Its not easy...

It is not easy.Being financially tight.
I am not proud to say ,today I burst.
I know I made someone felt so bad today but today I couldnt take it anymore.

I know its easier for some to say sabar lah...this is your dugaan...I get that but to be on the side where you are facing all those I cant do that because no money,I cant do this because no money,I cant go out because no money ,I cant go eat out because no money.Its not easy.

Ya ALLAH let me be strong in this minute and hour.Its hard but I acccept it GOD because this is my test.

I dont dream anymore.Because I cannot afford to dream.I cannot afford to even plan whats going to happen ...I dont know.This is how I feel today.

Its not easy but I have to put up a brave front for the sake of my husband's sanity.
I have to do this for our sake.


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