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Happy 34th birthday Dear T who is having a blast in Nz...
The jagung at the pool

I am in the kitchen...penat doing cleaning-Just relaxing for a while after doing all those never ending housework.
LiL One is sick...
;Just before I got on here,I was text messaging my friend holidaying in Nz.She's supposed to be sleeping but she updated me about her holidays.She's definitely having fun...
Me the traveller is stuck at home.I hate this feeling when I love to travel but I dont get to.Yeah economy very bad for this family.Not whining,just venting.If only hubby knows how I feel at the moment,it would be nice.I guess he knows,the traveller in me just cant wait for our next trip but he just couldnt help it coz its very bad this year and he's plain busy with work.
Infact the lil one asked me yesterday,why must daddy be so busy ?Why cant he relax a bit.Kesian kan when hear something like that from a lil kid but I explained to her that time is bad,we all need to be frugal.I guess she misses her plane trip,her holidays,the beach,the hotels,the apartment,the theme park,the food and people,the shopping.I do to but sabar,YES I'm being patient and understanding.

Well let me just continue with my decl…
I got up early even on holidays.Have you ever wake up and feel so sakit badan and no mood?I'm feeling like shit today.
Everywhere I look,its dirty-No mood to clean up ishhhh
It only makes me human/normal I guess.
As I'm lying down on my living room floor,I thought about making money...oK hOw do I start?

Today I spent the day by taking my nephews and the lil one out swimming.The eldest didnt want to join the took the 2 lil ones and mine...they swam and played for about an hour and then we headed back to aunts house had makan makan there then sent them home at about 3.30pm and came home.
I enjoyed my time in the living room with the airconditioning on and relaxed till about now.
The lil one went to bed by 7 pm.I had her put on a classical cd before going to bed.
I'm very particular about his.During bedtime,I want her to have the best sleep .So I have encouraged since young that she enjoys classical or jazz music.

I dont have the mood to do any cleaning,lipating,scrubbing,mopping...yeah everything that ends with "ing"..ha ha
So I just let them be.Dont want to look at them at all.

The best of her

We had a great day today.Lil one had her ballet concert today .All of us had a great time and excited to see her perform.Like what the principal of her ballet school said,When they're little ,they're not stage fright and they even dont know whats the meaning of it.:)True True.
I just want lil one to enjoy what she loves most and by being in the ballet school,she gets to do concerts yearly.It brings out the best in her.
She often asked me to put her in tap class,I have to start searching.She just loves to dance and sing and most prolly I'll put her in singing class very soon.

Hubby and I are relaxing at the moment,Lil one is with her wan and cousins.
We're going to buy some lauk and bring em over to K.n's house.

Tomorrow is another busy day,another long day...
Getting ready to attend a wedding of a cousin tonight.I am excited because its been a long while since I met cousins and aunts and uncles from Ayah's side of the family.There's one cousin who is pregnant,I'm so happy for her.She's due coming February

Lil one is ready and pretty,Mommy here going to shower.MyLil sister is downstairs getting ready.Her boyfriend is praying .
Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

I am up early even on holidays.Blergh.
Going down to do laundry and then lil one wants telur for breakfast.
Going out afterwards to see Kak Ri.

Tired but feeling ok

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

I woke up at 6plus today.Didnt have the aircon on but it was quite chilly this morning.Maybe it rained last night?I am going downstairs and start the washing machine.I need to do that pagi ni because I have extra couple of hours before sending the lil one for mengaji..Will pick up the boys too,since K.n is sick.

After that have to rush for full dress rehearsals.I bet the lil one is as excited as I am.They will be in their full costumes and this is the day for the first time in our lives,we're going to that place called a Performing Arts Theatre.

Lil one and hubby is still snoring away.I'll make them pancake for breakfast .
Laundry is done for tonight.Happy happy.Now I can go and clean something else before taking my shower and jump into bed.

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues. 21.59
I'm rearranging my dining room while waiting for the laundry to finish spinning.I am actually exhausted today .Hubby sent me off to Metros and I went shopping for toys today.We owed the lil one something because she got good grades for her final exams.We wanted to get her a psp or a ds but not enough cash yet so I went to get her something cheaper:)

Okdokee,my laundry is done,gonna hang them now

Getting enough sleep is the key to many of our health issues.

