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This morning I woke up with a pain in my knee. Alamak! Is it because I overexercised? I am so worried of the knee because I felt how difficult it was for not being able to move one leg and had to sit down and cannot do anything. I will sapu minyak nanti lepas mandi..

Yesterday I minimize stuffs in the room.Today hopefully the mood will still be here to clear the junks away..I have in mind to live minimally for quite some time now. I have had enough clearing boxes everytime I move.I don't wanna be hoarding stuffs anymore. A promise to myself is to clear stuffs as often as possible.memang susah nak kemas,penat but I have to.the after feeling tu best.

Its friday and I shall try and clean harder.


Sometimes life is good,sometimes its bad. Its how we perceive it is what matters.I have been lacking at exercising and only to begin seriously again for the last 2 days. I have a target to keep on losing the inches eventho I am not losing any pounds. I like when my pants and clothes are loose. It shows that I am losing kan . At this point of age, dah tak boleh lah nak harap to lose big unless I join the boot campers and all which I doubt I will enjoy going to.
Dengan going to gym pun its like pushing myself very hard.
We will see if today I can burn the target calories again.

Before that I need to go settle some errands.
I noticed, money has been flowing out macam air this week.
Last week of the month, pay this pay that.argh!
Was telling hubby, boleh tak 2 tiga hari I tak nak keluar duit:)haha!! Living in kl, tak keluar duit is heaven lah! Pagi pecah duit rm50, by petang sure habis. Urghhh.
The cost of living in Kl.. Too much.

Seronok kalau dapat duduk and tinggal by the beach. Tengo…

isk bising

I am watching tv but neighbour's house is drilling,renovating their house.Aiyah!! So noisy.Hubby couldnt take the noise he went out already.I am stuck with the noise la .Aiyah,must tahan how long?But nevermind la good neighbour ma!!

Went for my workout already.Now feeling so hungry.What shall I munch?Raisins in the box.Lil one tried some yesterday and she loved it.
Must always remember to keep healthy snacks at home.Haritu wanted to buy almonds but terambik apricot.Apricot good for what eh?

Got loads of laundry to lipat.Aiyah tak de mood jugak!! *dont wanna look at it just  yet* *tutup mata*

Here is one tip for me today :Write down your goal.


This morning I woke up suddenly when lil one's friend came over.They've planned a playdate.
Hubby and I went out to eat and grocery shopping after sending the kids to their friends house.
Got back home,kemas rumahhhhhhhhhh washed two loads of laundry and now I am getting ready to go to the gym.
Yeah very homely Sunday for us today.


Syawal is ending very soon.
Woke up today feeling anxious as to my brother in law is due to have a major surgery today. Yesterday we went to visit him,he was his usual self. Talking and chatting. Happy to see.Semoga Allah lindungi abang iparku di meja pembedahan. Amin.
I also pray for my sister to be strong.
Getting ready,waiting for Lil sister to pick me up. I plan to go buy food for big sister and have something to eat as well. After that we will pick mak up to bring her to the hospital as well.

May Allah be with us during this testing time.

early riser

Was just telling Lil sister yesterday, I enjoy my night sleep. If possible on school nights, I must sleep right after Isyak and sleep the night thru till about 5am and then start my day. I know I sound so boring but I need my sleep on weekdays if not I won't function accordingly. LOL. Inilah agaknya ada schoolgoing child.I also instill in Lil one that sleep early is the best for her growing up years.but both Lil one and hubby have the same style, susah nak tidur malam and susah nak bangun awal. I have to nag!!! I don't quite like that but what to do? If I don't nag, lewatla they all.I pulak tak suka tengok they all lewat.well ,in other terms,they're not morning people like me. I love the smell of mornings. Before suboh. Peace and calm. I like that.

I love doing housework in the morning too,before they wakes up. I think I should start mopping after Suboh too. We will see how that goes tomorrow.

Today,bestie and I have another errand to run. We've been besties for 15…


Woke up this morning, hands were freezing...elelel macam duduk overseas pulak. LOL. No la it was the aircon and rained last night kot.
I am washing laundry and doing some cleaning when an idea came to mind. Today I wanna cook for my nephews and parents. Just a dish. With big sister being busy with her husband ,I guess a lil should help. Later will ask Lil sister to come over to big sis house and have lunch there..

Before anything else I must exercise. Love exercising coz my pants and tops are loose. Yipee. I am doing something right right?

Okdokes, gonna go enjoy my nescafe now.

Went to eat, met an old friend, talked a bit about life and hubby and I had a long long talk about some issues and then we headed to the supermarket a few stuffs and headed home...went to the gym . Had a great workout and back home now.

Resting a bit before cooking.
Wow what a cool morning. I think it rained while I was sleeping.I am making breakfast for Lil one and washing laundry. Heh! Yesterday I bought some beautiful lau baskets, seronok betul when I can sort dirty laundry.ha ha. Little things like that that can make me happy, funny!!

Another lil thing that make me smile in the morning is their snoring ,look up and I can hear him snoring musically..heh,marah dia kalau tau I blog about it. And when I check Lil one's room temp in the morning, there's snoring too. Hmm.. Life little pleasures.

On another note : things have been on the quiet side on family's side.hoping for things to look on a brighter side. Pray thay everyone's involved a blessed speedy solution and recovery.

Today,bestie and I have another mission to accomplish. Hopefully everything goes well.

After that we might go and visit another bestie in her new home. Belum sampai kaki ke mahligai dia, I know its gorgeous.

Okdokes, have a good tuesday People. I will insy…

Gloomy monday

Sitting with hubby having breakfast and the sky is looking gloomy....betcha it's gonna rain heavily...been a long hectic weekend last week I was down with a very bad sore throat plus tonsils,it was one should feel that kind of there and everywhere....
I am waiting for bestie,we have tonnes to do today...on a mission to check out a few things for the future...hope everything goes according to plan,insyaallah .
Will have to update my blog more often...

