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When Hubby cooked

Hubby cooked on the 29th of August..
As the alarm went off we woke up for Sahur. Lil one woke up asking for susu with eyes shut..hmmm

I managed to washed a load of laundry just now and dah hangdry.Hopefully it will dry quickly.I have a lot of laundry to iron:(blergh..

Before sleep last night I read this one particular red book that gives me the chills..I started my sleep with zikir..Insya ALLAH diampunkan segala dosa dosa lalu..
To cleanse my soul I zikir,its a good way doesnt matter when you do it,as long as you dont stop it.No harm trying..
I got that advice when Hubby and I faced financial difficulty.It made our heart strong,our strength stronger.Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Ok dokes.before I blabber too much,I want to go and sleep for a while.
I need to get up early to go out and run errand..
This morning I woke up I settled the dishes.Put a load of laundry in the washer.The weather looks perfect .Hope it rains soon.
I think I'm coming down with a sorethroat coz it feels itchy...
They'r still sleeping.What a lovely morning.
I have loads to do do actually but dont know where to begin.
Well I hope the mood comes soon..hee hee
As I am sitting down on the couch with my laptop on the coffee table,I teringat kan time kat MAKKAH pada bulan 4 yang lalu.Actually the thoughts never run far..everyday teringat kat MAKKAH but bulan puasa ni sayu pulak.
So I text our Mutawif seronok dia bertanyakan khabar budak budak.
He still remembers us..
Seronoknya teringat time kat sana lagi lagi sekarang ada daily update from Cik Li's update everyday about TANAH HARAM.

May ALLAH bless us all,insya allah
I dont know whats wrong with my lappy.I cant seem to upload full picture..Hmm..Tensionnya.

Today berbuka was so fun and fullfilled...Kenyang sampai now.
Lil one dah 3 weeks tidur lambat,I asked her to go in awal today because next week start sekolah,Dia terkebil kebil tak boleh tidur.Enought of holiday,tomorrow kena bukak buku sekolah.Nak check segala apa hw yang ada nak kena habiskan.

I am enjoying the cold air from outside..Seronoknya bila tak payah switch on the fan and feel the cool..
I just hope it will rain again tonight.

Tomorrow have to get up early and go do some work outside.

Semenjak puasa start ni,time tdo time bgn semua haywired.


I need to get my butt up and clear up the balance of the stuffs that needs to be thrown away or donated.I am sick and tired watching in scattered in my living room .I try very hard to put at the side of the wall...But theres still too much clutter.I know my bad..Stuffs from all over the years accumulated from shopping and holidaying here and there...hmmm..

Hubby said sayangnya kalau nak get rid of her toys but i said,she's getting bigger,she needs other stuffs..She and us cant live in clutter..right?Tapi not only him yang sentimental,I am..If I am not,dah lama dah barang barang yang messed up the place dah dibuang...

So have to keep telling myself,I need to get this done and over with.

I have a very bad migraine today.
Lil one did some school work just now.Hubby should be back not too late because today We have berbuka puasa at gramps.


Pampered myself

Woke up very late today.Slept very late after sahur..then I got ready to went to correct my shoulder and Womb.I felt pain there so I knew something had to be done.Went to have my massage .Felt good after.But very tired.
Kena pulak timing dengan present la jadinya.
Hubby took care of Lil one .She woke up late I heard.
I am resting.Not feeling too well.Badan very tired.
But tonight I am taking hubby out for coffee..Thats all what we can do tonight after terawih tho.

Have a nice buka my muslim readers:)
Happy Anniversary Hubby Dear


Buka menu was sambal belacan,ayam goreng,ayam goreng kampung,ikan bilis goreng dgn bawang,ikan bakar...
After buka,we prayed together with hubby.We were a lil late and rushed to the masjid .Dropped hubby off because I had to go to the shop,to get him his birthday card and anniversary card.I didnt get to buy him any present ,nothing much and shops were closing.Well we nearly got trapped in the bookstore coz I didnt know that they close at 9pm and Lil one and I were inside looking for cards.
Nasib baik I saw the sales assistant and the shop was going dark.I just thought they burnt a lite..:)

Paid for the cards and walked out the shop ...along the way I saw this Kaftan shop and bought a kaftan blouse for me..hmm..Well the intention was to shop for hubby but got something for me instead..ha ha

Lil one and I rushed to the masjid coz takut jam...luckily eventho there were full of cars,i got a space to wait for hubby.
He came out after his terawih and I felt really guilty tak berterawih malam ni.…
I am on the bed trying to fall asleep.Multitasking,reading and surfing.I am reading this book titled THE IDEAL MUSLIMAH a very good read and easy reading.

