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Human Values

I wonder where human values are at now.I saw a couple just now obviously not husband and wife.They act like they're young and lively padahal dua dua dah berkerut.Hmmm I wont Kaypoh if not for them talking so loud sampaikan I cannot concentrate on what I was doing.
I usually dont care what people do when I'm out.But this couple they talk like restaurant tu bapak dia yang punya.So pissed off because its like I am not a customer at that place.I am paying for my food too so come on la humans,grow up la and think about after life.If you dont have enough respect for yourself to do that in public at your golden age.Go do it in private lah.
Astagfirullahulazim.Ya ALLAH forgive me for I have sin. Sin coz I saw what they did,in broad day light.
Forgive me ya ALLAH
Look at the clouds.
Hmm Headache ni pounding on my head like nobody's business.Haish.Ni boring ni.I dont wanna take pain killer coz I can fight it.Yep.Hubby dont allow me to makan panadol pun.He doesnt like it he said.
Aduh sakitnya kepala ku
Lil one is eating her snack.Pasta and fish fingers .I am trying to open up my eyes.


Lets talk about life purposes....
This morning in the car as we were driving home from breakfast,terbukaklah topic about someone that supposed to matter to husband dear but dengan perangai yang tak elok..terjadilah persengketaan keluarga.

As we grow older,we need to change.We need to have in us the capacity to change.We cant be like how we were 20 years ago.We go thru life as a journey and gain all the positive and negative experiences in life.We have to change,oh come on we're all in our mid life stage right now.For heaven's sake,CHANGE

People grow up.People learn from their own mistakes.People be there for each other.During hard and easy times.Dont just because someone is at their bottom of their life that people tend to ignore and just forget that that person existed.

We were speechless and told ourselves.Thats it.Thats the end of it.
Not just us,the rest of us too

We got a closure from that person's naiviety.
We let go.
I have been doing my housework as usual this morning.I can feel a headache coming.Please dont come and disturb me.I am in the mood to clean.I have sorted out a bit of a stuff for hubby to put in his car.So that when he go to mom's place ,he can pass the stuffs to mom.
I am inspired to have my house like the one you see on tv.No stuffs.No clutter


Kita memang diperintahkan oleh ALLAH untuk berusaha.
Insya ALLAH pintu rezeki akan terbuka .Berusahalah.

I am currently reading a book I bought a few weeks back.Very inspiring book by Syed Alwi.
Thank you GOD for letting me find this book during my difficult moments.I know and I believed what I read.
Bersyukur sangat sangat kerana dibukakan hati untuk membeli buku ni by looking at the title aje.

Been trying to connect for hours .I am so fedup with the astro channel and internet also like yucks.Hish Boring
Whats in the box.I took some stuffs out of it and scattered em on the floor to sort them out and then I realised that I dont have the mood to sort them out.So I put everything back in the box.Going to do it sikit per sikit.
Woke up in the middle of the night and ate the nasi lemak that hubby's aunt made for us.Hehe...Then slept again.Woke up for monday routine and then till now I havent started the house chores just yet.Just trying to get online is difficult enough this morning.

I want to clean and clean today. Love the cleanaholics.It inspired me to clean.


Heard a loud sound of a broken glass after we finished dinner.Whoa .Luckily no one got hurt.
Earlier during the day,I managed to rearranged the furniture in the house.I love to do that.I clean and change the feel of the home.I try and make it as cosy as possible.Lil one was surprised when she saw that she have a sofa in her room now.I thought that would make her comfy can watch tv and lie down on her sofa instead of her bed.

My living room is half empty now.I need to dejunk a big box of stuffs,junks.
We had dinner there.For someone very special.
Went to have brunch at Lil one's choice .Duduk makan and minum.Seorang main phone,seorang main Ipod..Seorang terlopong makan menikmati brunch.Its really hot today.
After that hubby said nak pergi pro shop nak cari something so we went la and Lil one was happily putting away.

