Sahur : nestum, nandos , beef sausages

As I was eating just now I thought about my arms exercise. I googled and found a perfext easy exercise for inner arms and back of the arms but as I was exercising yesterday I forgot about the back arm routine. LOL...I need to google again. It feels good you know to exercise. I just found my passion in it for about a year. Not to say that I never enrolled into a fitness center but that time it was mere wanting to join a fitness center because everybody else is doing it .what a waste of money but then a year ago I was determined to start exercising because my sisters and cousins are doing it. I felt that I needed to try again. And I found the cross trainer. That machine works well for me as it works the whole body and doesn't hurt my over the top problematic knee due to fall and all. I love the cross trainer and that machine have been my best friend eversince.Even typing this makes me wanna work out now.
Never have I ever imagined that I would love going to the gym.Never ever. Now I feel bad if I can't go twice a day.One time a day gym isn't enough.I always make sure I go twice a day.
I am lucky to say that the machine makes me feel healthier and full of stamina.
Must persuade hubby to start going to the gym with me.

Today I have a lot to do.Must continue spring cleaning the house.Must go collect raya cookies that I ordered.Must clean my kitchen. Must go tukar duit raya and get some sampul raya. Must sort Lil one's clothes to hand down. Must go cut my hair , do manicure and padicure.Must try and do all those stuffs today.

*well i havent do all those stuffs as above said*

10am - washing laundry.
nak kosongkan almari lil one.To choose which ones can give away,which can still use.

Cleaning the fridge

Its raining heavily.I managed to nap for half an hour just now.Gelapnya rumah,curtains closed,opus was on.Wow.Amazing what half an hour can do.
Lil one finished her homework.She's waiting for hubby to come back to teman her.I am heading to the gym in a bit.

Today hubby went to buy food for buka but the place was closed.Frustrated I because we get our sahur food from there as well.

Ok dokie,wanna get ready for gym.
Update later:)
 Went to the gym and hubby called saying,"siap cepat,nak berbuka luar today" lerrrr!!! Lagilah i bergyming because knowing kalau berbuka luar,sure I makan banyak..he he...
Exercised i guess cukup for berbuka...got home,got ready and he picked us up .Nasib tak jam ...sangat.
Arrived location,ordered food,Lil one was like,"when can we buka please" oh the "smell of the food" "oh the water looks so nice",it was just plain water ok?

alhamdulillah with yummy food.
After that we headed to the shopping center.Target in head to get myself a pair of shoes.Round punya round,jumpa satu yang berkenan di hati,alhamdulillah settle.Harga pun murah...he he .

Lil one was hanging with daddy.He was busy with his bb and she was busy with the ipad.haish!!! Apalah nak jadi zaman sekarang..thats how you bonding with each other ke?

We left and balik rumah settle everything and now I am still awake.


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