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Its halloween today.
Lil one is excited because she has a very simple and unique mask to wear..
This morning as usual when daddy dear nak ikut hantar lil one to school mestil kelam kelibut.
Lil one as usual memang tak kisah...
After that bungus nasi lemak and ate at home.
After that I tumpang hubby and went to do some grocery shopping,haloween shopping and look see look see..
Now am back home doing laundry and watching news and have to masak in a bit.
Whoa!I havent updated in a few days...Very busy very busy.

Cleaning day

I am going to clean some more today.People might think that my place is overjunked..keke...When I have the mood like this,its good coz I do it with all my heart

I redecorate one room yesterday.

Lil one was the happiest person on earth.She slept really well I can tell.She didnt want to leave her room to go to school..Ha ha.
I made some changes there and I am satisfied with the outcome.
Today later on I'm going into the playroom to dejunk yes yet again.We will see what we can let go..donate some maybe.
Okdokee...Thats all for today

Its Tuesday night 9.04pm

I am in the mood of cleaning:)I have just finished listening to the news and now I'm going to lipat baju and then go shower and go to bed.I'll continue cleaning tomorrow

Tuesday morning

I have the URGE to go IKEA

The care-box


Having lunch@hi tea now


Oh My Goodness

Gracious.These 2 ,they're so leceh when they're getting ready.I dah siap about an hour ago...oh my!!!
Kalahkan orang perempuan.

A sunday ,cheerful chirpy birds outside

Even on a Sunday I bangun awal.hmmm..Just cant sleep in.Need to clean up a lil bit before getting ready to go and see MoM and Dad.Both lil one and hubby is still snoring away.
I had a very fulfilling dream last night.I did some charity work.Hmm I've been wanting to do good with orhphans sampai termimpi mimpi.I think I should do more.By giving more,teaching lil one to understand how the orphans live.To teach lil one that not everyone in this world is lucky to have both sets of parents alive.The hardwork to succeed in life without having both parents around.The sacrifices this lil orphans face.
I think that should be a good thing for our lil ones to learn.
Hmm and I also dreamt of a long time friend who I havent seen for a long long time.Wonder how things are going along with her.

I ordered these to bring to the open house


Another Saturday

This morning I woke up about 7 am plus...So early.Why cant I sleep in when Lil one's class is later in the morning?Made pancakes for breakfast and then let the cats out...They're playing and exploring.Lil one is playing "Dominoes" and I'm uploading pictures.Need to get ready soon.Have to go and pick up stuffs afterwards.
We have open house to attend later




I'm waiting :)

This morning

We all took our own sweet time to get ready...Then after sending the lil one to school hubby asked me where I want to go and I said supermarket...He assumed I wanted to go to the market...No not today.I just want to buy a few things and then nak balik masak...hihi Bin and Zara is coming over for lunch.So I masak beef soup in the slow cooker,masak nasik,Went to Kak ri's to ask for some cili padi and made sambal belacan there...I have spinach nak goreng ni..but they're all not here yet so I pun belum goreng.The jazz is playing...The aircon is on...The table is set...How nice if my other sister and cousins would be great...but what to do they're all working.

Here I am sitting in the kitchen listening to Jazz...I enjoy having music in my house.

Its 20.09

Today I think the longest I've been online.I read blogs,I facebooking,I chat,I read,I surf...Now the LiL one is going to bed.I'm settling a few things and then going to shower and then going to bed.Hope it rains again tonight...:)


I dejunked the bookshelves.The old workbooks are gone from the shelf.I feel better.
Lil one just asked me why is our house so dark,why cant we on the lights?I said no as long as we can tahan,we should save electricity...She looks at me like "WHY"..H a h a.
She just showered and now getting ready.She smell so good.

PMS-Who cares if its untalkable issues.