Back home,I chilled for about an hour and then started rearranging furniture.Hah!!
Moved a small sofa into Lil one's room and now my living room have one 3 seater sofa.One rocking chair and a big box of stuffs yang nak dikemas.No mood yet to do that.
Whatelse should I clear away?Makin lama makinsikit barang I.
Want to live minimally and trying very hard ni.

Okdokie,going to shower and get ready and go out
Its past midnight and i am still awake.
A thought crossed my mind.Was talking to hubby earlier on during the day how some people dont have respect for others in public places.Let me ask you,How do you behave in public places?Do you smile to people?Or do you have that aura about you stating that ,DONT LOOK AT ME.I DONT LIKE IT.
I have the soul of a happy person.I smile at people and sometimes I expect too much I guess coz I expect people to smile back.
Living in a condo,I like because everytime you bump into someone we say our hellos and smile and off we go.I met one or even two moms who are as friendly as I am.Some I met ,they just dont want any eye contact so I said leave it to them

I love it when neighbours bother and take the time to ask how you're doing .I guess I love the life of our parents where neighbors care about each other.
Ook I am melaluting now .

Good night.
Went to gramps house and had coffee by the pool.As I arrived,grandma said go look and see what you want.She had a cleaning spree and she had all her and atok's old stuffs tersusun rapi by the pool.I got a few stuffs that I like..An old antique luggage,2 grandma's handbag and a winter coat.
Best best!!!
Going to have another shower now.So hot!!!
Then going to meet up with sister at gramps house..Grandma called sister to tell me to go to her house.Nak tengok periuk:)
Went to tapau food tadi .Came back home tutup langsir,pasang aircon and makan.Syoknya now my home dah cosy semacam so I am planning to nap for a while.
Went to the club for breakfast.Hubby and I got pissed off with bad service.Hish why la the service very bad.
After that we went to the gallery.View d property.
Haiya Ya Teramat Mahal.Zaman sekarang ni orang memang duit berjuta juta ke yang rumah nak melebihi 1 or 2 juta?Crazy!!! Melepas angan angan nak beli rumah cantik tu...
Dream on hubby said..Ha ha ha

Now Lil one is having her noodle for lunch.
Hubby is watching the dvd he bought last night.

I want to relax today,no cleaning,no ironing,no washing.
Making Fish Fingers for breakfast while hubby and Lil one is still sleeping.Weather is good this morning,Love it

What shall hubby and I do today?Go jalan jalan perhaps.
I wanted to watch tv but my astro is out of service.Sekejap ada signal,sekejap tak ada signal.Frust la macam niIt has been so many days,I'm like having problems with it.My sis thinks this is how they want us to top up our money to upgrade to Byond.Hmmmph.Iye ke?Boringlah macam ni.I want my astro back .I need to watch tv before bedtime.
Well I guess I'll just watch dvd lah.Hish
I was blog hopping just now.I felt like I have a boring blog after reading other mom's blog.So full of their lives story.
I also found a blog yang menginsafkan I .One of these days,I'm going to say hello and berkenalan.

I was also looking for another blogger .She havent been updating for quite a while now.
Well Lil one dah tidur.
I managed to iron clothes just now.Usually I dont do that...Hubby does:)He loves ironing so much and tip top ok.So I let him do that.

I want to go watch tv but no service pulak.
And oH Ya,I missed the hail storm yesterday.Rugi,if not I can snap piccas

Its Friday again.
Switched on the airconditioning,turn the astro into my favourite channel.Jazz music in the background,Curtains closed..Guess what I'm doing,Yep correct,Santai:)

No topic to write about just wanted my blog to have entry everyday.
I saw someone took her puppy to an eatery and I hate the fact that the owner of the eatery didnt ask her to take her puppy away.I hate the fact that certain self centered people never think that we live in a Muslim country,tolonglah respect sikit.Kan kotor binatang dibawak ke tempat makan.Hish
I cannot get the thought out of my mind.
Was at my sister's house for tea.We sisters had a good chat and just hung out together.Come Maghrib,semua balik ke rumah masing masing.
It seems that we cannot if we tak jumpa more than 2-3 days.Sure nak jumpa and hang out tukar tukar stories.

