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This morning I woke up feeling chirpy but after trying to get them both up,ayoyo susahnya...So I finished doing laundry,did the dishes still they're still snoring away.

Need to go feed the cats and my Lil sister's place coz she went on vacation.Amboi syoknya Bulan January dah pergi vacation.

I need to go show some telekungs to potential buyers too.
And then nak melayan Lil one on a Sunday ...Most prolly a playdate not sure yet.

Bangunlah intan payungku yang tua n yang kecik Pleaseeeee
As usual our Routine Saturday morning...We rushed because last night we got in late...Lil one didnt want to get up.Making a big fat fuss ...but she knows she cant miss this class coz her exams are coming very soon.
Sent her to class,her face was so not in the mood...
I am having my breakfast while hubby has gone for a meeting wx people down under.

Today I found out that one of my childhood friend is pregnant.I am so happy and glad for her.
Text mom about it and mom asked me,"How come mak punya cucu tak bertambah?" Kesian pulak dengar mom said that...

I am enjoying the thunder and rain.Angin kuatnya,Syukur Alhamdulillah
Woke up very late today.I guess because of the pain killer I took in last night.Sakitnya gigi.
I am cooking right now.
Easy peasy food today coz its Friday:)

Happy Birthday to Atok

We had these for Dessert last night.At the birthday Dinner we had at gramps.My Aunt's Mother in Law made it.Sedapnyaaaaa
Just woke up from a nap and helped LiL one with her hw.
She's still doing some ,told her to finish off so that the weekend would be free to play and enjoy herself:)

Will see if she finishes on time,will take her down to play.
We will see
I woke up with a foul mood.I wonder why is this hormonal thingy disturbing me every month.I dont like feeling like this.
I need to find a cure for this is getting worse every month.I wonder what my Dr would say.Should I go on something to make me less hormonal?I will have to make an appointment to see my Gynae.

The aircon people came to look at our aircon.It needs servicing so we will have to make an appointment for it.Hopefully before the CNY.

Talking about CNY,I wish that we can go to Singapore but the timing is not right.I have a gathering with my old working friends.We try and meet up during the Chinese New Year where everyone goes back kampung to makan besar.I ni aje sibuk jugak makan besar like everyday Makan Besar:)

Went out with Mak and big sissie...Mom shopped today.Usually she'll go shopping and say,I'll think about it first but today she shopped:)

They went for lunch and I came home.
I need to clean and declutter but so not in the mood to do that.


Hubby and I went breakfast this morning before he sent me to my kakak's house.Lepaked with my kakak and mom for a while before my kakak sent me home.

At home,I rushed doing housework and nak masak for Lil one later .

Tonight we're having dinner out so dont have to cook for dinner.

I have 2 big boxes that I need to dejunk but I dont have time today.
I might just do it tomorrow coz oNce I start taking things out from there,I need to settle it all quickly.

Weather is nice.I think its going to rain.
Here are out teddies yang belum shower...These are collections since Year 2000...Hmm Nak cari proper storage coz sayang lah nak buang..
This morning after breakfast hubby said nak ke Epf ...nak check duit..hmm and then he said,no needlah nak cepat pulak.Ok ,so we came home he went in for his shower and I buat kerja rumah as usual.
Today I feel tired and a lil grumpy.Banyaknya baju nak lipat..aiseyman

Took out Ikan Merah.Want to make soup Ikan today.

The lil teddies that I've washed since the past 2 days are drying up already and back into storage it goes...or maybe some can go on Lil one's bed..

Thats about it today.


The telekung I have for sale.I belum set up a blog specifically for the telekung.So to my readers,kalau ada yang berkenan di hati..silalah contact me to purchase:)

Harganya Rm 105 sebelum masuk postage.

I am my Lil one's supir and pembantu ,heh!!
Inilah pengorbanan seorang Ibu...
Do it with lots of love...Yep!!

A shower:)

Lil one got these soft toys in Disneyland Paris.

I found them in one of the boxes yang sedang I sort out.

