Monday the 9th of may, we spent the weekend with the family. We had kenduri tahlil on saturday and then yesterday we spent the day at pavilion. I love going there and hubby and lil one had to like it too :)we just spent ourtime eating and having coffee there, no shopping whatsoever.
I haven't been good at blogging lately.

Yesterday lil one woke up very late and presented me with a mother's day card with an instrumental cd was so sweet of her.I hope I make her proud to have me as a mum. I know I can be very strict, I hope she will appreciate that when she's older .Lol.

Today , I have errands to run. I have to sort my home and do so many stuffs. I have been slacking with the laundry,just got sick doing the routine actually. I need to send some to the laundry and get them sorted out.

Since its May, we have things to throw and donate as well. I try to declutter every now and then so that we don't hoard our lives. Teaching lil one that less is more along the way.

Ok shall try and blog everyday again..
Need to wake them up now

Have a great week ahead!!


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