Tomorrow need to go run errands and then have to pass the car to hubby.He needs it
PromiseD Lil one that I'll get her a new catridge game for her vtech.

Dok leka play the game sampaikan tak nak tdo

We buka puasa at home today and then kelam kabut sikit and did our prayers at home.We managed to do terawikh at home too.With Lil one included.
She didnt complain pun,she even loves being in the masjid.

Ok la dah mengantuk ni...I write like writing a diary.
Why is it that when it comes to other people,I always have to watch what I say and when it comes to me,anybody have their right to say anything they wanna say?
Ok I rest my case.
From today onwards,I will speak my mind.

Terawikh -M.Wilayah

We went to Masjid Wilayah for terawih prayers tonight.First time masuk Masjid Wilayah,kekok rasanya ,besar but the feeling to be in the masjid made Lil one so excited since petang.Katanya rindu kat Masjidil Haram and Madinah.
Lil one can recall all the things that happened when we performed our Umrah and I Guess this is the right age to get her involved in our daily responsibilities as Muslims.

After terawikh tadi,we went for supper,saje je nak pekena nescafe tarik and Sate.So lepak with sister,her hubby and nephews...

Came back home ,settled Lil one into bed.I showered.Basuh telekung and now surfing a bit while The Nanny is on tv.

Ok la thats all for today.nightynight

6 stuffs to go

I dunno why my picture come out like me somebody

The things stack up by the door to bring along when I go out the door tomorrow morning.Everyday since the past few days,I have been dejunking/decluttering whatever sort you call it.I told myself that I want to keep my house minimal..Yeah what do you expect.We came from a semi D to live in a condo ,stuffs accumulate during all those years..condo to house than house to condo so memang lah banyak giler barang barang I.So the feeling is nice when I bukak container or laci laci yang ada barang barang,i sort them out and donate:)

Like in the masterbedroom now,Yang ada in the wardrobe is jubah jubah I yang tak boleh dilipat and hubby's clothes yang teramat lah banyaknya.My clothes and lil one's clothes are sorted on the sofa in the master to choose which one still in good condition for donation yang dah tak fit us lah.
The books on my billy bookcase.I have thousands of books .Love books too much .Itupun ada yang dah resale..t…
Hubby balik tadi kelam kabut mandi coz he didnt want to miss Isya and Tarawikh malam ni kat masjid,Sambil dok kelam kabut tadi,he brought along groceries for me to cook for sahur.So Dah buat apa yang patut,I started cooking so there's Roast beef wx lots of peppers ,Ayam Goreng,Ikan bilis goreng,Udang goreng...Aik goreng aje banyak..Cili padi ada dalam fridge so pandai pandai lah hubby goreng sayur taugeh cili api esok..

Lil one ,lepas maghrib tadi,I bawak keluar buku ugama,asking her to baca and learn ,hafal and understand the meaning of Surah Falaq,Surah an-nas.
She've mastered Fatihah at 4 years old and Ikhlas about 6 years old..So now kena lah belajar surah surah lain and memorise..
Lil one was so excited to learn.

Now I'm watching a bit of tv and then going to bed soon.Nak bangun sahur,tak nak terlepas,coz Lil one pun nak bangun..
Lil one is playing in her room,I am watching tv.
I have sorted a few bags yang nak dibawa keluar when we go out.
Now arranging thousand of Cd's ,Dvd's...Hish banyak sangat..KaLau jual balik,ada laku kah?
Promised ourselves that we're not going to buy stuffs like that anymore..Wasting money lah.

After this nak continue kemas.Apakah lagi kerja ku surirumah suami ku yang teramat rajin mengemas rumah ni:)hehehe ,masuk bakul angkat sendiri..Untuk menyedapkan hati and persaan yang penat mengemas ok la tu...
We all woke up late again but not as late as yesterday.Tak jadi pergi kubur pagi ni .So we got ready and showered and left for my sister's house.Lepak there for a while and saw my sister's pressure cooker being demonstrated.Ooo best canggih:)
So I dah terjebak in the biznes.Will get my product by next week,but definitely not the pressure cooker just yet.Just health products.

Dropped off some junks into the recycle box and then headed home

Got back home and drove in the really hot sun.Migraine attacked already.
Made lunch for Lil one and I'm still hungry.

Need to sort more junks to throw or donate.
Very windy outside.