In the washing machine they went and now they're smelling nice.
This room would be nice for Lil one. We are trying to redo her room.Donna whats gonna happen,how its going to look like..We are still on a planning level:) Best betul kalau dapat bilik macam ni ,sure dia tak keluar bilik..he he

People looking...

Today I encountered with people surrounding me yang I want to evaluate a little bit on.
We are sitting down at a cafe for breakfast and the people next to our table ni was talking so loudly without realising that they are in a public place.
How can people do that really?Have la some manners.

And I can see kids running about...These kids ada sekolah ganti ke tak?
They're running from their school to the playground nearby.

What are they doing?Who is monitoring them?
What if anything bad happen to them?Who are the parents gonna put the blame on?

These kids I saw are about 10 ish and above.My goodness...

Entahlah I still believe parents are accountable for their kids actions.They're supposed to be more responsible lah.Hish


J'ai peut-être un peu dramatique ... mais son mon drameJ'ai trouvé quelques nouveaux amis à travers les blogsJ'ai donné à quelqu'un un conseiller que je me suis donnéJe veux être une meilleure personne et j'essaie de ne pas parler mal de people.I veux être le genre de personne que les gens regardent trop ...Je suis confronté à une situation où son dur mais je sais que je vais up stand de hauteur et être forte pour mon mari
Settled my obligatory duties.
Cleaned up a lil bit of stuffs in the kitchen just now.

Weather is too nice to waste but today is a busy day.

Its not easy...

It is not easy.Being financially tight.
I am not proud to say ,today I burst.
I know I made someone felt so bad today but today I couldnt take it anymore.

I know its easier for some to say sabar lah...this is your dugaan...I get that but to be on the side where you are facing all those I cant do that because no money,I cant do this because no money,I cant go out because no money ,I cant go eat out because no money.Its not easy.

Ya ALLAH let me be strong in this minute and hour.Its hard but I acccept it GOD because this is my test.

I dont dream anymore.Because I cannot afford to dream.I cannot afford to even plan whats going to happen ...I dont know.This is how I feel today.

Its not easy but I have to put up a brave front for the sake of my husband's sanity.
I have to do this for our sake.
Going to bed now.I love bloghop to read...I enjoy other people's experience and all.What is good sometimes I take and test on myself.
For this past couple of days I've been inspired by a tv channe about hoarders.I've inspired to dejunk and clean my house:)I'm so happy to see the outcome.Yay.
Goodnight my blog.

Last nights dinner

Last nights dinner Lamb And the salad my oldest nephew did..he's turning 14 by the way and gambar ketiga tu...tengah dating dengan hubby kat luar rumah,menikamti angin sepoi sepoi bahasa

Having breafast with hubby.We looked for place that have wifi..he he
Weather is too nice to stay up .
Do comment and share ideas when you happen to visit my blog:)
My lil niece wanted "nak slide nak slide" nak "saw" nak "saw" It was really hot just now so I just took her on the seesaw:) Now its raining heavily.I tried changing my curtains just now but kaki dah sakit so told Lil one to tell her daddy that I needed help..hee hee.. Sure hubby I kata..."ler takkan curtain pun nak tunggu I jugak" He knows la his wife ni very the manja ...he he he and persuasive too.
We're having lamb tonight at big sister's house. Later bloggie

Monday 3rd week of school

Monday Morning...Kelam kelibut sikit because hubby leceh sikit nak bangun pagi tadi.Well my Lil one banyaknya ikut perangai hubby when it comes to sleep topic...They can enjoy their sleep like nobody's business...

Suara ingat nak tinggi dah pagi pagi but remembered to istighfar banyak banyak.

Luckily got to school in time.
After that headed to Big sister's house ,had breakfast Briyani from Singapore..yummy,Brother in Law bawak balik malam tadi..sedap sungguh kambingnya,lembut ,senang nak makan.

Helped her bibik with the packing of her boxes and then left for home

Kat rumah,housechores tak banyak nak buat so blog dulu,fb dulu,tweet dulu..he he he

Gonna mop the house a little bit later.

