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I didnt just goyang kaki.I made an effort to declutter,Here is the proof:)

Feels useless,Cant stand for long.I need to do my housework but I dont have the energy to stand for long..:(
So I'm just relaxing in my living room...
So many things to get done over with but no energy..
Wanna masak also but hmmm..
Just masak air just now pun so tired..:(

At 2 pm I washed laundry...Cannot stand my eyes looking at dirty laundry.Dah sidai dah pun.
Now resting again...
God please let me get well soon

Knee pain

This happened yesterday morning... Sakitnya lututku... Last night ,hubby washed the dishes,sapukan minyak at my knee with habbatusauda oil... Bangun pagi ni lega sikit but still sakit. He helped me a lot with the lil one and housework. Right now I'm watching cnn and relaxing on my chequred sofa.. How nice if someone can make me nescafe..

Sprained my knee

Its Monday.
I sprained my knee...So sakit,I cant even walk properly.Then by tengahari I felt feverish.So i took some pain killers and rested.After that hubby picked me up from my sister's house and sent me to the drs/Ya allah..nak jalan terhenjot sakit but Ku gagahkan jua..
Then suddenly hubby called saying that kereta rosak.I had to call Dad to help pick me up and then pick up Lil one stuck with hubby.
Ayah sent us home and I dengan henjotnya jalan naik atas...
Ate my swelling pill and painkiller.
Made pancakes for us to eat and now resting with the channel 511 switched on.
Woke up early even on a Saturday.
I opened the windows and doors so that the morning breeze .I love to smell fresh air.
Glued to the tv on more stories of Michael Jackson.

Lil one and hubby is still sleeping.
We're busy with ballet and dance class today
Shutting the laptop off now since the connection is so so bad..
Good night Michael Jackson,Goodbye to you


I found this chart I printed for Lil one and I laminated it so that she can keep it on her table and check on it daily.

Its Table Manners Chart,before school chart..So proud to say that she's been good with the chart.I guess as long that its something positive and will build her living skills character,I'll keep on going for CHARTS:)Now I'm watching cnn and bbc and Lil one is watching DVD's..Its alright since its Friday already


Its going to finish soon..Yayness..

Lil one is doing her homework in her room.She's snacking on something too.
I'm still glued to the tv,folding clothes in front of the tv..
Today I think cnn and bbc's ratings are very high.

Tonight hopefully hubby can take us out,I want to go and buy Michael Jackson's cds...
I am glued to the tv.I cant do anything.
The last time I was glued to tv was in 2001...Before that 1997 when Princess Diana died.
I'm so sad..
Very gloomy my day

So Sad..Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett is dead

While getting ready this morning ,I received an sms from my cousin down under.
"Michael Jackson is dead.So sad"
My heart skipped a beat!!What??I switched on cnn and saw BREAKING NEWS MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD..
I'm so sad!!
I grew up with his songs,singing and dancing to his songs..
And then big sister text saying Farrah Fawcett died too...
Oh my
So many death in a day..

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett..
Got back home late.Had dinner at sister's house...So kenyang Makan nasi kerabu plus budu..Ha ha
Settled what I had to settled and now just checking my mail .I'm falling asleep already.So tired today
G'nite Mate
I am taking a break at my sister's house.....I need to get back home after this .Have so many things to do..
Being here makes me missing my cousin who is Down Under.We spent time here a lot before she left...

Lil C and Dear Kazen

I am missing Lil C and his mommy!!
Do well you all..

What will I do?

Without blogspot,twitter,facebook,gchat,skype?


Men are like...

I got this in an email....just had to share it
ha ha

Men are like.... 1. Men are like ..Laxatives ..... They irritate the crap out of you.