Oysters!! Yummy!!

Finally after a long wait,I got to eat my oysters last night.Dok cari cari mana nak makan oyster so we ended up in Subang.Pay 1 complimentary one..hihi..Cheapskate are we?

Makan Oysters 14 pieces,puas hati,alhamdulillah.Orang meja sebelah must wonder whats wrong with that woman,kemaruk oysters..Ha ha ha
Lil one had fun,coz dah lama tak keluar pergi mana mana since the safest place is home.She ate fruits,lots of em..Good job Lil one.
Hubby pun had oysters and lamb banyak.

We got back home,lil one insisted on watching a movie to fall asleep so she did..Checked her already,and she's in dreamland,maybe dreaming of Prince le tu..Nak daddy grrrrr ke?

Hubby is in the room listening to the ultimate syarahan dvd.
I should go in very soon because we have an early day tomorrow.

Nak pergi ziarah kubur..

Oh talking about kubur,lil bean poured her heart out telling us this is her exact words..."Dont talk about RIP ...DONT ...if not I cant sleep tonight"...Heh Hubby and I looked a…
We all woke up very late today.Bangun bangun today I slow sikit.Dont tell me,I'm fallin sick please god I dont wanna be sick right now.Please,so now we're all showered and ready and waiting for zohor .After that I need to get up and go out.
The weather is too good to go out.Stay home melayan perasaan di rumah,indahnya...hihi:)

Have tonnes of stuffs by the front door to angkat and recycle later.House should get clearer by the day.
Lil one is watching Barbie dvd.Hubby went golfing with family members today.Tu nak melepaskan geram sebelum berpuasa la tu...

Okdokes..nothing much to update
Been cleaning the masterbedroom.Bestnya bila tengok its minimal now:)Lil one is watching a movie and I have been in and out of the room.The weather is too nice outside.But sayangnya because of the diseased outside,we're confined in our house.Sayang really.

Dinner at Sister's house

This morning we all woke up very late...Dah bangun tdo balik then when we finally got up its late very late.
Hubby drove me to the postoffice and then we headed to do our banking.
Dropped him off to work and then I came back.
The sky was Black when I drove home.But now its clear again.But I can hear thunder in the background.

I went to throw stuffs into the recycle box again today.1 big green plastic bag,2 small ones.

Need to sort out stuffs and kemas,I have way too many stuffs and I hate it.

Hubby Cooked

We got back at about 10 plus pm.
Tadi sebelum Maghrib we went to my sister's house,parents dok sana so Hubby said,he's going to masak today.He masak Daging goreng cili kering and Sayur kacang buncis and udang berlambak...:)
Mak masak sambal tumis telur and sambal tumis petai.Everyone took turn solat and masak.
I bawak Watermelon..

We ate and had a very fullfilling dinner,Alhamdulillah.
Lepak lepak lepas makan,we came home.
Lil one is staying the night with gramps and cousin.Seronoknya dia.

When we got back home,I angkat dirty laundry put in the washer,I scrubbed the toilet ,I showered ,I solat isyak and now sitting at the sofa while hubby is watching sports on tv.

Going in in a bit...Tomorrow banyak kerja nak buat.
Nighty night:)

Thunder on A sunday

I was sorting this particular container that consist stuffs of my memories...Nice.But belum habis kemas pun dah ditolak tepi my container tu.
There's this 2 big garbage bag full of toys.Need to sort em out but I'm not in the mood just yet.Lil one is watching movie,hubby is watching his movie and I'm listening to Jazz and surfing.

Waiting for Mak's text asking us to send Lil one over to her.I want to ajak hubby go jalan jalan in Kl..where else la,our new found place lah..

Dunno what's the plan for tonight...Lepak again with Mak ,Ayah,sisters,in law,nephews and my own lil family kot.

Sambil surfing blog tadi I read on this particular blog.About Makkah..It made me sayu,to see Kaabah..Ya ALLAH..Besarnya nikmat yang ALLAH beri pada Umat umatnya..
Sunday up because Mak sms me.Saying that tonight's dinner cancelled coz grandpa wanna watch football..Ok duhh...So what are we going to do tonight?Waiting for their call..
I have washed a load of laundry this morning.Lil one is watching a movie and eating oranges and green apples..Hubby is still asleep.
I am going to sort out old clothes to pass to my cousin for his youngest sweety girl.I have washed a load last night and its drying up..