Mom just texted me saying Grandmummy nak belanja lunch.So happy to see them later.

Nanti I take pictures of food k

At Lil sister's house

Spent time at Lil sister's house and had a great time,Ayah buka topic about Life and Death.And we sisters listened with full undivided attention.

I asked him a question just now about having normal conversation with hubby about something to do with our life and downhill in life practically...Financially I mean...He gave me a very good advise and I am thankful that I brought the matter up.

Now MoM,bIg sister and LiL sister have gone out.
I dah mengemas sikit and going back in a bit.

Lil one and her Cousin Abg A is watching tv,entah apa apa they are watching and here I am the garang mom and aunt telling them to change the channel..
Will blog later tonight


Breatfast planned for 10.30 am but Ayah ,Mak and Lil sister & Mummy came a bit late.We ate first coz so lapar.

After that we went our seperate ways.And promised to meet up at Lil sister's house for lepak session.

I'm waiting for hubby to pick me up.
A very quiet day.
Lil sister called from kampung saying that Jenazah tadi dah dikebumikan sebelum aja masuk waktu Zohor.
Mom ,Dad,Lil sista and the rest of the clan is there ,still there.
The reason I am not there is because hubby is there on urusan kerja.
So he wakilkan I ,pergi melawat my cousins over there.


I cant seem to do anything today.With a heavy heart I try .I am sad but I have to be strong.I am recalling my Arwah Mak Uda's influence in my life.My childhood.I had good memories of her.I am going to miss her eventhough as we got older we seldom saw her. I snap a photo of my dad's brothers and sisters at My uncle and aunty's house during raya.I also met my Arwah Mak Uda at the hospital when she lost her granddaughter on Dec 4th.That was the last time I met her.That was the time I hugged her tight,I salam and cium tangan dia. I am lost for words.

We lost our Aunt today

Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun We lost our Aunty today.She was diagnosed with Cancer Stage 1 last 3 weeks.And she succumbed to the deadliest disease in just 3 weeks. Al Fatihah She was my Makuda that I grew up with. She was the best of an Aunt anyone could ask for She is now in peace She was my dad's sister.And as I'm typing this I'm crying.Feeling so helpless and sad. Semoga Rohnya dicucuri dengan rahmat ALLAH To 5 of my cousins and their spouses and children I pray that you all be strong during this difficult time. ALFATIHAH

Migraine -cRamp

Hmmm I thought I tidur salah side yesterday but as soon as I got up I can feel the throbbing pain in my head..Oh no!!!Plus I'm having this cramp ,sakitnya.
Nap for about an hour tadi,ate something and ate ubat and nap.Woke up feeling a little better .Still there the pain.
Today no housework.Luckily yesterday i cleaned n decluttered the front portion of the house so today not so bad.


So sad...

I am going to bed with a heavy heart.
My Aunt is very sick in the kampung.I asked for prayers for her.My parents are there with my Lil sis.Due to unforseen circumstances I am not able to travel down.Hubby banyak urusan.
My Aunt she's in my thoughts and prayers.

My kakak is travelling there tomorrow morning.

Since I found out about my Aunt,my heart skipped a beat.I feel restless.
The childhood memories off her came back flooding my mind,my heart and soul.

Ya ALLAH aku memohon padamu kuatkan lah aku dalam segala apa yang ku rasai ini.
Early morning run to the postoffice,breakfast with hubby.Then we came home,i started cleaning,what else is new heh!!
Dah masak nasi..lauk tadi dah beli..he he

now waiting to eat .
After that nak declutter
Homework done, Lil one is doing her revision.Sambil munching....hmm
I want to clean up but lets settle Lil one with her revision first.
This morning hubby teman me makan yong tau foo.I believe its a healthy breakfast and hubby thinks so too.After that we came home.Hubby got ready for work and I started cleaning.
Sambil cleaning,dreaming pun ada...