Care box

The care box is half full.I'm still collecting stuffs and clearing out closets to make that care box full.
Here I am sitting at the sofa folding my laundry-sorting it out too.Giving away clothes that doesnt fit us anymore.Just told hubby the other day,my closet is nearly empty because I've been gettin rid of old clothes..and he just laughed at me.Actually his clothes are half gone too...hihi

I was coming down with a flu just now and I quickly showered,put on some vicks on my feet and I put on a pair of socks so that I can sleep nicely.

today 9 years ago,I met hubby for the first time.How fast time flies..
We're at kopitiam...hubby having meeting .Me just languting her
I am up early even on a Sunday morning.
The lil one just finished organising my meja cermin
Now she's in her toy room cleaning up

I'm trying to pujuk my hubby to wake up and lets go and have a sunday breakfast outside

Met besties today

We exchanged presents today me and 2 besties.....we did this last year for the kiddos and this year we decided to exchange presents for mummies.

One bestie left at about 5pm and another bestie left at about 8.30pm


Waiting for my friend to pick us up.We're going to the optometrist.Her daughter who is 7 have been wearing glasses since she was about 5plus.I need to go have my eyes check.
Everything is getting blurry..Its better to go check and know what to do right?

Today i baked Fish and Roasted veges.

We all have to start eating healthy food.

*Children don't always know how to behave. If your child is not acting appropriately, you need to step in. You could show your child what she may do instead of telling her what she can't.*
Thunder is here
School holiday is coming.We need to fill up our time.Have to look for activities so that lil one wouldnt get bored stuck in the house.We need to spend more time outside.

This morning hubby took me to the market.There were so many people.
We chat about our upcoming holiday plans.He said give him a few more days to think of something.I said ,"from today onwards,lets save up daily for our year end holiday for next year" This time no one is allowed to take out money from the piggy bank until its time for our holiday next year.

I guess we have to be tough and strict with ourselves.If we want a good year end break,this is what we should do.
Sister in law called me up this morning and asked me is it the 12th today and I said,yeah,whats up.She said its her anniversary..."Oh Happy Anniversary" and she asked whether we're free tonight to go and have dinner at her place.I told her to just be with her hubby and have a fun night...she gave me this answer,"After 15 years,…

3 days to go

Need to put hubby and lil one on a time management course.Where can I find one?Coz with me the general at home,they just couldnt be bothered.
I dont like the fact that lil one has followed this bad habit from hubby.
Its an attitude that they both should change.

When you're not on time for everything,you lose a lot..
The time you lose,the respect,

They must want to change then only I can help.

Its the 3rd last day of school and the holiday mood is in the air at school.They yackety yack,they laugh,the play...they smile...they're not under pressure...
They just cant wait for the holidays to begin

Me on the other hand,just couldnt wait for the one a half months break...we all can chill and not wake up early every day

*Children don't always know how to behave. If your child is not acting appropriately, you need to step in. You could show your child what she may do instead of telling her what she can't.*
I'm still aching with stomach cramp.Hate this feeling.
Spent the whole morning lying on my bed.Resting
Its noon and the pain is still here:(

*a promise made to be a better person each day*
waking up with a sore body isnt good for anyone.
unbelievable how I'm feeling

Hubby is trying to wake lil one up for school.
Let him handle her this morning

need to take ginge to the vet

need to do my laundry

*Children don't always know how to behave. If your child is not acting appropriately, you need to step in. You could show your child what she may do instead of telling her what she can't.*


Too lazy to do anything today..About 10 plus am I went downstairs watched Martha,watched Rachael,washed clothes,masak nasi,roasted potatoes and going to masak one more dish later .Dah sidai baju and now I'm upstairs again.So lazy to do anything today.
Its very hot outside,I just wished there's snow so that I can play outside.hihi

Oh ya dah 2 days start play badminton with the lil one.At least berpeluh la we all before dinner.
Holidays are coming ,need to look out for activities to do with the lil one...

She told her daddy yesterday,"I just wish we can go to Paris again daddy" and he said maybe in 4 years time,can or not?:)
She got angry with her daddy and said,ok no paris,then australia can?
He he mummy straight answer,Australia so hot at this time la..

She negotiated for some other places but didnt get any respond from daddy...
Tak apalah we will try take her somewhere local..

*Children don't always know how to behave. If your child is not acting appropriately, you need …

Yes we can

I like the way Obama said it,"Yes we can"
Its same to what we say over here "Malaysia boleh" but when you say that "Yes we can" It makes me feel so good about myself.

