If you cant take it dont read it.

I believe whatever goes around comes around.Today I witnessed something that shouldnt come out from someone's mouth.I didnt like what I heard because I believe in the saying.Whatever goes around comes around Kita hidup in this world,tak baik berfikiran buruk on others.No matter what,we dont judge people .And even if we still insist on judging,people change.Life is a very long cycle.Ada hari senang,ada hari susah.Ada hari masa muda,perangai pun naik minyak..and bila dah tua sedar diri.

This morning I dengar ada orang kata zaman sekarang kalau wanita berkerja,ada yang tak ada masa nak jaga suami
.I dont agree 100 percent.Whatever choices you make in life,either married or not its your choice and live with it.Marriage is about making things work ,Giving and taking...Theres no one way about it.I am a proud stay at home mom.I do my part,semana I mampu and I also ask help from hubby with work around the house.That is how our marriage works.This is the way it is.Eventhough he penat kerja,I also penat buat kerja rumah,masak,cuci baju,jaga anak,buat revision,hantar mengaji and all.So at night when he's not too busy or tired,he spends time with the lil one while I settle everything else...
We have that agreement since lil one was in the tummy.The bond she has with her daddy is strong and I like it.

So far I think she is a contend young girl.We try to give our best to her and to our marriage too.

People change you know..
Kita makin berumur and kita beristighfar lebih baik dari kita mengata,mengumpat and memburukkan orang lain.
Some people might think that mulut or my fingers lancang writing this but kita ni menuju jalan akhirat...bukannya jalan dunia aje..

Thats what I have to say.


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