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Swimming and scenery

Since our move,this is the first time we went swimming.Lil one had a great time and terus nak buat kawan with a japanese girl but macam ayam and itik bercakap..ha ha

The blessing from ALLAH

I saw a c section birth on tv just now.I cried my heart out thinking that was how my lil one came out of my tummy years ago.I cried and thank ALLAH that I am blessed with a beautiful petite baby...Lil one came out smiling at me ,Thank God:)

Hubby reminded me so very often that Lil one was the smallest baby in the nursery but she was the loudest.I can still imagine it was yesterday.Even till today she makes full use of her loud shrieky voice by talking non stop.Seriously she can talk and talk and talk and talk..

Today I am reminded that I should be extra bersyukur because I have Lil one.I know sometimes when Lil one "Melawan" or "Menjawab" I cannot stand that but I think as I grow older,its good that she have these conversations with me..she doesnt have siblings to share her feelings so with me she do that..she'll tell me everything that happened at school and she'll tell her daddy everything too when her daddy check her everynight when he walk in …
What a lovely weather .This morning I opened all the windows and sliding door and the front door .Very windy.
I had my breakfast and now I want to go and sleep.
Hope to wake up in 2 hours time:)

just writing...

Its nearly midnight ,I should head to bed.
I was telling myself just now I need to write but I cant seem to figure how to write today.Hmm..

Lil one is enjoying school yet again...for me,I'm enjoying staying home,enjoying my house and do what a housewife do:)Hubby is enjoying going to work in the morning and come back with always supper for me..Hee hee..He knows his wife love food too much .He even told me that he can see my face lit up when i see food in his hands:)hehe...

Ok,tomorrow I need to go run errands.Need to send baju melayu and baju kurung to the laundry.Need to wrap em up and hang in the closet for next open house.I also need to go to the bookshop to get workbook for revision.Finals are coming so as hubby and I said to her,"we expect you do your best" so revision pun kena best la kan..

We didnt get many sets this year..usual 2 dok ulang ulang balik pakai and I actually dont mind.

Duit raya this year even zaman ekonomi meleset,alhamdulillah banyak jugak yan…
I have ironed a lil bit more.Esok sambung lah.I tried to declutter my house after watching "Perfect Housewife" Nak belilah cd dia kalau ada jual.

Kebesaran ALLAH

I am thankful to witness a beautiful view this morning as hubby was driving and me sitting beside him..Kebesaran ALLAH atas pemandangan yang cantik sekali..

Make us realised that we're just a lil someone on this planet..
Last night we went to Kl to have our dinner and on the way back this is what I managed to snap..Just love snapping pictures..
At my brother in law's house.Just now after dinner we dropped by.Brother in law put on "King Kong" dvd extended version so now they are still watching..heh.I am tired.I cant stand the volume they've put on..Ish..Sakit telinga..

Cant wait for hubby to get up from the sofa and head home.I have an early morning tomorrow..
Its the fourth day of raya and here we are stuck at home.Lil one woke up very late about 12 noon.Hubby went out for a round of golf...I have been cleaning and sorting..Now Uploading raya pictures.
Last night upon reaching Kl,hubby said he was hungry...So we drove to AnW and ate in the car...After that we proceeded to grandma's house.
Hubby's brother came along too with his family.
So we hung out at gramps house with my kazens and had a great time.Terbalas dendam hari raya pertama...

Today we all woke up quite late and then headed to hubby's brother's house.We ate steam fish and a few other stuffs and now hanging lepaking enjoying our coffee with the laptop on.
Both hubby and his brother is watching the Sports channel and the 2 lil girls are playing the room.Kejap main playstation,kejap main masak masak,mak mak..

In a bit we're leaving coz we're going to my Uncle and Aunt's house.
Open house makan jepun ,boleh?
Dah siap nak berangkat pulabg ke Kuala Lumpur.Cuaca mendung ,very comfy to travel.
Hope to snap some pictures along the way...

1st syawal-petang

Semalam bila dah penat ambik gambar sendiri mula lah idea idea datang untuk snap pictures alam semesta..
The first day of Syawal..We had a great time in my kampung..Being with Mom and Dad with sisters,inlaw,hubby and Lil one.
The food was endless..Ha ha...
We had visitors over and we're all tired towards the ene first half of the afternoon.
Tried uploading pictures ,couldnt go thru.
Now everyone is resting at 4 pm.
After Asar,I think hubby is taking lil one and his nephews out beraya
Finally got my shoes tonight.Its been ages since I last bought shoes for myself so this raya is a good treat to buy.

Lil one got her gameboy catridge and she's very happy.

Go Shop agAin?

Today is Friday.Its been 4 Fridays since we started Ramadhan.How time flies so quick.
LiL oNe is in her room waiting.I'm also waiting thats why I have the chance to update.
Hubby said nak bawak we all keluar again today.Need to get some stuffs before tomorrow.
Its been raining for most part of the evening..I loveee this kind of weather.Just hope it will rain like this tomorrow so the drive wont be such a hassle.

Dah lama sungguh rasanya tak upload gambar..
We went to buka outside today.After that we headed to Klcc to shop.As usual lil one will masuk kedai "Girls" and come out with all sorts of girlie stuffs...:)But hubby said,tak apalah biarlah dia..ok Once a year or maybe even twice a year.
Drove home traffic sikit aje kat exit parking Klcc ..then sampai rumah,I came to update and now going to settle few stuffs and head to bed

Older sister dah balik kampung,traffic heavy katanya

Shopping sure Jam

On the way out to the shopping center.Hubby said,"Jom":)Ok la tu..Round round last minit..