*Children don't always know how to behave. If your child is not acting appropriately, you need to step in. You could show your child what she may do instead of telling her what she can't.*
Woke up with body aching and very moody and grumpy.Why do I have to feel disoriented everytime I go through this cycle?I dont know.As I get older,the grumps and moods are getting worse.Hate it but what to do.Even the dr says there's nothing they can do.You just have to go thru it gracefully...Yeah right.

I am feeling very rajin to sort out my closet today.We will see what happens in an hours time ya


I woke up with an aching body.And a grumpy face.Its difficult to be a woman when you have this undecided hormones.urrhh..
Going down to make nescafe and then coming back up to clean upstairs before waking them up.Thank God its Friday.Another fun weekend to look forward to.
Little sister fetched us and we went for an early dinner.We all had noodles and banana muffin.
Came back home vacuumed my kitchen,settled a few other things,and now watching the news and relaxing .
Lil one has gone up to sleep and I will follow suit in an hour.


I maybe a woman,daughter,mommy,wife.But I do read on current issues,watch the news and mix with people.I do see whats happening around me
I am at the brink of reaching 40 and I have come to a point in my life that what matters most are good,honest people around you.You dont need to have hundreds of friends to be happy.Sometimes you only need 1 or 2 to be happy.
You dont need backstabbing people.You dont need people who takes advantage of you .You dont need to sacrifice your beliefs just to impress people.

I like to think that someday if this blog is still around,I want my descendants to read it and understand that I am a woman who stands up for herself,who believes in moderation in life and most of all a woman who grew up.
I am so happy Obama won
Today I woke up very early.It rained ...then it drizzled.
Woke the lil one up senang today.Hubby prepared breakfast for her and we had a good morning.
But then when I got online this morning I read about the Us politics...and my heart skipped a beat.I personally think its about time they change to a different leader from a different generation.
I am watching Martha Stewart in my "Internet cafe"
Too lazy to do anything .Cant do anything pun coz car is out of petrol and the petrol pumps are out of stock of petrol...heh.Kenapa like that?
I think I shall go sleep for a is too nice to waste.

Its 11.28 am and I havent done any house chores today.Just had my breakfast and dreaming:)

How do you parent your child?

I had a very long talk with my lil one and hubby the other day in the car going for a bbq.I kept reminding my lil one that whatever I teach her all these while applies,wherever she goes.

Since she was little I started her with house chores.
Pick up her toys
Clean up her toy room
Clean up her bed as she gets up in the morning
Bring down the laundry
Hangdry laundry
Use the washing machine(with one parent there)
Bring dishes and cups to the sink
Wash them
Fry eggs
Make pancakes
Make cupcakes
Wash and scrub her school shoes

She does it with a lil reminder from me most of the time but sometimes when she's lazy,I'll remind her and she'll do it

For a mom who stays at home,I am proud to say that I have taught her the basics of living skills.

I asked hubby the other day,"Do you know that your lil one can use the washing machine?" He answered,"I think so"

I believe that its good for the lil one to understand how I run the house daily.I even told her that I am teaching you all t…

I'm reading this right now...need to get inspired:)

Pull everything out of the closet and divide it into categories—such as sweaters, dresses, blouses, pants and jackets. You may be surprised by how many of the same item you own. A client of mine was shocked when we unearthed 16 nearly identical black cardigans. Every time she went shopping and nothing caught her eye, she figured, "I could always use a basic black cardigan," and bought one.

Keep only what you use and love. Throw out clothes that are irredeemably stained, torn, pilled or out of shape. Get rid of fashion mistakes you bought but never wore. Keep only your current size in your closet and give away or store what doesn't fit anymore. Passing things along to a charity or friend can make it much easier to part with them.

Create a specific home, whether a shelf, section of the rod, or drawer, for each category of garment (pants and other long-hanging clothes on one end of the rod, blouses on the other, hats on the top shelf, belts on the closet doo…

Once upon a time...

I never imagined that one fine day I'll be looking up on gadgets.Hubby and I are both thinking to buy one for the lil one since she did well in her first year final exam.
She will be so thrilled to get one of these...


We've been busy since Saturday-Spent time at the in laws .Sunday I had sisters and cousin over for coffee..After that we went to inlaws house again...Now I'm so tired.
I should find a good topic to write about