Lil one is in bed,I have channel 103 switched on but entah apa cerita so I blog a bit .And read news.

I am going to settle for the night in a bit.Quite tiring today coz petang tadi weather very cooling.
It doesnt matter what when and where,I feel so overwhelmed today about my housework.
Why do I have to do it all?No I dont have to but that is my responsibility.But I dont feel like doing any cleaning or sorting.Hmm..I feel like its a never ending job and when I do one part of the house,its never done.hish

I am going to rest and watch tv and fall asleep.
I have an errand to run tomorrow morning.
We just got back from Dinner at *pp****h...
Freaking mad with the kind of service they provide.Told hubby I am not going to a place that take our money and give shi**y service.
hish has been raining since petang tadi.
Lil one has gone to bed.Hubby is repairing something in the house.Yeah,he's the handyman in the house:)

Guess what I have put an old clothes hamper by the door,Anyone in this household who thinks that they dont want to use anymore clothes or toys or whatsoever can put it in the hamper.I am donating it to my sister's maid .

Seronok coz got new mission ,new energy to clean

Okdokie goodnight
Its been a while..Ha ha I was busy blog hopping,didnt have time to blog:)


It has been a very busy week.With LiL one having dance and singing class every alternate days.Today we woke up so very early and we got back home at 3pm ish and I felt so like a zombie coz I couldnt sleep last night thinking of missing the alarm clock this morning.

Lil one is in her room playing .I'm listening to Jazz and I am thinking what to have for dinner.Please please hubby,bring us something la today.

School is starting in a week and I just hope I can relax this couple of days.
Last week my cousin came home from down under with her tot and hubby.Her hubby was on working trip.She managed to tagged along:)
We all apalagi.Everyday dari pagi sampai malam ada aje activity
We had great fun watching Lil nephew with his Antiques.
I miss him so much already.
This week school where to go dont have anything to do.
Going to wake Lil one up and go have breakfast somewhere with her.
Need to go buy something to at the shop so Lets kejut Lil one now.
We had nescafe and coffee this morning after breakfast somewhere in Pj.
Today is the last day of school.Its awesome how we get so many holidays in a year.Hah!!

Have to plan stuffs to do with Lil one.We might just swim from morning until noon and then sambung in the afternoon.

Weather memang tak menentu so just hope it wont rain when we decide to swim.
Went out to Bangsar and teman my cousin bawak her son potong rambut.
Went also to the bookshop.Oh my I love books!!!

Now at home,I'm going to scrub the toilet and kemas rumah.
Its been 4 days tak kemas rumah hahaha
It doesnt matter.I woke up feeling very shitty.
Tadi best dapat jumpa Lil neice pun...he he Always dancing,holding her mom's blackberry.So cute la those two lil people..hehe
My sister drove home and I ate her strawberry cheesecake,ya allah,sedapnya.

Hubby picked me up with Lil one in tow.He sent us home,I showered and now I am lying down for a while.Told Lil one,dont kejut me if I fall asleep.I need an eye shut for a bit.

Cant wait for tonight.Got outing makan with sisters and cousins hopefully
I went to my sister's house this morning.We have an outing with our cousins.
Arrived at the shop and headed for minum pagi.Then we went jalan jalan and in the end I ended up shopping.I got myself 3 stuffs...that I know that I didnt plan on buying but considering its baju,I bought.Dah lama tak beli blouses for everyday wear.
They are eating downstairs and I 'm up typing this having coffee and people watching.

It has been 2 nights I havent gotten enough sleep.I hope I can sleep better tonight.

