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I remembered saying bismillah before lunch just now but something I ate made my body aching after.Hope I feel better soon.

While watching tv just now I sat down with another luggage full of clothes that havent been worn for a while.
I sorted sikit but wasnt feeling well so now bersepah depan tv.
So happy when the cleaning mood datang but dah sakit badan..tergendala kejap

I need to be a minimalist.
I dont need stuff that becomes clutter
I always say that but while cleaning I will sayang this sayang that...ish ish ish

Dont know when I will succeed but I will keep on trying.

Hubby pun dah terjangkit my wish because when he sees me sorting he said " yeah I need to do that too with my clothes"
Sukalah I bila dengar.

esok hopefully dapat recycle one load.

Better continue my cleaning now

found this book while clearing my bookshelf

Finding inspiration while cleaning I will read this book

time passes us by

So many more pictures to post. Taking It slow and steady January 2013 is coming to and end in  A couple of days Soon come february... Chinese new year is coming We are planning for a short getaway Holiday is always best spent with loved thankful always
Time is is short. Must make time for what matters most.



mosquee de Paris

Inside the mosquee de paris
the feeling we felt as we walked in
Beautiful mosaic
The rue

Syukur alhamdulillah

dinner berdua

Hubby and I headed out to eat just the two of us . First we went to fatty crab as hubby said he wants to eat crab Queue was long so we headed to unique seafood pun the queue was long too.In the end we settled for sri thai Full of muslim customers today.
While we were waiting for our order to arrive we reminisce the early days of our marriage. Practically every weekend makan situ.lagi lagi masa pregnant.Those were the days where life was good.and stress level not high. What sweet beautiful memories.


Today is cleaning day washing day. Arghh bosan but siapa lagi nak buat kalau bukan suri dalam rumah.sun glaring hope the kaundry keringlah semua cepat cepat. Toilet ni pun I opened all the windows biar kering cepat. (Bila ada masa nak go sephora lah to see if they sell candles like sephora paris) nak decorate my toilet/bathroom macam resort Hubby dah bergolek tengok tv Lil one golek jugak tempat lain tengok tv
Dah penat scrubbing toilet I buatlah kopi.enjoying it now Mom was helping me with my bookshelf just now I feel like getting rid of all my books tau.but so sayang but so rimas at the same time
I must be adamant about it right. Sabor ajelahhhh


Missing shopping in Paris
How I wish I am still there Missing the winter weather too A lot.
Its time to send the winter clothes to the dryers.pack all winter socks, winter gloves, winter hats. Keep them at their place and pray hard for another winter holiday. It might take one year or 5 years I dunno.
Missing having husband at my back and call.. Just told him that just now.he grinned
Back in Malaysia he's always busy with work.hmmm
Takpelah ...thats how it thankful always.

paris dehors et environ


paris out and about


missing Paris

I know I know sounds so lame but I miss Paris. We were there for nearly a month. Ahhh bliss.bonjour Paris

As I cleaned and emptied my luggage I feel Paris... Missing everything about Paris
So I am going to layan my feelings today.


Its 305 am and I cannot sleep.
So let me blog about laduree
It is so nice and yummy. I have tasted macarons in malaysia but I didnt fancy them because its plain sugar.
But the ones from laduree is pure heaven.the taste of each of them is absolutely perfect.
I love the pistachio ones...yummy
They also sell yummy pastries.
Bought mini plain croissants and its the best croissants. 
Saw eclairs and such but didnt buy them.
During xmas season the queue to enter laduree was so long I didnt even bother
Come January the queue wasnt so bad and I went in.
Was attend to with such great poise...excellent!!
When I had the first bite I fell in love with them macarons....yummy
Worth the queue tho it can be costly .

Went to the one on champ Elysées.
There is also laduree store at the airport.

European holiday,I love

We met wonderful people during our trip.
From friendly souvenior shop owners, to friendly taxi drivers,to great friendly hosts...
This is why I LOVE travelling..Meeting new people in different part of the world.

Syukur alhamdulillah we are able to make this trip.
Thank you ALLAH to permit us to travel like this..
Its amazing.

 we didnt get to go to Annecy,maybe next time..

Next time we want to explore other part of Europe.

Time : 2pm
temp : 1c
Date : 14 jan 2013

next target

When you see it in euro rasa murah aje but when you convert to our currency. Oops mahalnya.
tapi tak apa... I want to save up for this...
Dah lama berkenan.


fitting and settling

As our holiday is nearing the end, we're trying to fit in and cramp everything so that we cover what we came for.

I have been blessed by this holiday.Syukur alhamdulillah.

Tomorrow is Sunday so most shopping area are closed. We have decided to go sightseeing for most of tomorrow

I plan to show lil one around the musee tomorrow.

Then next week will settle shopping.

bonjour For the love of longchamp

They pronounce is as Longchonk....something like that lah!
Kena sebijik when they didnt understand what we were saying. hahahhaa
Today we went out to St Honore yet again.
Masuk Longchamp I headed straight to the back to view and find the bags .
I also took one more bag and one for dad.
Happy k,But bila dah bawak keluar nak balik and hangkutnya la yang berat.
Hubby said...naik taxi je lah...naik taxi pak drebar tu ketawa tgk kita terhegeh hegeh nak masuk taxi dia with BIG longchamp paper bag.
If you go to Longchamp St honore...ramai SA dia yang friendly. I dont know if their salary are based on commision but most of them are friendly and speaks English.I made a new found friend there:) We're home
Ingat nak pegi musuem,musuem pun dah tutup.

We're going out to cari food.
Will review the place and post about it here k

-L O N G C H A M P-

shopping and cafe creme


long awaited holiday Paris!!

2005 was the last time we came to Paris.
Year after year I wished to come again.
Alhamdulillah after 7 years we're able to come again.
Amazing feeling to be in Paris. The feeling of Love
The lifestyle,the cafe living way.The fast pace of French people,the shopping(longchamp) keluar masuk buat macam rumah sendiri...Louis vuitton i belum masuk due to want to save the best for last)The metros and buses..
We became inlove with number 42 bus.LOL..It takes us direct from the front of our flat to all the favourite spots.We also hopped on the hop on hop off bus.Sejuk crazy when the angin blows

This time around we went to La Vallee Village at Val D europe
We also went to visit Disney village,Paris Grand Mosquee(amazing feeling) to feel the Islam in an European country.
We went to the Louvre but the queue was damn long so we just snapped pictures.
Eiffel Tower jangan sebut lah as we stayed at the foot of eiffel tower.
Glittering lights every hour of the night.Beautiful.

As of today we belu…