Dad's story

While I was cleaning I teringat what my Dad said yesterday.
My siblings and I love listening to Dad's story.About his childhood.About growing up in a kampung with many siblings.

I guess as we get older we tend to mellow down kan?Like me for example.
I dont like noise.I dont like chaos.I love peace and quiet.

Remembering those days Mom drives us around from school,tuition,dance class,mengaji...we used to love listening to loud music in the car and mom will always turn down the volume.We used to tell her,"Alaaaa Mak,kuatlah sikit,tak dengar lah perlahan sangat music tu"
She'll always answer with this,"Hish Mak tak suka lah music kuat kuat ,buat mak migraine aje"

I noticed that I'm like that now...Oh no...I'm getting old but I love it....
I can say that I'm exactly like mom:)

The other day I saw nanny 911 on 107 .
This particular father loves to yell at his daughters.The nanny said,the yelling must stop!!

Ok I understand I dont have to yell at my Lil one.Only before pms aje that I get very uptight if things go slow motion meaning her way of doing things.

I love the fact that I can discuss and have conversations with my Lil one.
She actually undestood me since she was 3 ...hee hee

And another story....
I believe that whatever we do,we have to reflect back in the mirror and see whats wrong with our way,our thinking,our perception.
I told hubby the other day.Dah umur macam ni,I dont want la to waste my time hearing gossips and listening to negative thots.I am changing.I want to be a good person who ages gracefully and redha dengan ketenteraman yang ALLAH beri to us.

Will continue later:)


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