2. Men are like.Bananas . The older they get, the less firm they are.
3. Men are like Weather . Nothing can be done to change them.
4. Men are like .Blenders You need One, but you're not quite sure why.
5. Men are like .Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.
6. Men are like .Commercials ....... You can't believe a word they say.
7. Men are like Department Stores . Their clothes are always 1/2 off!
8. Men are like ......Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature.
9. Men are like .....Mascara . They usually run at the first sign of emotion.
10. Men are like Popcorn ..... They satisfy you, but only for a little while.
11. Men are like Snowstorms .... You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.
12. Men are like .Lava Lamps ... Fun to look at, but not…
Was just wondering..Pernah tak ,you bloggers when outside with family having an outing at the mall or makan makan somewhere ever wonder if you're ever going to terserempak with another blogger?I sometimes do wonder:)

This morning hubby and I had Tosei and Puri for breakfast somewhere in Solaris.Sedap that kedai originally from Nothern India kot.Nice food.

Saw the traffic there,it was fine..When I'm there in Mt Kiara,I feel like I'm in Singapore..those days la..Coz Bangunan semua tinggi tinggi...its like too congested already.But I can see that place is such a clean place to live in.Sambil tengok tu dok memujuk hubby:)

I have swept the whole house.Nak wash the dishes sikit lagi and then going to do laundry
I am so hungry this late...heh!!
Teringin makan cake..hmm .Tomorrow morning have to buy cake ha ha
Okdokes.Weather is too nice tonight.The after rain oh how I love it.
When I dah clear all the junks in my house,I'm gonna start concentrating on my photographs..I have a bag full of them but not too sure what to do with it all..Hmm I think I should start scrapbooking but it takes lots of time and energy..Hee hee..So I guess I'll just concentrate of doing collages...
I have a collage blog ...if anyone is interested to put up their pictures as collage and frame it .Last year I did 10 big frames of Collage..I enjoyed doing...Message me if you're interested..Charges apply:")
Secondly I can also concentrating more on baking.Lil one needs to get used to the kitchen:)She's been asking so many times.
For now,I'm going to continue what I started,ClEaRiNg jUnKs...
This morning after tapauing breakfast home,my friend picked me up to go have coffee.So we did have coffee and then went to the supermarket.Got stuffs to cook and now I'm back home...Lying down in my living room just finished watching Jon and Kate.

Never ending

Here I am sitting in my living room,folding and sorting clothes that I took out from our wardrobe.Why is it that its always a mess in there?Hmmm..Why is it that "men" cant just take the first baju out?Why must they take something in between always?
I dont need the xtra work all the time dont I?
Will have to have new rules for baju sepah and berterabur .Take the first baju first...It goes on day by day..

Actually I 've eaten my dinner but why am I still hungry?
Steamed Fish and yummy.Lil one loves it..

Ok Second helpings..ha ha...
Watching tv and folding clothes.When will this ever end?hish

I'll show pictures tomorrow ...Bout my junks I'm trying to dejunk..heh!!
I think I'll make cookies..Lil one sure suka when she gets home and smell cookies:)The weather is perfect
Today is the perfect day to sleep in.
I woke up at 3am this morning and cari makan in the kitchen and doze off after eating,in front of the tv.H a H a...Its been a long long time since I woke up in the middle of the night looking for food.
Woke up late,rushed as usual.Chis

Weather is too good to be true...Loved the morning wind and rain.I opened all the windows and doors in the house so the air gets circulated...Yippee..

Just had breakfast with hubs,makan meehoon putih and meegoreng yang teramat pedasnya.Rushed home coz someone's got to poop!

I'm lying down in front of my tv wanting to do nothing...Just updating my blog and blog hopping..
We had the ritual morning breakfast .After that we ran errands.
I am sorting thru clothes that is old and not so old.I need to sort it out as fast as I can.
I have washed laundry,and masak.

Now I'm going to take pictures for stuffs to sell off:)

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day?
Wanna see whats lil one doing on father's day?