I switched on the Quran citing reading .Makes us feels so near to GOD.

I was also designing my branding..hmm tak taulah bila nak siap.
Its a Sunday night hubby and I watched American Idol Season 9 yet again...he he
Lil one had a great Sunday ,Played with her cousins on an outing.After that sambung with fizikal activity at my kakak's house.
Balik tadi ingat nak tapau food but the place we went to was full so we headed to PappaRich.
Makan sekejap and then balik.Settled Lil one into bed and hubby and I spent some quality time with the idiot box:D
Esok nak outing with my kakak.Nak pergi cari barang.Dunno jadi ke tak,most prolly jadi
Salam...Morning Sunday Morning ...
To maklang and Mum & Roses,if you happen to read this post,do you mind giving me your email address?:)
Adalah sikit promotion...Starting to sell something but belum ada official blog for that.Thank you:)

Going out today .Spending quality time wx hubby and Lil one.Usually that is spent by letting Lil one chooses what she wants to do for the day..
So we will see if thats gonna happen today
Woke up this morning and read my fb inbox...great to hear from kazens...
Woke Lil one up for ballet lessons.
Hubby and I went for breakfast and then hubby is sending us home.He is visiting his friend in the hospital.After that he'll be picking us up and send Lil one to dance class...

Saturday filled with dance class
Went out to Klcc this evening.Went to browse thru Ipod touch.Dah nak beli dah tadi then told the salesgirls I'll think about it and will come back again.So when we're about to go down the escalator,saw this Crumpler store.Lil one and I went in and a pink bag caught her attention.I was looking for my dslr bag.ada but the new stocks are coming in in 2 weeks time so I told the salesgirl,I'll be coming back in 2 weeks then.

Went to eat and then headed home.Arrived home we hung out at the lobby and tweeting and harvesting:D
Hubby geleng aje kepala coz Mom and Lil one berebut Laptop..ha ha

5th day

Friday...Last day of school for the first week of schooling week.Wuishhhh penatnya I.
All extra curricular classes have started. Tutoring too.In fact dancing and ballet lessons too.
This year is going to be funfilled with dancing rehearsals for an upcoming show...extra ballet lessons for the upcoming ballet exam in May most probably
Swimming as physical activity..She wants to pick up golf but hubby not too keen so most likely she'll pick up Tennis.We will see how she survives this first month of schooling.

I have just mopped my kitchen,living room and Lil one's room. I had an early lunch just now before all the mopping:D Now I'm going to go lie down and enjoy some tv time for a while

3rd Day...

This morning masa nak wake Lil one up,payah sikit because malam tadi ada farewel dinner.But luckily Lil one didnt make such a big fuss.On the way to school boleh tidur balik..Ha ha..Habis baju dah keromot. After that went for breakfast with hubby.Zaman sekarang breakfast tak ada lah nak jumpa harga less than rm10 kan...Mahal lah segala galanya. Look at the picture above...That is my sister's new netbook.comel aje... I pun sudah ada teringin mau beli...he he:)Tak apa,save duit dulu. Nak beli Ipod Touch dulu.

2nd day

Second day of school...Bought a few more books today and masih ada jugak yang tak ada stock so tak apalah tunggu dulu.
After that I made hubby drive me to to makan yongtaufoo:) Pergi post office lepas tu posted some package for Lil one's bestfriend in Kemaman..
Lepas tu ran errands did some other banking ,some registration.

Then I got back home,got online for a while and then felt so sleepy so I baring on the sofa tak tau apa program kat tv,terus lentok.I think for about 45minutes.

Ni dah bangun because dengar sms masuk tadi.
Harini malas nak masak lah.Nanti bawak Lil one tapau something later.

Tonight we're going to gramps ada farewell dinner:)

Happy New Years 2010...

Celebrated at Kv...Best...Our theme was red.
Seronoknya because most of us were in Red...Balloons red too...

Other bloggers talk about resolutions but I guess my topic today wont be on that.
Just that I hope to be a better Muslim as year goes by.