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Second Raya already...

Second raya already.
First raya, we went to raya 2 houses.
Second raya,3 houses.
Now on to the 4th
No picture,Havent used my canon for so long.

The best part about raya is to see little children in new clothes.I love watching that in my daughter,nieces and nephews.
And its funny how as Lil one is growing up,she counts her money and belek and belek it again and again. And this year, she chose a baju raya that she wore today.She looks so grown up.

I have to find new name for LIL ONE because she's not little anymore:)

been a while...

Been a while since I last updated my blog.
Nothing to write about.
Just been lazy.
Yesterday I started being rajin again.Sorted stuff to be recycle or donate.
Best when the mood is here.sort this sort that.
Now i am resting a bit before going out with hubby.
Need to run errands and settle kan a few stuff yang tertunda

Need to look for my camera and start snapping pictures again.
Nothing much happening.