While they're doing all these things,I clean.But why is it that my house is still not clean?Chis
Yesterday we went out to have a lil birthday dinner .Just the 3 of us... Lil one took along these toys of hers.. I woke up with a sore throat.Aiseh Man.
Lil one is still sleeping.
I had a weird dream last night bout people in ihram -(need to think back about my dream)

We arrived for dance lessons right on time.While the kids were having their lessons,My sister and I went to my Aunts house,had nescafe and Nasi Goreng Sedap!! ...Mmm Yummy!!
We used to have that for breakfast when Our Great Aunt was living with us when we were much younger.
Walked back to the dance class and they finished off right on time and they went for a swim for about an hours an a half.Great!!

We drove home and saw a lorry terbalik at the traffic light.Kesian.Luckily didnt see anyone trapped in that lorry.

Lil one asked me to sing her the Birthday Song,well I did and she was smiling from ear to ear for quite a while..

Here goes the song in tune with the normal happy birthday song

"Happy Birthday to Lil one
You were born in the hospital
On the 20th of June at 16plus pm
Happy Birthday Lil one"

"Happy Birthday Lil one
Daddy said you were the smallest
But you were the loudest in the nursery
Happy Birthday Lil one"

Happy Birthday Lil one
when you came out smiling at me
You …

Lv and Camera

I have been thinking of my Dream "Louis Vuitton" Bag..hmm How I wish I can just walk into the store and grab one or two?:)Hmm..Its not that I dont want to buy it or cannot buy it,I am thinking and thinking because as I grow older,I dont buy on impulse anymore.I think and think,dream and dream about it first:)Ha ha

And I'm also dreaming about my camera....the one macam everyone is carrying now.So I am surfing and reading on cameras. Teringin dah lama but its so expensive I have to think like so many times:)


Coffee sessions

Missing my cousin and nephew on a Saturday like this.Before they left for down under,We practically met all the time.Spending time with little C ... Well I am missing our coffee sessions.All sisters and cousins having a good time..Hmm.. Hope eveyrone is doing well.. I am going to get ready after Zohor,Lil one have dance class and after that swimming session.. Have a good weekend my blogreaders:)


Last weekend we went to a wedding in PutraJaya..That was my first time ever in PutraJaya so the "jakun ness" in me went snapping away:)

The Dewan Kejiranan was awesome.The airconditioning perfect for a really really hot hot day.

Getting them up earlier today.I know its nice to sleep in but routine comes back in full force.Ballet lessons,Dance Lessons..:)
I babysat my nephews for a few hours earlier today.Well...they're not babies anymore but they're my nephew.
Hung out at sister's place for a while and waited for hubby to come pick us up to go home and have our dinner.
Right now I cant even open my eyes.I'm eating Kuey Teow goreng we tapau-ed before we got home.
Nip tuck is on and actually I was dozing off already and then remembered I havent eaten my Dinner:)
Today i settled everything very fast.
Dinner,shower,solat bedtime..
Now I'm browsing blogs.Need to take more pictures to upload
What else is new?

Homeworktime -
I told myself that I will let her do her homework on her own.I'll just be doing my work.
I just have to monitor on the side while folding the laundry.

She will want to eat after this.

Using my new slow cooker

I have put on my slow cooker and made beef soup.Rice is cooking.
Spoke and saw my cousin and nephew on Skype and they're settling down.
I have mopped my house,washed clothes.
Now I'm resting for a while before going into Lil one's room and dejunk it.

Feeling hungry already.Hope the food will cook by the time I finish cooking.
It was so difficult to get up this morning.So malas!!Not supposed to be in my dictionary.
Lil one lagi susah and luckily hubby is more patient than I am..He pujuk lil one and got her ready when I prepared her morning food.
Managed to get out of the house before time.

After that hubby and I ran errands and had our breakfast.Its so expensive to makan KueyTeow Soup and Mee Kicap now a days...

The first day of school after the 2 week break

I didnt do any cleaning today .heh.

