtime!!Must play no matter how old you are.Play or dra…

10th and Books

I havent been reading lately.This morning after sahur,I looked into my bookshelves and found this two books.I am going to read it again and again.Books never fail to bore me.
Sahur : Lauk beli semalam,nasi panas,Teh o  and nestum

I went to the gym before buka puasa...alhamdulillah managed to sweat it out.


Watching tv while waiting Lil one to go to bed.


Sahur : Lauk semalam.
I had a dream last night about ayah. I hope he is in pink of health . Will call him later today.
Today I think I want to rearrange furniture . And sort out old clothes to be donated. Planning to buy some new clothes for us this raya but some old clothes must go. Hopefully I have the mood to sort lah. I feel like going to Ikea, will see if that happens today.Bulan puasa ni malas betul nak keluar siang hari. Weather is too hot. If it doesn't happen today will ajak hubby one of these days.

Yesterday chit chat with a good friend on bbm, long time never see her and haven't been to her new place since she moved. We've made plans for raya visiting. And I don't know when we're going to try buka puasa at one of our club.People said the spread is good. Aish. Macam macam nak buat, macam macam nak try.. Tapi just don't know when yet.
Ok,gotta go for my morning routine.

Updated at 1.54pm..I was cleaning and found this in my diary from the 80's...Lol...W…

8th ramadhan Sahur and Buka

Sahur : spinach soup, cod fish fingers,  and nasi panas. Sambal on the side.

I couldn't sleep because of the earlier ice blended so I just decided to get up and godek what's inside the fride/freezer.Now everything is ready, I shall go try and sleep and put my alarm for 5am.I didnt snoozed the alarm this morning.

I went to look for buka.Lil one chose her favourite again...roti jala

And this sayur is my favourite
This one my favourite

As I am uploading pictures on here i thought of these,we had these at batu feringghi during our trip haritu...Ya ALLAH sedapnya...

And I went on these for 50 minutes today.Alhamdulillah.Syukur.

Watching Law and Order now,Lil one have gone to bed.

Dream tonight...


Tips for myself

I was googling and found this.I am not sure if its a good idea,but i guess with all the food we have been eating for berbuka and sahur,this is a good try. http://www.essencepalace/
Takut baju raya tak muat nanti:)Must always perform propercrunches at least 3 times a week to train your abs. Day 7 berbuka : Yummy!!

Seldom nak makan at CB because its getting to be so mahal.Just that Lil one loves the pasta there.And she finishes her meal everytime so I guess,for her once or twice a month boleh lah.

These yummy ice blended,musnt drink often.Isk!!!

6th and 7th ....

Was on a saturday and Sunday today. Lil one fell sick yesterday.Lost her voice and coughing badly. I guess from the fasting and not enough water.But she said,at school,ramai yang tak sihat.ok.Understood.Just last month she had high fever,flu and cough and now again.Ok,tak apa lah,must get well quickly.
I am starting to clear the clutter.oh there are tonnes of laundry to sort.Aisey Man.Never ending la household duties.If only I could swoop them away and drop them at the laundry,I would be on cloud nine.But I know its a waste of money lah!!! Eventhough baju yang i dah basuh pun to send to the laundry to gosok is rm1.50 per piece.I'd rather pay me rm1.50 to gosok eventho i hate it so much! I love washing and hanging laundry but to gosok...helloooo....I dont like it one bit.
Where do i put all the containers of stuffs.I am sick watching it in the middle of the house but i dont have anywhere else to hide em.Sabar sabar.
Lil one have been watching movie on the ipad for ages.I will make her ge…


We went out to buka puasa.Alhamdulillah,journey from home to the city center wasnt jammed up.Sampai destination 45 minutes before berbuka time.We went browsing first ...Actually I didnt see anything for me.Entah,no interest.Yang I ada interest is just soo how?
Hmm...I cannot wait!Lil one tried clothes like we do...try this ,try that..want this want that..Hmmm a shopaholic wannabe?errkk especially at this shop
and also at ParksonGrand

5th Ramadhan and my favourite machine:)

This machine have been my bestfriend for nearly a year....The first time I tried exercising on this machine,I only lasted 2 minutes and semput after.And after vigorous everyday workout,I can last about 110 minutes on it.
On good days,i can do that...
On not so good days,i do it 60 minutes in the morning and 50 minutes in the evening.

 sahur : woke lil one up for sahur,mata tutup but then she saw the ipad..makan sambil tgk ipad.ok lah,asalkan makan...
I heated up the lauk hubby bought yesterday.Kejut hubby bangun,he menggeliat..aik..Lil one dah bangun,daddy belum lagi. Finally he woke up after a few minutes...

I have cleared the table and dishes are in the sink.Shall wash it when i get up to get ready.

It is 12 something.Hubby just mentioned if we are to follow him out berbuka outside today,we are to leave the house by 5 pm.Iyelah living in Kl,the traffic is horrendous,so we must get out early.
Lil one sure will be excited when she finds out later:)

I must get my butt up and fold my laundry.Hmm…