So lazy today but have to do work:)

Yummylicious Dinner

Look at the vegetables.Yummy and Fresh
This morning as usual our routine started of with dancing class..After that we had brunch at this corner orange place and then headed to Parents house because mak said she has a little donut for lil one.We hung out there for a while before we got to get back home .Lil one had to get ready for another dance class.Hubby took her and I stayed home.Told hubby I wanted to clean house but I ended up on the sofa watching tv .

Hubby came home with Lil one with a cempadak,cokodok and many more stuffs to eat:)

Lil one is watching Delgo or something and now onto the second dvd of the day.Hannah Montana the movie:)Lil one can watch that over and over again...Oh mY!!

Weather is too good to be true:)


Seronoknya pergi kenduri tahlil tadi,sambut puasa and also for our aunts yang akan berangkat menunaikan Umrah.Alhamdulillah...

It was such a nice feeling to meet up with Ayah's side of the family because the giggles and laughter reminds me of the time when I was little back in our Pontian.
Oh I miss those times.

We chit chat we laughed,we ate,we've said our prayers we hung out,we played with the babies...the next generation..awww..
I love you all ,my cousins,my aunts: Mak Uda,Mak Teh,Mak Chu... and uncles,My parents,my sisters and our extended family on Ayah's side...

I doakan all of you selamat pergi and kembali and dapat menunaikan Umrah yang Mabrur...Insya Allah.


Went out send a few black garbage bag full of stuffs ,clothes,books into the recycle box down the road.I felt good right after ,its like somebody else can make use of those stuffs.
Went to drop off Lil one to my sister's house and then I headed to Mailbox.Got myself the largest box available and a lil tiny one to send to my nephew down under:)

I have put all Lil one's soft toys-teddy bears and sort into the big box.I think I'll take lil by lil to donate:)or sell on my sale blog.

I have sort out my car just now.I took out all the junks at the back seat and I have tons of garbage need to be thrown out.
Lil one is in her rooom watching movie "Up" and I am listening to Jazz to calm my nerves down

Will wait for hubby dear,after asar before maghrib we're going to my uncles house for kenduri sambut puasa.

For now,its cleaning time for me


This morning woke up feeling so tak tentu arah...Want to go run errands but not sure if its a good idea to bring Lil one out in public places.Ya la kan with all the germs and diseases out there,hubby said better stay at home.So I might just drop her off at my sister's or aunt for a while and go run my errands.Its Friday man,I havent been doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Malam ni ada kenduri thats something to look forward to...Meeting up with Uncles,Aunties,Cousins:)Bestnya...

Lil one is in the shower,I better hurry her before I change my mind yet again:)
Been busy cleaning,sorting,throwing,
Hubby asked buat apa tu?I said,Just kemas :)

Esok kalau ada kesempatan nak beli kotak.Need to sort some things out.
Day 3 ,Lil one and I tak keluar pergi mana mana.
Designate or assign specific storage areas all over the house. When you designate, categorize the types of items that will go into each storage area, and strictly follow the category assignments. For example, assign the attic to hold empty boxes that you will want to recycle. Designate a topmost kitchen closet to hold empty food containers that you will want to reuse as desk or bathroom organizers. Assign shelf space or display areas to hold your collectibles. Keeping similar items together in designated storage areas will minimize clutter and help in quickly locating what you need.

Use storage solutions like boxes, bins, baskets, drawers, shelves and cabinets. The secret to being an organized pack rat is having adequate storage solutions. Think of your home as a warehouse, where items are sorted, stacked and stored in an orderly manner. Storage containers are easier to organize than individual, scattered items. Label each container for easy identification of contents.

Put items in thei…
Start off by getting rid of the things that you really don't want or need. You can also illuminate more clutter by getting rid of the things that you have not used in the last year and may never use again.
Most clutter usually fits into one of 4 categories: trash, donations, recycling, and things to keep. So form 4 columns for each category and sort as many items on paper before physically doing so. After you’ve written a plan for each room, sit and review.
I have been cleaning.My goodness,tak habis habis..I have to learn to let go of stuffs...Please help me GOD...
Few more garbage bag full of used clothes need to be recycled.I have to remind self that I have to grab those garbage bag when I leave the front door.
I think I should work harder.
I've just scrubbed the toilet and mopped the masterbedroom and lil one's room.Waiting for d floor to dry off and then going to do some work.Whatelse..Houseworkyang never ending tu lah...
Lil one is still watching tv iq..good,I still love that channel.
Second day off school...I made yeemee this morning.This hungry lil one demanded "breakfast breakfast"..Ha ha...sometimes I get angry with orders like that but sometimes I love hearing it especially in the morning when lil one wakes up hungry...

