1st sept and 2nd sept

Yesterday we went to an open house.And then we hung out at Lil sister's place.Ayah wasnt that well semalam.We took him to the emergency.Kesian dia.Hope he feels better today.

Yesterday  mak got presents from us..hope she liked it.

Today I feel so lazy.I cooked brunch...ada la a few choices for hubby,Lil one and I.

I showered and tot might go to the gym but onced seated on the sofa,rasa malas la pulak..he he..

Laundry bertimbun untuk dilipat.Dah lipat sikit tadi but belum habis.Rasa macam tak kuasa.
So buat macam tak de je timbunan tu..ha ha ha!!!

Hubby said,after prayers,he would be busy...Nak settle kan phone yang rosak...kayu golf yang memanggil manggil dari kedai and the range of course.Biarlah dia berexercise sikit.

Lil one is watching dvd non stop.Seronoknya mentang mentang daddy dia baru beli dvd for her.he he yang lama dah rosak...Belum direcycle lagi.

Watching bones on tv.

*nak makan biskut raya lah sambil tengok tv*

Hubby dapat on the airplane haritu...masa bulan ramadhan...since he cant eat it,he asked for some to take home:)
 well I am munching on these

Updated :
I love it when I can sleep in the afternoon..because I seldom do,i enjoy every minute of it.

Lil one is ready .Hubby is getting ready.My turn after this.
We are heading to big sister's house.To celebrate mom's bday.I heard the cake is gonna be yummy!!! cannot wait.

Hope cousins do come tonight..


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, ahaa! Da makan until susa nak jalan, huh!
Ha ha.
How was the ketupats, rendang, lemang?
I sure miss eating all that.
You have fun, and go lenggang lenggong to your friends, relatives homes....
And simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
LOL uncle Lee,
I have been eating all those non stop actually. But after that I go to the gym:)
Sudah lama you tak makan rendang,ketupat all? Tak balik holiday?

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