I have been cleaning,tadi I am guilty pi shopping spree kat kedai kitchen lol,my bestie said lajunya dah hilang

So dah position kat mana beli baskets tad,best so happy.nak beli lagilah,see if we pegi lagi ke situ


Woke up at 3am,felt so hungry,yesterday I slept almost 24hours ,hubby took me to the clinic came back home terus sleep before him making me mushroom and chicken soup. He woke me up to eat and I slept back just to wake up to eat my medication.whole day was down. I just mask Nasi and mushroom soup and going to eat now.Laundry done one load,another Spinning.

sore throat

Terkejut woke up from sleep. I thought I was dreaming rupa rupanya, bunyi phone ringing.Lil sister called .After that I tried to get up,looking for vitamins and medication. Arghhh sakitnya tekak.. Should have gone to the clinic earlier.tak apa,esok pagi lah. Go clinic.

I poured water and brought it to bed. I just hope this sorethroat doesn't get worse. I rasa badan menggigil too. Should pop a panadol lah.

Blogging while lying down ni. Ada orang tu snoring kuat bermuzikal,macamana lah I nak lentok balik ni.. Shhh shhh!!!!

let go...

Making breakfast and cleaning kitchen. Its wednesday morning. I dreamt about having spick and span house last night. Why is it after every clean out session,I still have some on the table and here and there? Because I had too many stuffs to begin with.
LESS IS MORE..keep on saying that in my head...LESS IS MORE.
Just as you let go off stuffs, your mind and hear will be free to function appropriately.
I have to sort out more. Not bulky things! Just little here and little there.MUst work harder.

Terlewat update

Wednesday,Thursday and Friday

Today i feel that my badan became so lesu.I exercised a bit earlier on but then the whole afternoon i felt like nak baring aje the whole time.
Urghh.Is it because of the haze that makes me lazy?Takkan kot.Excuses.

Not feeling too good today.


Of coz we had to terlajak the alarm clock... Snoozed it and woke up late. Lucky I made macaroni yesterday and kept some for today's breakfast. Woke Lil one up and found a story book by her bed. She must have been reading last night. I think she's like me, nak tidur either read or watch tv.Unless we are so tired tak hengat.

Went to eat with hubby but the kopitiam we went to, the food dah tak sedap. Isk. Frustrating because it was early and appetite melambung ..ingat makan pagi sedaplah but nooo ... Frust sekejap.

Got back home went for my workout and sweat it out a bit.

Got back upstairs, sidai my laundry and kemas sikit.

I am getting ready for Lunch.. Ha ha!!! Makan makan and makan but I don't feel guity because I have burned some calories just now.

Jazz music is blarring away in the house. Peaceful and calmness. Relax mood. Love it!!
Okdokes!! Later blog!!


I couldnt sleep last night.Argghh!!mengantuk but just couldnt,Angin satu badan...
This morning,alhamdulillah senang kejut Lil one bangun pergi school after the long raya break.

After sending her to school,Hubby and I had our usual breakfast.Dok sembang with the makcik niaga lauk tu..he he..

Got back home,I headed to the gym.Satisfied workout.Got back home,cleared few stuffs away.Showered and now I am relaxing on my sofa.

Nak kena buat laundry,aisey,semalam i found one cleaner who does ironing and cleaning home but she's busy for a while.So she'll get back to me when she's free and available.

Oh I need to send baju raya to the dry cleaners and bila dah siap,simpan dalam almari baik baik.

Just now I put a hamper of cookies raya on my coffee table.Sure asal duduk depan tv,will munch on it.

Okdokes.Nak relax!!Shut eye kejap

3rd n 4th

Yesterday morning I enjoyed my workout session. Sweat like mad and felt good after. After that we rushed to get ready. I promised hubby that I will buy his belated birthday present yesterday. Didn't get to buy during we headed to the city center,had our lunch at the foodcourt. Masa tu it was almost 3 I think.. Ha ha. What a late lunch. Finished lunch we had coffee at our favourite place . Lepak sembang. Lil one was watching movies on d laptop. Having her me time without interrupting mommy and daddy's conversation. Then hubby said, jom let's go... So we headed to "toywatch" .Lil one knew where to look for it. He tried on so many before decided on which one he wanted. In the mean time Lil one also asking for a watch.hmmm... She got one as well.
Hubby was so happy because I seldom buy him anything. He doesn't buy like I do so to see him enjoy and appreciate it makes me happy.
At the same ingat I want to get my anniversary handbag, but that can wait…

1st sept and 2nd sept

Yesterday we went to an open house.And then we hung out at Lil sister's place.Ayah wasnt that well semalam.We took him to the emergency.Kesian dia.Hope he feels better today.
Yesterday  mak got presents from us..hope she liked it.

Today I feel so lazy.I cooked brunch...ada la a few choices for hubby,Lil one and I.

I showered and tot might go to the gym but onced seated on the sofa,rasa malas la pulak..he he..

Laundry bertimbun untuk dilipat.Dah lipat sikit tadi but belum habis.Rasa macam tak kuasa.
So buat macam tak de je timbunan tu..ha ha ha!!!

Hubby said,after prayers,he would be busy...Nak settle kan phone yang rosak...kayu golf yang memanggil manggil dari kedai and the range of course.Biarlah dia berexercise sikit.

Lil one is watching dvd non stop.Seronoknya mentang mentang daddy dia baru beli dvd for her.he he yang lama dah rosak...Belum direcycle lagi.

Watching bones on tv.

*nak makan biskut raya lah sambil tengok tv*

 well I am munching on these

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