Lil one and I melayan perasaan coz my cousin and her son left this morning .They moved overseas.Now dah malam macam ni rasa so sunyi.Miss them.Belum ada news about their arrival.Just now she received text that she was on transit.
Wishing her a good life in negeri orang.Do wonders with ur child and hubby over there..This is the time to fill it up for them both and also yourself:)

Okdokie.Lil one just finished her online revision.I will have to ask her to go to bed now.

Bags checked,hw done,uniform ready,shoes ready.
Bedtime now!! For her that is
Very lazy to do anything today.Came back home after sending stuffs to mak and then tried to log on using Lil one's laptop ...managed to get the broadband working.Yahoo...My laptop dah kaput.

So after lepak and lazing around in my living room,I showered for the second time today coz felt so lazy.Done whatever that I was supposed to be doing and now ready to go do some grocery shopping.Dont know where yet but need to..
Its been a while since I last updated my blog.
We have been busy preparing for Lil one's birthday party.
It was on saturday by the pool.She had the greatest time of her life swimming with her friends...Thanks friends and cousins ,Mak Ayah,sisters,hubby for making it possible...We had more than enough food to even take home.Well my sister said the food was too banyak but I said to her I was just afraid that food not enough.

After the party,we hung out at Dad's place..the house was packed with people so nice.

On Sunday pulak we attended 2 weddings.One was hubby's cousin and the other was my cousin.
So packed weekend and so tired even till now the first day of school after 2 week break I feel very exhausted.

Another update: My cousin migrated today.Missing them already.:(:(

Hope they'll arrive safely and begin a prosperous life there...

I'll update more later...
The breakfast we fancy at Al Safwa...sedapnya
I stumbled on a blog and made me missed our time in Makkah and Madinah..Kerinduan pada Tanah Haram tu datang ikhlas dari hati...Cant explain it.
Lets just leave it to dear hubby

Its nearing 3pm,Lil one just showered and smelling good right now.
I cant bear the heat outside thats why I didnt want to get ready so early to go out.The heat can make me feel dizzy.Dont like that feeling
Supposed to have an outing with sister but Lil one woke up so late I think 10 to eleven am.So I told sister,not to worry about us and go ahead...Dunno if she's gone by now .I didnt want to rush out coz Lil one seems to be taking her own sweet time waking up and had her breakfast .Now she's watching some sort of Totally Spies is it?
I allowed her because lagi a few more days aje for tv time..:)

Made myself mee udang and ok la not too bad.Hubby tak suka he said muak.
Told hubby that he needs to take us out tomorrow to buy stuffs and cari kain for raya.I know these tailors wont accept like 3 months before puasa pun. So I'm just going to grab 2 each for us .Thats about it.

I've dejunk my dining table yang tak serupa dining table..
So its clearer and better now.

Need to do a lil bit more cleaning before visiting grandmom..and anyone else at her house..
Before keluar ni need to settle the house so that I tak pening when I come back later..

Morning chores...

Since I couldnt sleep again,I buat housework.I vacuumed the balcony and then I washed dishes.I need to sort out a few other things but the mood is not here.How?
I was awoken by Lil one lying on our bed.She never do that.She always sleeps in her own bed.And then suddenly felt basah on my mattress..Oh no...Did she have an accident on my bed?I quickly got up and bukak cadar and comforter and then told her to get up and wash up.I scrubbed my mattress hard.Alamak,kan kita kena sucikan tempat tidur coz I do pray in my room a lot.My father used to tell me,ingat jangan biar bilik tidur kita di Najisi if there's such word..ha ha..So I scrubbed it hard,switched on the fan so it will dry up fast.Hubby had to move out and sleep on the rocking chair.
Kesian Lil one I terjerit kat dia pagi pagi tadi..sian dia...dia dah wash up and changed and now sleeping back on her own bed.
Dirty sheets in the machine...
Well I wanted to sleep in today but cannot dah so I better start doing my housework early today and maybe later can sleep back.Tak cukup tdo lagi ni..
As I prepare myself to sleep,I cleaned my console table.Sorted out books on it.Told hubby that console is just for books.Religious books because I have a full bookshelves for story books ..Yep I'm fussy so just follow my rules...:)Since I'm staying home and I do the housework more just follow la no need to fight fight...