Why is it that once a month we ladies have to feel like this?I dont like this feeling but I feel good writing about it.To let it out at least I'm not containing it inside.Yep,anyone who doesnt go thru monthly PMSdont understand it.
I feel like nothing is right.I blame it on hormones.
Ok take a deep breath,think positive..
Do positive things..For example dejunking?
I managed to clear out Lil one's bookshelf.I've thrown away all the workbook for the year.
I put all the exam papers in a big file makcuweena gave.So when it come for Year 6 exam,She can go thru all the files year by year.
I'm listening to Jazz .Beside me I have Mr Muscle and a cloth,I'm supposed to be wiping surfaces but hit the lappy for a bit.
Hope the clothes can dry up soon.Need to lipat them and dejunk whichever yang dah tak nak.
Hubby hubby...Very busy he is.Kesian.So I'll make him something special for dinner:)
I dont like I dont like.
Here I am sitting at kopitiam...hubby's face like chee and I'm so mad...When he talks on the phone,oh everything alright.So I brought the lappy along so that I wont get bored..and he is showing his black face to me...elehhhhh Pergghhhh
Woke up at 5.25 am and i didnt want to sleep again coz sure terlajak.I'm stretching still and eyes half closed.Too tired to get up.hmmm
Going to make coffee and then do laundry before waking them up.Last night I Dejunk my dresser.Off you go empty bottles..
Who wouldnt want to be on that bed right now?hmmmm I wish
I rushed this morning coz actually i dah bangun at 5.40am then i said nevermind la nap first then tot tot it was 7.30am...crazeeeeeee I rushed .Sempat siap by 7.50 am and hantar lil one to school nasib baik ada orang lagi lambat ..kekekke...
Went to kopitiam for breakfast with hubby.As usual he will be the unshowered busuk...Lepak jap chit chat...then spoke to mom on the phone...Got back home ingat nak pick up my car to go out then I had to check my blog and facebook first...So waiting to finish here and then have to go buy daging to cook.

Reality check

. If you can't find what you need within minutes, it's time for a reality check.

2. Get everyone in your family on the decluttering/organizing bandwagon.

3. If the countertop or table surface isn't visible, take action ASAP.

4. Establish a specific place for the things you use every day — hooks for keys, a basket for catalogs, etc.

5. Always give the living room a quick pickup before bedtime.

6. Be relentless in tossing out papers — newspapers, magazines, junk mail.

7. Make lists of household staples, with their expiration dates, so you'll know what you really need.

8. Every time you bring something new into the house, try to make sure something old goes out.

9. On a regular basis, deal with your garbage gremlins, such as grocery bags, takeout containers, chipped drinking glasses, soap shards, dead batteries, rubber bands, and dried-up pens.

10. If you aren't using it, get rid of it!
Go back to Stain Buster
Go back to 30-Minute Clutter Solution
Go back to PArty Planner
I'm going to switch on the lights coz its dark already.I am going to sleep early tonight but dont know how early.
Lil one will have to sleep early too.Well she sleeps early everyday except for when we have things to do and places to go during weekends.
I think I'll do the rest of the laundry tomorrow.

cleaning the store room

I cleaned up upstairs and came down made pasta for lil one when she comes back,Then I thought what should I do now,so I opened the store room. 2 luggage inside there,opened them up.Put in the clean laundry inside there..So that bag is ready to go..for wherever we're going anytime.
Now I'm taking a break.Listening to jazz.
Thinking of making bubur ikan today.
The mood is gloomy outside.
Hope it rains.

no i dont want to

I have so much to do but I am totally not in the mood to do any cleaning ,housework or whatever that has to do with the house.Can ah like that?
I got a text from T that her sister is the happiest woman on earth today because she's expecting a boy due in Jan or Feb after having 3 girls.Good for her:)
I am upstairs,looking and peeking in the family room.It need to be straightened up but that can wait...My feet and hands doesnt wanna go there yet.
Ha ha I know I'm lazy today.
Can i just jump into bed and do nothing?hihi

Normal routine

I was like a zombie for a couple of days.Napping tak kira masa...Today I woke up feeling better.But wished I can sleep in.hihi...Went downstairs make susu for my lil one and nescafe for me.Hubby wouldnt want his coffee cold by the time he wakes up so no coffee for him yet.
I told myself I need to be positive today.I choose to be.
No pms or anything will change that.Well,hopefully

-sleep time-

Since last saturday night,I had sleepless nights.So today I recovered all my sleep.Been napping here and there


So gloomy outside.I just put in another load of laundry towels to be exact.Lil one is lying on the sofa by force actually.Last night she didnt get enough sleep.So I made her go take her blanket and lie down .I put on Classical music,meditation music.I couldnt find our sleep cd..should go look for it coz that is the best cd ever.
It started raining outside...Its so dark.
Nap time

Trying this

Other Chores: A Simple System
Besides cleaning your house, you probably have other chores you need to do on a weekly basis. It’s good to get a weekly routine going as your simple system, so you never forget to do them and you know when you have to do what.