Now she's watching tviq..I love that channel.
They learn and learn eventho they're not in school...

Now I'm going to start cleaning and do my house chores.
I was down with a terrible headache the whole day today.
Lil one is off school.Hubby and I decided its not worth the risk sending her to school.When not all but some people at school is sick.I wonder why some parents do send their kids to school even when their offsprings are having fever

We all have been watching dvd's,tv's,internet...playing in her room,drawing and jsut showered.

Waiting for hubby to bring us food.I didnt cook for tonight:)
Expecting sup ekor from hubby.

louis vuitton

went out with sister to louis vuitton...checked out d bag i wanted...found it ,so will have to start saving for that bag...:)yay...awesome...
After that we went to send d fabric to d tailor... D man in the family's baju melayu...:)
Now i'm picking up my car...going home to pack up .
Someone nak balik kampung...
Okdokes...i-m updating my blog thru mobile...
Good monday afterall...
Washing the laundry...just finished mopping the house...Sakit perut..Angin:(
This morning we went to pick Lil one up from her grandparents house.She slept over last night.We straight went to the party.My friend said,bring hubby along coz there's plenty of food so I dragged hubby along.He didnt wanna come,but sometimes you just have to tag along when your wife says so:)

So he snapped pictures of lil one swimming with her friend.
I chatted with one of the mothers and had a good long chat with her..about our kids and our believes:)

After that we came home.Mom called asking us to meet them at one of the food place near their unit so we went.Yumm yumm this place sells seafood ...Its halal definitely.Sedapnya the fish and the sayur from Cameron Highlands.

We rushed home to get ready to go to another party..Yeah another swimming party..Hubby drove us to my sisters house and we went to her friends house to pick up something and then headed to Ampang for the party.

Lepak and hang out at the party,lil one swam again..oh my god,tak penat ke dia?
Went to dinner with Parents,Big sister and her whole clan,Lil sister and us.We saw this on the signboard off a stall.Lil sista told me to snap this picture but hubby did.

I had beehoon soup utara,hubby had sotong kangkung,Some had dim sum...Lil one had maggi soup..We got the kerang busuk today so they gantikan with sotong Kangkung.

After that hubby and I came back home and kemas pajamas lil one.We had to send to her at her gramps and aunts house.She's having a sleepover.

Now I'm surfing a bit while hubby is watching dvd.

Ok dokes.Will update tomorrow.Goodnight
I just gave Lil one Lunch and then I am going to get ready to send her to dance class.I ate chicken mayo sandwich just now.Yummy ,from Dunkin Donuts. Bought a dozen of donuts too.
Washed laundry ,second load in.
Good Saturday so far..

Supper on the way

I am enjoying the breeze flowing in and out of my house.When I open the front door ,the wind come in flowing thru coz the windows in the living room is always open.I'm watching Oprah while hubby is trying to shower...
Lil one is doing her revision.Yeah after she finish her homework ,she had to revise so that she understands and remembers what she have learnt for a few months.
Usually revision only on Fridays:)

I was thinking just now,I need to diet really bad because I am afraid baju raya nanti cant fit me:)Hee hee

Usually during puasa month,I gain coz bila buka usually melantak..but that have to change..Tak elok ditengok as buruk lantak pulak kan?

Okdokes.I'm off for the night.Going out for supper ni...
Actually I was planning to go to the market.But made a pitstop at my sister's house,Had nescafe,chat and then felt so lazy,dont wanna go market.Got back home,Washed the laundry,now lying down feeling so malas.

I relaxed for a while just now and then started cleaning the kitchen.Settled the counter tops and the washing of dishes.Need to open the cupboards to clear off unwanted stuffs:)
Now taking a break for 10 minutes and then going to continue cleaning:)

love this

I think this is a nice shot from my 1000d:)


As i am cleaning and sorting ,I asked myself these questions..

•Do I really need it? I can be really sentimental

•Why am I keeping it?Sometimes I DONT even know

•Does it fit me? Clothes?Hmmm

Am I just keeping it for sentimental reasons

I am sitting in my living room trying to sort out boxes full of paper clutter.I have to check takut takut ada document penting...
Watching tv,programme after programme.
Lil one is playing dress up in her room

Wednesday blues?

Easy waking lil one up today.And when I looked outside it was fullmoon.Alhamdulillah coz dapat tengok bulan yang dekat and besar sangat and so beautiful.