We're watching or better to say we're hearing the syarahan by this mufti.Its a good syarahan..I love it.

Sambil tu dok fikir what shall we do tomorrow>?
We went to Bangsar to do some party shopping.Well Lil one heret me into TOYSRUS...nasib baik tak borong satu kedai:)Tak borong pun just bought some swimming toys for her party.After that we ate at Chawan..I had the soto ayam and she had kueyteow soup.Ok la not too bad.After that we went to Bangsar Village 11...browsed thru the shops.They have nice clothes in Zara but nothing was on sale so biar dulu shopping for me yet.
We later went to the supermarket and bought a few things.
Balik driving I put on the cd I bought at Speedy.Doa Murah Rezeki.I like to hear cd cd surah surah ni...very calming.
Came back home,told lil one to shower because too hot outside.
After that monitored her preparing her party excited she got.

Now I'm lazing on my bed with the air conditioning on...cant tahan la the heat...

Party checklist

Food ordered
Drinks by lil sister
Party pack done
Photographer checked
Party dress (going out to buy now)
We're all set and ready.Going out to buy party stuffs.Lil one is so excited because sms came in asking what is she into now...Her answer " Hannah Montana"

Hubby is ironing the clothes now.He is so good at it that I dont have to do it:)
Woke up so early this morning and saw these things standing up like that.Yeah those are things on the bed.
I got up but feeling too lazy.Need to get out today and get party stuffs for lil one.See what time she's gonna wake up.
Lil one just showered and I've just settled the party pack.Tomorrow I'm going out shopping for party stuffs...

Again Pavillion

Hubby sent Lil one and I to my sister's house and then my sister drove us to the Pavillion and after that to the hotel.
Kids had fun.But lil nephew wasnt feeling too good I think today...he's cranky.Hopefully he's alright coz he'll be travelling away.
Spent time at the pavillion makan at the food court.Ok la not to bad the price but the food wasnt a thing to talk about.After jalan jalan into prada,tods,coach and then headed to The Loaf to have coffee.Kids also had some to eat and drink.
Drove back to the hotel and then changed the kids and headed to the pool..Weather wasnt on our side since yesterday but the kids managed to have a lil fun.

Now i'm back home.Big sissy sent us home.I've washed clothes for today and then cooking pasta tomato and cheese for lil one.She need to shower and then have her dinner and then go to bed.I need to clean house do my chores and then go shower and have a good night sleep before tomorrow another long day.

Spent at Pavillion

Yesterday was spent having coffee and makan at the Pavillion.First we were at Esprit and then went to Tangs and then to La Bodega and after that to Parkson and then back to the hotel.Cousin and her hubby is putting up at the hotel before their move.So spent the rest of the day with 2 lil niece and nephew together with my lil one.Us 3 cousins had a good time well spent.Now at a different level coz the last time we were at a hotel it was way before all of us got married,that was a holiday in nice:)And this time 3 of us with kids of our own.
Best day hang out with them.
Got back home,finished washing all the laundry for the day and kaput.

Today I woke up with a splitting headache.Was supposed to get ready by 10 .going out again.But text sister that she will have to go first.I need to settle my headache and then go join them.We're going to hang out again:)Cool...

Need to go get a few baju for myself at the Pavillion today .Dunno if that's goin to happen tak.
You know la Li…
Came back from kampung last night.At around SG Buloh we saw an accident just happened.a car in the middle lane on our side of the road was facing the other way round.We saw a couple carrying 2 kids out of the car.I called my sister at the back of me and told her to becareful.A minute later sister called and said the car was on fire and burning already.Kesiannya.My sister and her friend called the bomba .
Arrived home,I washed the laundry but realised this morning I havent hangdry them.I was so exhausted.
Ok now I'm going to hangdry my laundry and then have my nescafe before getting ready to go visit and spend time with my cousin who is leaving for down under in a weeks time.
Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.
Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.
We're in our kampung....pagi ni everyone woke up its 12.26noon and its blackout.So kepanasan now
Sampai sampai aje we went straight to makan Assam Laksa yang deliciously sedap.Had xtra iceblended with it.

