bringing memories back..

Today I will write about my childhood.

DAd taught us to always bersyukur with what we have and to always give back.

 Hubby and I do try to teach that to our lil tween.
 To always remember that in this life there will always be someone in dire need. To always open our eyes to see that life doesn't revolves around us only.

 I enjoyed my childhood very much.
As we were always on the go.
Here there and everywhere.
Its always about spending quality time with the family.

Dad will take us to balik kampung...enjoying every minute of it, ohh tell me about the long drive. From north to further north....from north to south furthest south.
We enjoyed every moment of it. Being in a car in those long journeys
There's always a leason or two in all our journeys.
To experienced the lombong visits. Amazing.

And to have that weekend getaway on a bus to visit orphanages...spectacular lessons I had 
There I learnt about kids without parents .
I always cried looking at them. 
Always sympathetic. 
We always bring them something to make then smile.
A little thought goes a long way.

 To my parents, thank you mak and ayah for making my life such a colourful one.
Both you taught us some valuable lessons that I will appreciate it forever.

I hope to keep on instilling these good habits and virtues to lil tween forever.

Alhamdulillah syukur.

Because my parents introduced me to books since I was young, my mind wanders...because my parents took us everywhere here and there, I love to travel.
Hence the title of my blog.

And my parents are my avid listeners when i come back from my travels. They always lit up when i start telling them my experiences..

I know Ayah would love to do it still if he still could.

Next story would be my next adventure;)


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