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I love beyond hd

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I most prollly think we're gonna choose this when this free trial ends.We are so used  to having beyond already.Cool.With internet that is so fast!! I love it.I just need to get the rgb wire to connect the laptop to the tv so that we can watch movies anytime we want to:)Super duper cool.

Its monday the holidays and I dont know what I shall do today.Clean house again while Lil one enjoy her tv time.
Hubby kerja lah!!!
Hopefully later petang we get to go out and eat and have some family time...

Ok off to kemas now.Aiyo Laundry!! hah!!

collectible items

I found books that I forgot that I had. Maybe today I will take out all the books and put them on one side and sort them out. I used to buy books every week and now I have too many!! I need a ceiling high shelves to put my books. Also I have tonnes of photo albums. I used to developed every single snap but now I have stopped.

And true enough about laundry, they're never ending,the cycle never stops. Even by taking a break during weekends, the stack of laundry is just there ALWAYS!!! must sit down and do before it gets too many as always!

Housework never ends! Isk isk isk

But I have found something to ease my mind thru it aLl. I have found a passion to exercise and workout. I workout everyday, and I am happy doing it.It is something that I cannot miss. The weight is not going down but I can feel the change in my body. Its a great accomplishment for someone who have stopped being active.


Going to the supermarket,nak beli lauk nAk masak in the oven today.hope it will menjadi because I saw an easy recipe on nigella bites haritu.Apart from that I shall continue to declutter.I like decluttering because the house is getting cleaner by the day,makin kurang barang and hati pun tenang.... Skool holidays coming soon, I hope we get to go somewhere...just to get out of our normal routine.

thursday...19th of may already.

Packed food for lil one and now getting ready.

Yesterday was such an easy after school day. I was hanging downstairs enjoying icecream,yeah it was so freaking hot. Lil one finished her homework downstairs.And when we came up, we relaxed the whole afternoon. I love days like this.

I gave the cleaners some of my plastic containers and felt good because my decluttering project is active and going again.
I keep on telling myself LESS IS MORE.
I want to live like living in a hotel. No clutter no mess. Belum sampai lagi ke tahap tu. LOL

Like when sorting and ironing clothes,I put aside the ones that can't fit us nicely anymore to give away. Amazing feeling when the cleaners want your good condition old clothes. They will take whatever pun.

Ok,I have to go now before the traffic begins.

This and that

Today after sending lil one to school,I had the urge to have nescafe tarik so I headed somewhere for a mug,got carried away using my iPad to surf some stuffs and I am still here.I am in my m outfit but lantaklah,I need to head to the gym nanti. There is so many things on my mind lately,have to organize for school holidays,have to do this and that,macam macam lah! Was blog hopping too and read that some bloggers gone on holidays,umrah and jalan sanasini,bestnya!! Mustreally plan for getaway,hope menjadi.ok nak balk dah and do what I am supposed to do,if not satu hari I take buatapa apaapa,heh!!
What should I write about today?
When I blog hop, I always find interesting blogs to read and follow.
I don't have any ideas as what to blog about apart from my daily happenings. LOL

As I am waiting for them to be ready, I am washing the laundry, it is something that everyone have to do... If not, we don't have any clean clothes to put on.

I am enjoying my daily dose of nescafe.
Thinking about what today will bring me

I must exercise before anything else.
I want to read a book today.. I can't seem to finish a book for how long already.
I used to read a lot.

I must go now as that lil one growing girl of mine is waiting for me.
Monday the 9th of may, we spent the weekend with the family. We had kenduri tahlil on saturday and then yesterday we spent the day at pavilion. I love going there and hubby and lil one had to like it too :)we just spent ourtime eating and having coffee there, no shopping whatsoever.
I haven't been good at blogging lately.

Yesterday lil one woke up very late and presented me with a mother's day card with an instrumental cd was so sweet of her.I hope I make her proud to have me as a mum. I know I can be very strict, I hope she will appreciate that when she's older .Lol.

Today , I have errands to run. I have to sort my home and do so many stuffs. I have been slacking with the laundry,just got sick doing the routine actually. I need to send some to the laundry and get them sorted out.

Since its May, we have things to throw and donate as well. I try to declutter every now and then so that we don't hoard our lives. Teaching lil one that less is more along the way…

Ayah, happy birthday

To my dearest ayah,happy birthday. May Allah bless you always.we love you lots.
I am sitting here at a coffee place,hubbyisbusy playing games on his band I am spading stuffs..... Afterthis when we go home,lil one will start revision,mid year exams are coming.