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Tuesday before xmas

I am sitting here while waiting for lil one to finish her class,I feel like I am overseas... Haha..ya with the music and all....Today shall see the buying of Text books for 2011. fast the holidays are coming to an end...
Not that we r celebrating Xmas but love the feeling when we went into pave and gardens yesterday....beAutiful decor and set up...if only we're out of the country celebrating with snow,how nice hmmmmmm

missing this


happy birthday to me

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Age is a number and mine is unlisted.... he he
This morning  I woke up with birthday wishes and kisses from both Lil one and hubby:)
We got ready and went out for breakfast.
Did some banking and Lil one said she wanted to get me something from the party shop ,I asked her how she's going to pay for it and she said ith mummy's money first LOL

We got home and the baloon she bought men her room!!! ha ha
She's just watching her faourite Hnnah montana dvd and nw I'm clearing my kitchen...Heh!! No time off even for the birthday girl...

Okdokies, nothin much to write about just that I am thankful and blessed with good health,love surrounding ME. Syukur pada ALLAH with every xperience that I have gone thru for all these years:)

beach life

I love the viefrom the place  I sat...having our lunch and dinner...amazing feeling just simply looking at the beach.Oooo How I cn live my life by the beach..Ooo and how Lil one will love being able to swim at any time of the day.Ooo ok i can dream right?hmmm

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On monday baru ni we headed to kuantan for our getaway... Upon arrival at the hotel.. We checked in but felt quite dissapointed because the hotel was so run down..takapa lagi.. Then after dinner that night,hubby said he'll take us round round kuantan... Reached hyatt and we turun, see the place..went to check out the rates. The hotel reminds me of krabi . I love it. After that we drove back to our hotel and slept the night away. Woke up the next morning, hubby took lil one down to the beach and I proceeded to checkout. Heehee.. We packed and left for hyatt.. I felt so peaceful there. The quietness,the tranquility,the soothing feeling of what a getaway should be..we enjoyed another 2 nights at hyatt and hubbyy and I vowed that we're gonna make this a yearly trip.

To be continued tomorrow,goodnight

beach getaway

just finished dinner by the beach,i simply love hearing the waves...the smell of sea. but amazing eh with technology now a days, lil one is with her ds,hubby with his bb and me with his ipad... experiencing the beach but with our gadgets intact,lol

now we're heading for coffee just a few steps away.....
At the mamak shop waiting for neice to come and pick up some hand me downs clothes. Lil one's small dresses. I have eaten my brunch.Lil one is at class with daddy.
Weather is nice.I am hoping it will rain again today..

Later on lil one will be going to another trial class. Hope this time the class will bring us joy and no pain in the ***
The class before charged ridiculously. Blergh

Later on will just relax santai at home. Might take lil one swimming.. Weather is too nice

been a while

Its been a while since I updated my blog. It has been a very hectic holiday..lil one with all kinds of activities..yesterday was the best. She had mengaji and then swimming session. A blast of a time swimming at a friends condo with slides and all.. Amazing..its like being in a resort itself. After that we went to dinner. Cousin in law invited us to celebrate his wife's birthday. I love it when there's little children..the ambience was different. We all ate and ate and had a good time chatting as well.

Today lil one have trial classes.

I am going to buy me a present. Will do that later.cannot wait!!

Soon my birthday will be here..we might go out for dinner or just stay in,I am not sure. I feel like having a bbq session but by then lil kazen will be in confinement.hmm we will see how.
And I can't wait to go for our beach break.hope that will make lil one the happiest lil girl.