Here’s a sample weekly routine:

* Monday: Yardwork
* Tuesday: Clean car
* Wednesday: Pay bills, update financial software
* Thursday: Errands, groceries
* Friday: Laundry
* Saturday: Clean house, put away laundry
* Sunday: Family Day

My Dream Home

Benefits of a Minimalist Home
I could probably go on for awhile about this, but let me just list a few key benefits:

1. Less stressful. Clutter is a form of visual distraction, and everything in our vision pulls at our attention at least a little. The less clutter, the less visual stress we have. A minimalist home is calming.
2. More appealing. Think about photos of homes that are cluttered, and photos of minimalist homes. The ones with almost nothing in them except some beautiful furniture, some nice artwork, and a very few pretty decorations, are the ones that appeal to most of us. You can make your home more appealing by making it more minimalist.
3. Easier to clean. It’s hard to clean a whole bunch of objects, or to sweep or vacuum around a bunch of furniture. The more stuff you have, the more you have to keep clean, and the more complicated it is to clean around the stuff. Think about how easy it is to clean an empty room compared to one with 50 objects in it. That’s an extr…
# Declutter for 15 minutes every day. It’s amazing how much you can get through if you just do it in small increments like this.
# Don’t allow things into the house in the first place. Whether you’ve begun decluttering the living space, or you’ve just completed it, stop bringing in new stuff NOW. Even if that’s ALL you do and don’t start decluttering immediately, if you can only establish one habit at a time, establish the no-more-stuff habit first. This way, when you do get to decluttering the existing stuff, you’ve already stopped making it worse. Think of bailing out a boat with a hole in it. You can bail and bail, but it won’t do anything for the leak.
# Donate stuff you’re decluttering, so you don’t feel bad about wasting it.
# Create a Joe’s Goals chart with decluttering on it — either daily, or 3 times a week. Check off the days when you declutter, and you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.
# Start at the corner by the door and move your way around the room, doing the superfi…

Reminder for me....

Giving unwanted things to others will not only mean you're doing your bit for charity or get you in others' good books, it will rid you of junk you wouldn't otherwise part with. Charity shops are always looking for clothes, gifts and unwanted items. And if you give to friends and family you can always ask for it back!

So do you really need 2 copies of the same book, that old tea-set and all those socks that don't match? Go through everything with a fine tooth-comb and be ruthless! Remember that all that stuff you don't use is only taking up valuable space.

Clean out your cupboards
Don't hoard old clothes. If you only have a teeny wardrobe, change your summer and winter clothes over twice a year. Anything that's old, bobbly, or beyond repair goes in the bin! And there's no point in keeping things that are too small or cheap tops that might have been fashionable once but were only ever going to last you six months.

It's not only good for the …

We rushed

Lil one had her spaghetti with tomato and cheese(Instant) for breakfast with her milk of course.I had my nescafe and Maggi sedap..Yep cant help it,hungry!!!
Rushed and sent her off.Paid for her character shoes..$$65 .Yep everything costs money!!!Next year have to change her dance attire..hmmm..
I'm in the kitchen right now, not wanting to do any cleaning or anything for that matter.
Headache is building up.Had my pain killer coz Its gonna be a long long day.We have a reception to attend this evening.I dont want to be feeling and looking like a zombie.
We came back at 3 am last night.Hubby and his siblings had fun talking about them growing up.Ya since now we have a new addition to the family ,he listens and asked so many questions.
Hubby is buying rojak and cendol .Yay.

Down memory lane

Hubby came home and picked us up at about 9 pm .We were supposed to go dinner then my sister in law told us that she masak already so we went there to eat dinner.After a while,the other sister in law came.So we sat at the dining table and chatted for hours.Hubbby started bukak cerita about zaman him growing up.How naughty he was.He was onced spike with a chilli by his late mom because he started cursing.That time he was 4.Hmmm..
And when he was about 8 or 9 years old,he nearly burnt his late mom's house and till today even after 5 years she died,she didnt find out why or how the fire broke out.
Lil one was busy playing with her cousins .Not even once she came to look for me to ask this and that.
When we were about to leave at 3am,she didnt want to go home..She simply adore those times.

Hubby is snoring away and I'm falling asleep as I type this.

Whats for dinner tonight?

I dont know because I just messaged hubby saying that I didnt cook anything today.I am too lazy to cook today.He said ..."hmmm" hihi

Coretan ku hari ni and Marls must be wondering why I'm writing in Malay...ha ha

I went out to develop some pictures to make my collage.
Spent about more that I budgeted for.
Then I went to La cucur to buy a few kuih and ended up paying for so much more.Never go to a food stall when you're hungry.I should know that by now.
It looks like its going to rain outside.
I need to start doing housework at about 4.30 pm and then wash some laundry.
This morning at the nikah session,Everything went fine.
We were late as usual though.And I made hubby apologized for his actions before I yang kena bambu...
OkDOkee...Hopefully this Sunday jadi jumpa my sisters and kazens.Lama tak hang out

Slept early

Last night and then at 1.47 am I woke up feeling hungry.
Went downstairs to look for food and terperangkap tengok Rachel Ray n Martha Stewart.
Got back upstairs and trying to fall back asleep

A pretty Dress

The lady delivered it to my house today.Its so sweet.

at 5am

I wokeup.I slept very early lastnight coz tak cukup tido the night before.I am lazing a bit before getting up buat susu and kopi for us.
I have a very long list of things to do today.

