i am old

What a sunday

Seeing youngsters hangout
I feel so old.

I wont be out here if not to wait for lil tween attending a birthday party.

These generation of young people make me go down memory lane how my young days were spent.

Soon in a few more years its my lil tween's time.
And i will be the old lady.


Al-Manar said…
I told myself I must leave a few words after reading this entry.

Our daughter flew here from KL two days ago to lend support to her youngest boy who joined his primary school scout for an international jamboree in K Terengganu. And the two of us drove her to the camp-site to watch.

Didn't I feel old seeing one of our grandchildren. I suppose my daughter felt the 'age' seeing her boy when her eldest has done his SPM last year.

We all go through the unavoidable phase till the DAY.

Be grateful and happy that we have today.
Thanks for reminding.

I am grateful yes just teringat zaman muda:)

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