Lil one is so full of energy ,actually I'd prefer to stay in but ok la dah hubby ajak keluar.
We will look see look see..

Nanti karang I snap pictures ok?


We moved last Monday...That is the color my lil sister and I chose for this house.We moved into my dad's house after the tenant moved out.The previous tenant didnt take care of the house thats why Lil sister who manages Dad's house said,the house need a fresh color..We decided on that.

I'll snap more pictures as the cleaning goes on everyday.I managed to dump maximum boxes within the first 4 days..Now tinggal a few more that I am too lazy to work on.

I am washing raya clothes now..Goodnight:)
Today Hubby accepted invitation for iftar with his office mates.So He is still not back at this moment.I sent Lil one to bed early.I am a lil more exhausted than normal days.

After my Isyak,I'm going to rest and relax..

Tomorrow I'm going to the salon.And then go check if our baju kurungs dah siap.

Malam esok nak outing ,not sure yet
Its Malam ke 24 Ramadhan and we just got back in from sister's house.She invited us over for Ketam .She came back from her hubby's kampung and brought back lots of food and kuih from Terengganu.

Lil one is in bed.Said to her kena bangun esok kan ada sekolah.
I am going to shower and then head to bed.

Shopping for Raya

After walking around the shop around Pavilion ,here we are sitting at a bistro relaxing,sipping coffee and hot chocolate.

Lil one shopped for raya shoes ,One of it she loves so much that she insisted on wearing today.So she's been walking in high heels around the shopping center.

We are waiting for time to go pick up our Raya cookies.\
It will be delivered tomorrow onwards.
Ok dokes.

I think she'll sleep smiling with 2 raya shoes that she chose herself.
Its been a while since I updated the blog.Been busy.Will upload pictures tomorrow night.Right now I want to sleep

Iftar with Parents and Lil sis

What a full day it was today.
Petang tadi my Lil sister and I went to Pasar Ramadhan because Mom and Dad came so we had to go get something for buka puasa right.Jalan punya jalan,Lil sister and I spent nearly rm 33 for everything that we bought.Yep this was my first time to Pasar Ramadhan this year so tak apalah splurge sikit .Ingatkan nak split bill with Lil sister but Mak said,nevermind,on her..Hubby said Alhamdulillah ,insya ALLAH murah rezeki mak..She smiled:)

Came back home I showered and makan pain killer for the headache yang I tahan sehari.I try not to take pain killer immediately .Tried fighting it and can tahan until malam ni I cannot tahan the pain anymore and I need my beauty sleep.

Tomorrow is Nuzul Quran and its a public holiday for hubby and Lil one..

I am going to watch tv and fall asleep and told hubby to wake me up when he comes back from filling the petrol.

oh Its One Tree Hill on 708..I love cerita ni.


Been busy decluttering and sorting and all the "ings"..hish tak habis habis.Fedup I.
Nevermind,buat kerja sikit sikit lama lama habislah kan.They say,to live minimally is the best way to go.So I'm cutting down on stuffs..Yes I can do it.Keep on telling myself that so that I ada feel nak buat kerja:)

Lil one is off to bed coz tomorrow she needs to get up early .Nak buat homework.And revision.

Hubby dok mengaji tu.

Lama tak jumpa my big kakak and her family.Miss them.
Parents pun dah lama tak jumpa
woke up late again..but managed to get out of the house on time:)Now back home supposed to be doing housework but am too lazy ...blergh

Thinking of good things

Just this past minute Hubby came out of the toilet and came to me telling me not to stop Praying to God for kebenaran,for rezeki ,for everything that we've been dreaming for.InsyaALLAH,I told him,with berkat kesabaran kita..insyaALLAH termakbul la doa doa kita.

I managed to scrub our shower and toilet just now before I showered.So its bersih and fresh now.

Wathing tv before falling asleep.
Tomorrow is another long day.Have to monitor some work done by the contractor at my dad's house.

Good night
We woke up quite late for SaHur..
Actually pagi ni nak keluar awal but hubby said,no need Lah,"I want to sleep" .Hmm Mana taknya lepas terawikh he came home then he went for kopi session with friends..Iye lah bulan puasa ni lepas terawikh baru dapat nak relax minum kopi and discuss about work he says.
Siang siang tak larat nak cakap banyak banyak he said..hee hee
So I've washed the dishes,dah settlekan the kitchen .
Going to get ready now.Well Its 3rd Sept already


Today's spread for Iftar was Tempoyak Ikan Patin,Ikan Keli goreng cili,Ikan Terubuk +Air Asam..Udang Goreng, buah Melaka and Tau Foo Fah oh and Ayam Berempah for Lil one.
Whoa,syukran Alhamdulillah.
Thats the spread for Sahur too.

Today I decluttered my kitchen.:)Happy coz its half clean.Going to continue tomorrow.

Raya will be less than 3 weeks away and we havent shop anything.Nothing much to shop,just some new clothes for Lil one .For hubby and myself,just 2 pair of baju Melayu and Kurung.Itu aje..
Ok la I want to watch Tv and then go to sleep.
I woke up with a really bad mood.Very not nice...blergh
Yeah I woke up late and not feeling too good.
But I have to go and get ready .I have stuffs to do but there's 2 people who is not returning my sms'es and calls..Why do I have to waste my time?Hmmm..Answer la the blody phone.

Hish.Have so many things to do and feeling very anxious already.
This morning while driving I can see dark clouds..Yay...And then it started to rain.Now I feel chilly,the wind,the rain makes my day.But I have an appointment at 11am so I cant sleep.

What a lovely weather.