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This morning i woke up missing Paris. The best part is i guess is because we were talking about holidays. End of the year is nearing Plans are in works. Bestnya!!!!
Cannot imagine the joy of stepping out of thr aeroplane again. The journey. Ahh bliss
Okdoki. Today is Sunday. Melayan kerenah anak on a weekend


I love mornings.
I wake up at 5 every morning to have time for me. Its my time.
Dont like rushing in the mornings.

And mornings i love to have breakfast with hubby
This is the time when we share our heart. Be it discussing or planning about life or talk about lil tween
Or just sit quietly :)


Havent found the solution to laundry. Isk. Fedup. Heh!!

priorities and typical mentalities

Had a spur of the moment conversation yesterday.
Our culture's lifestyle 
And My stand on family values.
A father should be at home spending time with his kids after working hours. He should be able to sit down with kids before they go to bed. Talk and have a conversation. Not sit down and play with his gadget. That is not quality time. He should be able to understand what his kids are.
Not leave everything to a mother.
Yes of course mothers naturally will do all that without being told.
Parenting is a two persons job Not only for mothers.
I like how overseas most people finish work by 5pm. Then they go home and spend time with their family.whereas here the style is "go discussion" style. mamaks are at every corner of a building and they open till late. so how?

 Families should Spend time cooking and prepare dinner. Dinners should be sit down at dining table as a family. Not at the mamak shop.

After dinner take part together to clean up.Not always expecting …

missing the holidays

As usual after we come back from holidays we misses the latest destination.
Last week i went luggage shopping for our next trip
While browsing i checked the long john's as well.
There are a few new kinds and i thought might buy some for the next travels.
I love that feeling
Also waiting for uniqlo winter  clothing seasons to buy some as well.
ahhh i love that feeling
the travelling feeling the preparing before .love it
ok going to start my tuesday now.

books galore

I bought three books today yipeeee

everyday experiences.

Yesterday while waiting for hubby to come back from work I cleaned. i like the after feeling felt so satisfied and contended .
Lil tween asked me about OCD yesterday. asked her back where she heard it from From school she said. the topic came up because there was a boy with OCD tendencies.
I explained to her what its all about . At the same thinking oh my she is growing with all that she is experiencing and to be asking questions like that. And also acknowledging she is not OCD at all We laughed and had fun discussing the topic.
last night after dinner a friend called me up. we talked mostly about our kids. where they're heading in life and what they're up too. its fun to see how they are adapting to new things in life. it also made us realize that clock is ticking. we are calmer at this age. life did passed us by. we are wiser at this age. We know what is right and wrong way  We are grownups after all.
this morning on a beautiful saturday morning i am up and about. fed the ca…

pressure parenting

I always have to watch what I say.
used to be so blunt and forward.
this is my take on parents who are kiasu and kiasi.
i was sitting with a friend , suddenly she said...
" many kiasu parents now a sitting for exams,parents are waiting outside the hall"

What is happening to these kind of parents?
These are my generation tau.
I feel so not at ease that parents yang seem to berlumba to see that their child score the best.
whatever for you become parents like that.
if that is the case, why dont you go and study and compete with your age group.

its not about what your child score .
its about you being there competing.
i will never understand these type of parenting.

its about time you let go.
let your child enjoy schooling.
why want to pressure your child like that?
I for one am not the "norm" parent.

i let my child be a child.
no pressure from me.
main thing my child will have childhood memories.
not remembering the unwanted stress and pressure.

bringing memories back..

Today I will write about my childhood.
DAd taught us to always bersyukur with what we have and to always give back.
 Hubby and I do try to teach that to our lil tween.  To always remember that in this life there will always be someone in dire need. To always open our eyes to see that life doesn't revolves around us only.
 I enjoyed my childhood very much. As we were always on the go. Here there and everywhere. Its always about spending quality time with the family.
Dad will take us to balik kampung...enjoying every minute of it, ohh tell me about the long drive. From north to further north....from north to south furthest south. We enjoyed every moment of it. Being in a car in those long journeys There's always a leason or two in all our journeys. To experienced the lombong visits. Amazing.
And to have that weekend getaway on a bus to visit orphanages...spectacular lessons I had  There I learnt about kids without parents . I always cried looking at them.  Always sympathetic.  W…


After travelling for so many years and times  I learned how to appreciate simple living. I go to countries and see how people live.  How they design their homes.
I come home feeling inspired and start digging my closet and storage area to minimize it. I am well in decluttering mode now Yippee.
I love the part where I am excited to minimise our stuff. Life is all about not hoarding junks. To some it maybe junks but to me...its also sentimental value.
Ok I am going to continue cleaning. Note to self. Less is more

unpack to pack

TOday is the day I clean and wash.
I washed some clothes from the holiday set
Am going to unpack the winter clothings from my vacuum pack and see what need to be washed and pack it all up again for the next winter holidays.
I guess after travelling only in winter season made us have enough winter clothings for the next few years...
I am a happy trooper:)

I have put aside all new clothings with tags still intact on the side.
As soon as I go through the old set of clothes once again I will organise the new set into the wardrobe.

Love this feeling

after holiday

I woke up so early on a sunday.
Today I am going to clear my luggages.2 done one to go.
I think I cannot wash laundry now as we are using water from the tank supply.
I will wait .
Souvenirs for my parents and sisters are out of the bag.
I shall clean today.