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Done book two

Book two done on to book #3

As I am sitting down with hubby watcSpinach and Shrimp Salad (serves 4):
For vinaigrette dressing:

½ c. fresh lemon juice 2 minced garlic cloves 1 tbs. Dijon mustard 1 tbs. virgin olive oil 2 tbs. chopped parsley 1 tbs. chopped oregano ½ tsp. crushed fennel seeds 2 tbs. water 1 tsp. salt ¼ tsp. crushed red pepper
For the salad, combine:

8 c. baby spinach leaves 2 tbs. shredded fresh basil 1 lb. medium cooked and peeled shrimp 1/3 c. grated parmesan ½ c. thinly sliced red onion hing him do his work before going to work, i googled and I found this. I must put it in the list to try

I put it here in my blog so that I can remember the ingredients when I need to go buy groceries.

Yesterday I went to the Apple shop to enquire about prices of the mac book.Got the answers and now start saving.I found also "monster" that I like they have it in different colors..Saving up for that too

Today I am going to rest at home

The weather doesnt permit me to wash laund…

gloomy weather

Supervising Lil one doing her homework,from afar...he he..while she is doing homework,i am googling and youtubing.
Been youtubing since morning ,watching at funny stuffs to hilangkan my down mood since morning.
Feeling better.Now sleepy coz the weather is so gloomy

Final exams are coming soon and by Monday she have to start revisioning.
Playdates and book shopping is put on hold.

I just had a long talk to her about buying books.She wants to buy everytime we go to the mall.I told her that she need to save up her money sampai rm200 and then she can buy one book.

See how that turn out to be ok.

I rasa nak pengsan everytime keluar nak beli story book.
The books she wants dekat library tak ada, and tak cantik.Can like that?
Well I am actually like that too.But I am just a once a while buyer lately.
Havent bought anything else since fifty  shades of Grey:) itupun baru start book one..belum ada masa yang sesuai nak baca...

H o l i d a y

I want to go on a holiday again.

Been googling a lot since we got back from our
getaway haritu

Local holiday
Legoland Malaysia
Pulau Redang
Pulau Perhentian

Not local
It would be so romantic to be in Paris.To sit at the parisien cafe.Drinking coffee and having   hot yummy winter.Ahhh,bliss!!

end of getaway.....planning on the next one

Holiday ends today while we're packing to leave.
Its been a quiet and calm holiday,we managed to destress and feel as new.alhamdulillah.
So we go home in a wonderfull state of mind,feeling refreshed and bonded

we shall now plan for our next getaway.

Hubby said lets go for lil one's getaway next so we shall google and plan as below

Semoga harapan dan cita cita tercapai.
Want to enjoy Disneyland selagi lutut ni allow.Sebenarnya not only for Lil one,for makbapak Lil one jugak:)


our getaway

holidayits a good freaking feeling to be on holiday.No need to make bed,no need to cook breakfast,no need to wash laundry,get where I am heading?

we were spoilt with excellent services from the resort's staff.Well worth for what we paid for.

First time at a ytl owned resort,we're a happy camper.
Everyone from their bellboy,concierge,front office,servers at the restaurants,housekeepers,masseus,all of them were well trained and everyone speaks Englih.I guess their guests often covered foreigners thats why I can hear even among themselves they speak english.

We made friends with some of them.We asked them where they were from,mostly locals and when they hear that we were from Kl,they were in awe,they want to live in Kl and we said,'no you dont' .Who wants to live in Kl with all the hustle and bustle of traffic every morning,noon + Evening?We if can want to get away into the jungles like in tjr
We made a conclusion to jungle feeling,we love it.
The quietness and peaceful feelin…


breakaway -satisfied- awesome experience

Break Away

I hope this break away will be uplifting.
To feel the breeze + to hear the sound of waves,its gonna make me feel relax and at peace.

I know I havent been updating my blog.
Been busy and nothing to update.
I know I should make it a habit to post once a day,just to make it lively.