Semalam my hubby's bestfriend and his wife bertolak mengerjakan Umrah...Ya Allah seronoknya...
Last night after watching B.Loser Asia finale baru I tidur...So today I feel like a zombie.Tried to nap just now after breakfasst but then couldnt nap coz was so into this movie on 413.
Now after settling everything I think I shall go lie down and rest.
I have dinner to go to tonight ..
We had great dinner last night .Nasi Daun pisang...
Love watching Lil nephew makan peria goreng and he is simply cute...
Lil one just wanted nasi and ikan curry curry business..ha ha ...Apa apalah dear asalkan you nak makan nasi...
Its been a couple of days.No connection at home thats why no update:)
I'm watching Perfect Housewife..Inspired ni..
Gotta go
The panas is taking its toll on me.It is so panas I can barely do anything.Just feel like sleeping
I am with Lil one downstairs ,she's cycling.There's a few kids playing too..hee hee..dah malam pun playing lagi...tak apalah kan kids will be kids.

I didnt cycle today.

Rained heavily

Rained heavily as I was about to walk to the car.Habis Lil one and I basah.Dalam kereta pun basah.
Luckily it wasnt too bad.

I am waiting for Lil one to finish class and then we are going to my sister's house.
Its Friday,lets take a break:)

Dad's story

While I was cleaning I teringat what my Dad said yesterday.
My siblings and I love listening to Dad's story.About his childhood.About growing up in a kampung with many siblings.

I guess as we get older we tend to mellow down kan?Like me for example.
I dont like noise.I dont like chaos.I love peace and quiet.

Remembering those days Mom drives us around from school,tuition,dance class,mengaji...we used to love listening to loud music in the car and mom will always turn down the volume.We used to tell her,"Alaaaa Mak,kuatlah sikit,tak dengar lah perlahan sangat music tu"
She'll always answer with this,"Hish Mak tak suka lah music kuat kuat ,buat mak migraine aje"

I noticed that I'm like that now...Oh no...I'm getting old but I love it....
I can say that I'm exactly like mom:)

The other day I saw nanny 911 on 107 .
This particular father loves to yell at his daughters.The nanny said,the yelling must stop!!

Ok I understand I dont have to yell at my Lil one.Onl…

Him time my time

Ada orang nak kena kemas nak cari mana nak put all these softies

Ada orang tu pergi tengok Golf Malaysian Open

Tak panas ke?
I am cleaning my house.Snap some pictures here some pictures there.Ada one big gigantic box..full of dunno what .I need to sort that out but so not in the mood.Hish
I'm going to fry meehoon for dinner...
Santai dinner aje lah tonight:D

My read

This is the book I'm reading now.Well I know its shown on tv but reading about it makes my imagination goes wherever its supposed to go..Ha ha...
Hubby sent me out .I waited for parents and sister to come.Met my neighbor.So chatted for a while and then when they arrived we proceeded to have breakfast.
Lepak sembang,waited for dad's appointment and then terus lunch there ..ha ha

Hubby came to pick me up and then hantar me home.I ate a migraine pill .Its so hot and I need a shower

Tried my luck with hubby just now..."Jom swim yang"
...He answered "Weiii ingat I tak payah kerja kah" ha ha ha

I am going to rest for a while now.
Pagi ni terlambat bangun.Usually I wake up at 5.3o so that I have time to have my nescafe before suboh.But today terlajak sikit..But managed to get everything done and ready .

Hubby beli breakfast and he just finished eating.
I am waiting for him to shower and then send me .Going out with mom and sister.
Mom want to shop:)

Will see what she'll end up buying today.She doesnt shop really .She'll browse thru and then go home and think about it first.
It seems that every 2 weeks before my "lady friend" come for a visit,I get really grumpy and short with everybody around me...
Eeee boringlah macam ni.

Lil one is doing her homework and I'm surfing for a bit.

Today Wednesday,very busy day.
This morning went to visit my baby cute.Kejap aje dah 9 hari

I know,I'm a housewife

I love watching Perfect Houswife,Cleanaholics and Hoarders.It makes me want to clean and dejunk.I tend to get inspired wathing these programmes.
So now I have pushed in 3 big containers which contains Hubby's shoes,Lil one's soft toys and Lil one's art work.These are the things that I know that I want to keep but its not wrong to take them out and sort them out again right?

There's another big box that I dont want to even touch yet because then I dont have the place to put em .

So now,starting slow,going down on my knee...declutter begins:)
Because it is really hot,we are going swimming...