I tapaued something to eat at home and dah makan.After this I need to sort a few more garbage bag.
I wonder if anyone knows if I can just drop off some toys at hospitals.Where should I go and what should I say?

Lil one is getting bigger,she doesnt need as much toys.
Mom said,hantar aje balik kampung so that she can store it there...We will see how.

I need to do laundry but I dont like that
Something is on tv right now.Maybe I'll just do that dulu:)


Just now we went to check our eyes.Lil one have been complaining quite a bit that her eyes are sometime blurry so we decided that we should go and check.Alang alang,I pun check jugak.I need to have a powered sunglasses.Coz I cannot stand the silau when I drive.
So we will have to make an appointment and go do what we have to do.

Got back home,I goreng Sardin,tak tahan dengan lapar coz pagi tadi makan sikit sangat.Lil one loves Sardin with nasi...I perah limau banyak banyak and we ate like there's no tomorrow:)Tak lah...We ate with Bismillahirahmanirrahim:)

Going to goreng some sotong kunyit tonight.Hubby said he wants to eat at home eventhough how late he comes in..Okdokes Love.

Later after Lil one dah tidur I need to sort things on the floor..sikit sikit la..This is what I like after reading Peter Walsh's sayings...
This morning after morning coffee,hubby teman me to the post office.Wow too many people sending parcels balik kampung.Well I guess they are maids who came with their bosses to post stuffs back home,I look and notice that they have that happy face on their face.Mesti bosses ni layan their maids very nicely kan?
So I had to queue lama jugak.
There was this one man who potong queue another woman.And that woman potong queue i and then she realised that she cut my line,So she apologised,and I said this,'Its alright,everyone is rushing',She senyum malu...

After that I got back home and relax for a bit before going out to get 3 presents for the birthday parties this weekend.How many parties can lil one take? 3 i GUESS coz We're going to all of em:)he he

Now I have just sorted out one of our old wardrobe.Need to get rid of the wardrobe because belakangnya dah pecah.So i am emptying the wardrobe.
So bersepah lah sikit kat living room ni.

Okdokes,Nak go enjoy my nescafe now
2. More is not necessarily better
There's really no need for most of us to have, say, two microwave ovens, or three bicycles

3. Categorize items into piles
For example, you might make a pile of things to keep, a pile of things to donate to charity, a pile of things to sell or give away, and a pile of things to throw away. "Don't make too many piles," says Dr. Tolin. "Having to decide among 10 piles just slows you down and strains your thought processes."
I managed to clean,do laundry and cook today.I even had my lunch coz I was so hungry.Now I'm uploading and editing pictures while watching Ellen.

Later on I'll be sorting a few more junks .

Monday Blues

You know how I hate Monday's...I dont think I am alone on that...Hubby and Lil one too..Their face shows that they simply dont like waking up on a Monday morning ...
Well I am not in the mood too but I have to get up right?Who else would get up .If I dont get up...they both wont go to school and go to work..heh.

I am thinking of what to do today...I have the urge to clean.Its a good sign aint it?
I am also thinking of good memories in Makkah and Madinah.I miss The Holy Land.
Even till now,watching tv programmes on Makkah and Madinah,I have that tingling feeling in me.Knowing that we made it there this year,made me happy lagi lagi with Ayah ,Mak and the whole clan.

Ramadhan is coming..We must go back to visit parents house .

Wishlist granted

What a full Weekend we had.
Yesterday I bought my 1000D and hubby and I are so excited because its something that we've been longing for.
ThIs morning,we went to spend time at the Futsal Place somewhere in Pj..Hubby had the best time of his life.But he was panting jugaklah..almaklum first time berFUTSAL.
We had food and drinks,cakes and snacks ...the mommies la mostly.Heh:)

After that we went to my big sister's house .We hung out there for a while before leaving for Kl.

We ate at the food court and I was eagerly asking them to finish their food because I wanted so badly to go to Louis Vuitton.I know what I was getting and hubby and us macam tourist pulak..Crossing the road at the lights and then we started posing..Hubby la excitednya dengan Dslr baru beli tu.

Lil one just followed us into the store and I immediately saw what I wanted.So ada SA ni yang attended to me.I belek belek and asked some questions and asked the SA to take some out and put on the counter.I compared sizes..Hub…
Just got back in.Found my toilet sticky so I've scrubbed it at midnight...
Now I'm eating the meegoreng kering garing hubby ordered on the way home just now.
We went to pick up Lil one at my sister's house and then we went to tapau food.
Lil one is finally asleep.I need to shower before jumping into bed.