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Today we had steamed siakap for lunch
I skipped dinner because I had a lot at lunch
I decluttered a bit today. Now I am having a mug of coffee and relaxing for a while.
Lil tween was skyping just now. Satu hari kalau tak skype tak sah.

book shopping

It wont be me if I dont go out and buy books

I went crazy at the bookstore.Browsing every isle.
Bought science magazine , teen muslim magazine and oh my english magazine for my lil tween.

Oh I love going to the bookstore.


I awoke suddenly at 3 am Something borrowed was playing on tv. I feeling blur   but couldnt understand its halfway through I will Google it in the morning

Right now I feel like De cluttering
I better go to bed as I need to get up very early I want to go shopping
Havent been out of the house this week.
Have loads to do and places to go to.
Nighty night.

sun after haze


long time

Been a while since I post anything
Been a while since I last went out gallivanting at malls
Alhamdulillah selamat pocket;)
Today there will be some people coming to do work in my bathroom
So today I shall be stuck at home again.

I read here and there people are getting ready baju raya and sorts.
I havent.
I think this year we will go minimal and recycle baju tahun tahun lepas.
Maybe for lil tween .Coz she is growing .Sekejap kasut tak muat and baju dah sendat.
Tengah growthspurts ni quite a difficult time and  kena beli selalu.
Ha ha ha excuses!!


Monday again.
Yesterday before I slept I said to myself
Soon must plan for our year end trip.
Oooo cannot wait.
This time hopefully we spend time gallavanting from our country to the next.
Dont want to spend too many nights at the same place.
This will happen if money permits
He he

Start planning .
We prefer travelling in winter rather in summer.

june 15th

Today is day 166 of 2013.
We are in mid june.
Feels so fast 2013 is passing by us.


We sat down for breakfast
and then after shopping we sat down here

hope to shop

Its nearly friday
I feel like going shopping

sunday stuff

I went goo goo gaa gaa in Debenhams.
So many clothings that I want to buy.
Must bring my lil tween here to shop for new set of clothings.And the shoes oh wowzaa.

Hubby succeeded in discouraging me to Grand Hyatt just to eat oysters so here we are.

Listening to music and having tea with a hotel ambience.
Ahh lovely.
I dont mind being spoilt like this.

sunday brunch

Yesterday I told husband "take me out to brunch tomorrow"
Well looks like an order kan
Ha ha
We will see if that happens. Today.
There's 2 places I havent been to yet.
The Grand Hyatt and the Majestic.
Heard good reviews about both places.
Will have to experience it myself to say

At home we both didnt sleep in today.

Getting ready for whatever that need to be done.

Have a great Sunday ya All

finding inspirations

I hope the owner of the blog  dont mind me sharing this link

I am looking for inspiration to start exercising again.
I want to be fit .


Nothing much happening since we got back home. Just me recovering from fever. Not in the mood to go anywhere at all. Just want to stay in. Hubby just ordered our food to eat at home
Come Monday I hope to feel better as I have so many errands to run.
So many appointments to go to. So many coffee morning to attend . Yeah that is such a life of a housewife who keep herself busy.
Been reading a lot on parenting issues. Acquired a few tips and pointers but as far that I know to face it in real life is a lesson itself. Its not easy being a parent to a child who was born in the millenium era. I say that because I am not like kids now a days. They seem to think that they are the heroes of the household .more boss I mean. Bossy like nobody's business. Cranky like its a way of life. Whiny like the world owe them something.
Na ah. It doesnt work like that in our family. We can be very modern but a child must know who is still boss. Nothing doing is my husband's favourite word right now. …


On the way home
Look at the sky
Beautiful gorgeous scenery I love


Almost 40 hours down with fever now I am wide awake. Medicine on schedule. Now I am having coffee at 230 in the morning. Its been a while since I last fell sick. This time its bad Hope I get well soon as I have so many things planned.

this penang trip


second day

Today I got up early.
Dah made coffee and ate maggi cup haha.
Lil one is still sleeping.
I must get ready first.
Today we are going to the shops.
Well its holiday kan.

Yesterday we ate and ate

jalan jalan cari makan


bye bye


a breakaway

Bags are packed.
Waking them up in a bit.
We have to be early
The traffic is 24 seven horrendous
Having my coffee before I start my monday

Remember to bring story books