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kemas or Ws

Today I am going to read my collection of books of decluttering. Been a while .
Well i am not the type who cleans like a cleanaholic but when i start and do.I cannot stop.
I shall clean. Soon.
Daily chores tu buat la.Ni thorough cleaning. Always love doing this before the holiday season.
Yesterday Debenhams ada sale sampai 70percent. Look see look see yang berkenan di hati semuanya new arrival
Today nak window shopping ke mana tak tau lagi.

just stuff

Its Saturday. Still there those things. I dont know when I shall clear them away.
Biar lah dulu.
looking for my decluttering book on my bookshelf. Been a while since I read em.


Have you all been to popular lately. The choices of malay story books have increased and buku ugama pun bertambah, Alhamdulillah.
I browsed and read a few.
Find it interesting that we have more choices to buy.
Came home felt inspired terus kemas bookshelf.Havent got any empty space to store new books
I remember those years ago, we can sell our books ,now i couldnt find any place that wants to buy my books.
I wish I can sell my books so that i can buy new books to read. I know now we can read anything online but i am that traditional reader must have a book in hand. I love the smell of books as well.

i am old

What a sunday
Seeing youngsters hangout I feel so old.
I wont be out here if not to wait for lil tween attending a birthday party.

These generation of young people make me go down memory lane how my young days were spent.
Soon in a few more years its my lil tween's time. And i will be the old lady.

window shopping not

I took this picture because i want to remind myself not to spend money unnecassarily
From today onwards i want to see what I spend on.
This post meant for myself.


Woke up today my body aching like nobody's business
Ok ok i need to change my eating habits.
As i woke up to a clean room i felt happy despite body aching.
plan for today nak keluar window shopping dont know if that is going to happen.
semangat nak mengemas masih berkobar kobar we will see how.
so many things to do yet so lazy to do

inspired to clean dream to design

Started my cleaning project since yesterday. Sambil tu i watched before and after today. Got inspired. I wanna do my house a minimalist japanese design when time permits. So inspiring because for such a small space, it can look big and spacious. While inspired tu i kemas la my barang. Funny kan never ending kemas  But thats a housewife's job. Selagi tak sedap mata memandang selagi tu dok alih barang and try to make it work.
That reminds me i need to go and collect my frame.
Ada lah poster from Paris I framed up
Sorted some clothes as well and gonna dump em in the orange boxes by the roadside

back home

Arrived from kampung safely alhamdulillah.
Now first load of laundry in. Second after this.
After that I am googling for holidays:)

mimpi minimal

Last night i was reading before i fell asleep. About minimalism.
This morning I got up and felt so inspired.
Everytime I balik kampung i feel at peace. My old room is so minimal that i feel so light.
Nanti balik Kl nak minimise again lah.
I used to be a hoarder but not anymore
I dont tend to keep and collect like I used to.
So it must be easier now kan.
ok lah.
Nak start the day.
This year we berkorban, alhamdulillah

malam raya haji

Takbir raya berkumandang in our house. Guys in the family is performing the takbir.
To my friends who are performing their haj may Allah blessed everyone's journey.
pray for my time to come, insya allah

burps and giggles



Tomorrow i will blog. Goodnight

this and that

I was at the bookstore a couple of days ago. Found a book for kid about 7 wonders of the world. Sat and read the book and an idea came to mind. Must ask hubby to do that part of travelling soon.
A couple of days ago has been spent time eating. Makan sana makan sini Masak and order in.
Its October and soon come December. started on reading on how to travel light. how do you travel the simplest . This topic I love most
yesterday i washed so many loads of laundry. but yet i havent spare any time to sort the pile.
i also packed winter stuff into a vacuum bag and into the luggage:) yeah...i plan as early as possible.
whenever i go out to the shop i go and see winter stuff to top up;)
I know ...whattodo I am a traveller 

never ending duty

What time of the year is it at countries with 4 seasons?
If so i am spring cleaning. For almost two weeks i just chucked my laundry on one side of the room. Not interested to sort em out But today as we got back from Garden mall  Tetiba i felt inspired to sort laundry.
So i have folded and sorted all out.
Theres 2 basket that need to be wash. Arghhhh all over again????
Memang housework ni never ending. Will go round and round merry go round.

window shopping

Today i thought why not I go and bersiar siar. Window shopping. I might just do that.