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I went in for my haircut today,I am so satisfied with the hairdresser's way of handling my hair....I came out feeling so fresh .
Hubby waited for me at Fridays now we have just finish our lunch,deyyyy brapa Kali la nak makan satu hari ni?

Later on I will go to the gym...


I went in for my haircut today,I am so satisfied with the hairdresser's way of handling my hair....I came out feeling so fresh .
Hubby waited for me at Fridays now we have just finish our lunch,deyyyy brapa Kali la nak makan satu hari ni?

Later on I will go to the gym...

Writing from my iPad

I told myself today that I must declutter but I can't seem to start somewhere, urghhhh

Lazy sunday

On a Sunday morning ,relaxing having our brunch ...hubby is doing his work on the Internet and am busy farmvilling lol.
Nothing much happening today as we are relaxing..
When I go home later,I must clean. Rumahhhhhhhhhh like tongkang pecah
Mood to clean entah hilang ke mana...


Thursday morning,having breakfast with hubby...sedan makan pagini alhamdulillah. I have to start cleaning my house,its been in a mess ever since we came back from china...
I must clean,dahrimas!!!
Nothing much to blog about
Sorry for the misspelled blog yesterday
It is Sunday and it's supposed to be a relaxes day but every weekend Ada age invites to bersiap lah kami di pagi Sunday .Sent lil one to the party and we headed to makan at one kopitiam,yummy.after that I went to feed my sisters 4 ,y lil sister is out of town...leaps tu hubby Tanya nak pergi mana...I said nak makan mee Kari :) hahaha,memang tengah sedan makan without any specific reasons...memang suk a hubby had so tong kangkung and I had mee karinow I am going to order sag gull melba hehehehe...sambung blog lAter lah
No mood to clean at all
This morning I snoozed so many times. Set the time for 5.39 but I snoozed till 6 I guess.. Hmm nasib tak terlajak. Cooked very early in the morning for Lil one's lunchbox.settled everything,solat semua.

Today, I begin again with my diet. Yesterday I timbang myself, not satisfactory. Been exercise like mad but not losing as much. Must change the way I exercise and change my diet as well.I need to lose about 10 kgs:) and then I'll look good!!

Gym routine has been understood by hubby and lil one. They encouraged and supported me everytime I said I have to go to the gym. I love that. They are my inspiration really.

Home need to be decluttered yet again. My cleaning mood have gone on a holiday I suppose,house is in a mess. Need to declutter all area of the house. Like I said to hubby, I need to clean like we're moving. I hope the mood comes back.

Ok, dah nak keluar.. And definitely will have me time with hubby for about an hour having breakfast with him.. Before he goes to wor…
Went to pavilion ,makan teppanyaki,sedap.Penuhnya orang di food republic.After that we headed for coffee,hung out for a while and people watching .Head to mercato next and hubby and Lil one found this store outside called beard something.Sedapnya they bought the coronet,yummy!!!

And the rest of the day were spent lazing around at home,doing housework:)


Packing to go home...
The frozen river,at the corner of the hotel
Everyone can fly:)
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salam maulidur rasul..

Heard in the khutbah "maulud nabi" salawatlah senantiasa semoga hati kita dekat dengan rasulullah saw..insya allah..


At the mosque in Beijing
Moslem Kebab
The mosque ,beautiful Green Mosque

Sedap soup!!
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The Frozen River at Beijing zoo
The tiger or are you a Lion?:)
At Beijing Zoo...
The Nuts store!! Buah Berangan!! Mahal

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In the van in Beijing
The Moslem Restaurant in Beijing
The recyclable and non recylable bin
I love this shot.We were having our breakfast at Tianjin Mac Donald .Waiting for our train
The Panda Sun bathing at Beijing Zoo
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Toll booth in China
The stadium for Beijing Olympic
We went to the silk store and I spent the most here:D
Walking to the tea house.Amazing architecture!!!
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Tianjin /Beijing

Look at that recycle box!!So clean!! This is on the way out from Tianjin Railway Station
Look at the locks on the Great Wall of China Ba da ling
They view from The Great Wall of China

Tianjin/Beijing Winter trip!!

The dustbins!! They are clean!! They provide you with "recycle" "non recycle" and waste.
The train track at Tianjin Railway Station.We were on the bullet train heading to Beijing
Here is the bullet train from Tianjin to Beijing 30 minutes 127 km the distance from Tianjin to Beijing.The fastest it went was 337km per hour.Amazing!! We were in awe of the speed,smoothness and cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the bullet train!!

More to come
Monday morning.. Weekend have passed yet again. I still cannot get on the lappy to upload my holiday pictures, nevermind.. Will do it when I can.yesterday night was googling about air tickets. Yeah with the cheap flights now a days, one can plan for an out of the country holiday and yet don't feel so burdened by the amount one have to pay. I guess its worth it,if you get the package,flight + hotel.. You can plan whatever kind of holiday you want to.

Lil one is busy with school and activities. She's growing up way too fast.I realised that when she have converstions with her buddies that she's soon becoming a "tween".. Its like "friends are the most important people in her life" yeah everyone goes thru that stage of life. I don't know how hubby is going to adjust to that because all these years, daddy is the center of her universe:)or vice versa.

I have taken a step back at my workout. Not really, actually malas!! Ha ha. Should motivate myself again!!…

no computer at home and no wifi...

Its been a while since I updated my blog.Can only update my blog thru the ipad or bb.. But nak upload gambar punyalah leceh.nak beli macbook air but tak cukup duit lagi..hehe:) so sabor aje lah!!

We went on a trip to Tianjin/ Beijing. It was a first time trip to the land of China. Didn't know what to expect but was amazed and in awe upon arriving. I shall begin the story in the next post.. Hopefully with pictures and all:)

Wait and read ok..