While eating my laksa and Lil one playing on the laptop,saw 2 familiar faces walking thru the shops,it was my lil sister and her bestfriend..

Ha ha I got tricked I thought they were still in Kl..tengok tengok they arrived before us:P
Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.


On they way to our kampung yesterday...I snapped pictures along the way.Hubby macam dah biasa aja dengan tengok I with my camera snapping away:)

Lil one was yackety yacking away from the back seat.The sun was too hot yesterday.Glaring into our car.Hmmm..But I didnt complain much.

Hubby was munching away with his asam boi and crackers and Lil one was singing all the way.

Now while waiting for hubby to rest for half an hour I decided to log on and upload pictures.

We're going to go out and get party packs ready.
Its 11 am and we're going to eat breakfast now..
Kitchen sink dah empty...Dah basuh segala apa yang ada dalam tu.
Washing machine is twirling and spinning..
Ada baju pagi tadi sedang dibasuh.
Just spoke to Mak and she said,today tak masak apa pun,tak sempat..They just got back from Jusco,beli wedding presents.
Have to remember to pay her nanti.
Hubby pergi solat Jumaat kat mana harini I tak sure.
Lil one is in her room drawing and imagining things:)

What a beautiful day out...Can see that the sun isnt glaring ..
Dah seminggu cuti sekolah dah seminggu juga we all d rumah tak ke mana mana this time around.
Cuma nak balik kampung aje..Will definitely snap pics on the way home
Sambil mengemas bilik terjumpa pulak camel ni...tercegat diam diam kat my bookshelves.He he..This is Lil one's camel that I bought in Madinah.Ada keluar music bila camel tu berjalan cute.Ni camel tengah sorok in my room la ni...Manakah tuannya?

Fridge magnets

Yesterday I decluttered mykitchen and susun my fridge magnet yang beribu tu.
I missed going for holidays and collect fridge magnets:)

Here is part of the fridge
Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

Someone lil in the family is enjoying her holiday by waking up late.We never do this except for this holiday...I let her .I allowed her to watch dvd's and play as long as you want...Color and Draw as long as you want dear...

Last night she stunned me ..she took the broom and the dust pan and began sweeping her room.She actually cleaned and cleared her room...I personally think all the bebelan all these years went into her tiny head...she made me proud..
Its Friday...One week have passed and one more week to go.
Both of them are still sleeping and I am packing for our trip .
Wonder if lil one will wake up easily afterwards.Hubby is still snoring away...a sign that he doesnt wanna wake up yet.

Kitchen spring cleaning

Since we didnt get to go anywhere this holiday,I decided to spring clean started off with my kitchen.
Dunno how its going to be just needed to declutter the shelves.I cant live a cluttered life can I ?
This evening hubby came home early to bring lil one to the clinic.She's been complaining about pain at her abdomen.
While waiting for the queue at the dr's,we went to have our dinner.
We woke up not so early during the school holidays.
Lil one has been watching her princesses dvd's almost nightly before bed.I told her to enjoy her holiday,not to open her books...let the books rest too:)And of course her mind...let it relax.
Now we are getting ready to go to the clinic and to feed the animals.After that we're going swimming
Just finished watching "You've Got Mail"...Aww the feeling so nice to fall in love without knowing that you've fallen...I like the ending when she said," I wanted so much for him to be you!"...Awww I'm such a romantic..heehee..
I was smiling ear to ear till I saw the news about the Air France ...I am so sad to read about it.

Its nearing 23.30 and I am not even sleepy,why?Because I had 5 mugs of nescafe today.heh

I went to feed