Nak malam dah

Weather: Bad but nice
Time: 18.02
Location: Kitchen

Last night hubby and I chit chat about people.Life.Our beliefs.I felt better after that coz at daytime yesterday I felt so angry and sad .
We exchange ideas about what we think,what we feel, how we solve issues,How good things and bad things happens..How we resolve them.
We also talked about how as a person we dont judge others.
We learn a lot from each other.I like having talks with him.

Today I'm posting a lot

I'm frying fish and later on making sambal telur,Teringat pulak bin masak sambal telur first day buka hari tu she said:)
Nasi dah masak.
I'm going to buy vege afterwards to goreng.
I'm so tired....Not enough sleep .Last night I watched that "Nelson Mendela" True story till late.
It was a good movie.Loved it.

Good Good

Ehem ehem:)

When I woke up from my nap

When you look around you you see people are still in the raya mood,I saw a group of working woman,dressing up in their baju kurungs,all pretty and nice.

If you cant take it dont read it.

I believe whatever goes around comes around.Today I witnessed something that shouldnt come out from someone's mouth.I didnt like what I heard because I believe in the saying.Whatever goes around comes around Kita hidup in this world,tak baik berfikiran buruk on others.No matter what,we dont judge people .And even if we still insist on judging,people change.Life is a very long cycle.Ada hari senang,ada hari susah.Ada hari masa muda,perangai pun naik minyak..and bila dah tua sedar diri.

This morning I dengar ada orang kata zaman sekarang kalau wanita berkerja,ada yang tak ada masa nak jaga suami
.I dont agree 100 percent.Whatever choices you make in life,either married or not its your choice and live with it.Marriage is about making things work ,Giving and taking...Theres no one way about it.I am a proud stay at home mom.I do my part,semana I mampu and I also ask help from hubby with work around the house.That is how our marriage works.This is the way it is.Eventhough he penat kerja,I…

Monday Blues...

I bangun terkejut again.Luckily it was just 7 am.Rushed downstairs made coffee and susu and kejut them up.But still lambat today...chis.Told lil one "You think its your daddy's school is it?" Can go lambat all the time?
hmM ACTUALLY its always Daddy yang lambat.
Nevermind, try to do better tomorrow.
Final Exam Final Exam

Went to bank in all duit raya .Puas hati .So that wont terpakai.
Right now I'm surfing for a while and at about 10 need to run errands.
I went out to print some raya pictures.Best ,I'm so into gambars.After that went to the cd shop,browsed thru a bit and bought a few cd's
Now its raining outside and I'm jumping into the shower.Rasa so malas with the weather like this.But we have to be at mummy's afterwards,so better be fresh la kan.

Jalan jalan di Hari Raya


Going to sil house

For Raya...

Yesterday 4/10

Yesterday 4th Raya we wanted to go beraya to Hubby's aunts place.But his aunt took his uncle to the hospital.Some complications.
We ended up at the twin towers,we shopped.Ha ha!!
After finishing all that hubby asked me to call mummy and I asked mummy who's around and she said no babies,just orang besar.So i said we'll be coming la coz if the babies were in the house susah coz I'm not well and its contagius.So we went there only Aunts and Uncles were there.We ate laksa and many more things......
Lil one had a good time eating ice cream after ice cream.
Lama jugak lepak sana.

4th day raya

I am still sick

Second Day of Raya

I am sitting down at the ngopi area of mak's house.Weather is good.We're munching on biskut Raya,having coffee and ciggies...
Lil one went beraya with Atok and Wan.Went to collect duit raya as well.
We're going out for Laksa in a while.

Hari Raya

Its a lovely day in the kampung with the feeling of Hari Raya.I love coming back here for Hari Raya,coz the feeling is there...Last year we celebrated in Kl and the atmosphere was differeng.
This morning woke up had to get hubby up for Raya Prayers.Well as usual he doesnt wanna get up kan.Made him coffee and pujuk him up.After quite sometime baru he nak bangun.
Ayah and Mak,Brother in law and nephews and hubby went for Raya prayers and I got the lil one ready with her new green baju kebaya.She was so excited to wear them.
After that my 2 sisters and I lepaked and sembang in the kitchen.How this year our 2 cousins with their babies celebrating their first raya and how we're not celebrating together this year.
We mula mula memang ingat nak balik one night aje but then ayah is not so well,his neck is still in pain.Kesian pulak kat dia kalau raya ni cucu cucu dia tak ada lama dengan dia kan?
I know how different it feels for my 2 cousins to feel coz we have been celebrating our Raya's …