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Woke up at 4 something because I had a bad bad dream...
Then I couldnt sleep again.
Waited to get the lil one up and she didnt want to get up .She made it harder for me...
But I managed to get her out of the house in time.
After that I straight went to parents house.Bought breakfast for them...
Hung out with them there for a bit before leaving Ayah alone and took mak out for shopping. Went to my sisters house and she drove us there,thank god for that...
We shopped,we browsed the shops.We got what we were looking for ...then we got back home and relax for a bit and then went out again after zohor.
Went to this shop in Tmn Tun and got a few stuffs ..
After that we went to Secret Recipe because nephew number one was hungry...He lost his pocket money in school today and when he told his mom,he got a very long lecture...
After that sister and I went to pick up lil one and 2 other nephews.
She drove home and I immediately told lil one to get in the car.
We arrived home and I am feeling so exhausted.…

Monday Blues

This morning hubby and I settled a few things after our yong tau foo breakfast...
I simply love the service at the post office in Bangsar.They're fast and always service with a smile.
After that we went to the market, bought veges and beef to cook.Got back home,I tried to clean,fold ,wash,cook...but ended up at the dining table with the lappy on:)
Ha ha ...I'll start in half an hours .

Weather is nice outside.
Happy Birthday Brother In Law..
Woke up very early.Getting ready to go for our course.Hubby and the lil one is still sleeping.Oh my what a hassle waking them up in the morning.If only I can sleep like them...hmmm...

Earth Hour...

By 8pm we switch off the lights and our house were in darkness for 3 and a half hours...We went to look for a place to have our dinner.We saw some shops had banners up "Earth Hour" Switching the lights off at 8.30pm..Lil one was so excited to see those banners.
And when 8.30 come the restaurant that we were having our dinner didnt switch off the lights,she got upset.She said"How come"...Why not everyone ?Why only some people?

Went to pick up the cake after that...Awesome it is:)

After that we went to see Mom and Dad at Sisters house.
Hung out for a bit and then we had to leave because we have something on early tomorrow morning.

Now is 00.13 and I'm sleepy.
Hubby is watching American Idol repeat.

Goodnight my blog!

One great Saturday....

After dancing class, we headed for the planned playdate...
Lil one made plans with her classmates..And then also with her cousins..extended cousins:)
They had a great great time...
Us mommies,aunties and hubby hung out at the cafe..relaxing,chatting,eating,

We came home at about 5pm plus.So the kids had fun for more than 5 hours.

Now we're just relaxing at home before going out for dinner and pick up the birthday cake for tomorrow...


I woke up very early for a Saturday morning.
Let the cat out and the the lil one got up and played with the cat while hubby dear snoring away
The lil one had nestum for breakfast and I had my mug of nescafe.

Just lazing around before jumping into the shower.

Feeling relaxed now

I have 2 scented candles burning .One in the toilet and one in the kitchen.My house smells so good right now:)
I am just lying down on the floor surfing the net...Taking my mind off negative things.
If only there's an oncall Massuer...that would be nice:)

Friday hopefully blessed...

I am trying to put someone's rudeness to the back of my head .But I cant just do that before arguing first.I feel that I have to say something because we live in a world that should make us happy and respect others.But why do I have to feel like this?
Its so hard to see that my hubby is facing this all alone.Why is he not showing any remorse towards the people most important to him growing up?
And how can that person just ignore the lil brother like this?

Ook I have to divert my anger to a positive thoughts.I dont like to have grudges over people.I dont judge people but sometimes people just dont get it dont they?
Ok I am going to do my housework now...have a cup of nescafe along the way.
The view .Its raining and I love rain...
Today I feel like s**t...I dunno I'm just angry today. Right now I look like s**t...
hmmm...Sitting down having my morning coffee in my kitchen while surfing,I am not thinking of doing anything today.I dont like this feeling but I have to bear with it because it is me...Every month a woman will go thru this phase or not.
Like I explained to my sister yesterday ,when you dont experience PMS'ing,You wont know how it feels.I hate this feeling.

Apart from that I am just going to relax at home today.

Makaroni & Cheese,Cream Caramel and Curry Puff

Do you know how immune my nose gets when I cook Macaroni & Cheese? If its up to the lil one,she can have Macaroni & Cheese for breakfast ,lunch and dinner...:)
I just made that for her and she's enjoying it (dinner) and doing multiplication worksheets.
She's starting to get the hang of the multiplication.A lil on the slower side but hey I'm not worried about that at all...Just so that she finds it interesting to learn and wanting to do worksheets on her own account.Those worksheets I printed from a very interesting website I found.

When she got back from school today she had Nasi Lemak with egg.

I have Cream Caramel in my fridge.Ordered it from my GreatAunt..She does the best of Cream Caramel and Curry Puff.

I am going to hang a load of laundry .Yeah school uniform and my clothings from the day usage.
Its raining heavily and I am loving it.

Well I'm back writing ...

The bond I share with my sisters and parents

Today my sister and I emailed each other about my current situation.
I explained a lil bit more to her so that she understands the situation clearly.
The downfall we're facing...this is a bad time for us.Financially.
But we redha,insya ALLAH.
This is a phase that we have to go through.
This flower .
I loved this flower so much when I was about 5 years old.Everyday after I finish class at kindy,I'll pick up these flowers to bring home.

Last Sunday,lil one picked a bunch of these flowers for me..
It reminded me of my sweet childhood memories
counting days....this morning I managed to get so much done.Its easier when I drive myself..ha ha.Sorry hubbs...not that I dont like when we drive out in the morning together but time wasted dont you think so??
Sunday Morning: I woke up early as usual.Hubby and the lil one is still snoring away at 9.28am.
They're just simply lazy ..
Another day to the start of school...urrghhh I'm too lazy to start with the routine yet again.

Kampung Air

I love it when we come home to my kampung...Its like those days...the feeling,environment...And that is what I try to instill in the lil one.To feel how I felt growing up here.And as to say this is the only kampung she has.

Right now she's lepas-ing her geram playing with her gameboy...Right smack on my bed...She is just like a shadow since we arrived last night.


It is Tuesday evening ,I am at my sister's house.Sitting at the kitchen table with sisters and nephews.They're watching Patch Adams.

I am waiting for hubby to come and pick me up.Need to go somewhere with him.
I havent been updating this blog because I have been busy for this past 3 weeks.

Its been a while.

Our lives took a turn for the worse and here we are recovering .

2days after the move

Its been a while since I last updated this blog with stories...
We have been busy with the move and all..
The lil one had a fun of a lifetime with all the things in her room.She's been sleeping without force for 2 nights.Bedtime is bedtime..
For hubby and me we are exhausted .Every inch of our body is aching and we can feel that our bones are cracking.Ok we are too old for this...

Nevermind we keep telling each other that this is a step we have to take.This is part of life and I am so proud of him because he made up our masterbedrrom to be as cosy at it can be.He even stacked up my books on the shelves that he had clean

Now we are waiting for Mak and Ayah and also sister .We are having breakfast at a place we usually come with families.

I will update with pictures later