Nothing much happening since we got back home.
Just me recovering from fever.
Not in the mood to go anywhere at all.
Just want to stay in.
Hubby just ordered our food to eat at home

Come Monday I hope to feel better as I have so many errands to run.

So many appointments to go to. So many coffee morning to attend .
Yeah that is such a life of a housewife who keep herself busy.

Been reading a lot on parenting issues. Acquired a few tips and pointers but as far that I know to face it in real life is a lesson itself.
Its not easy being a parent to a child who was born in the millenium era.
I say that because I am not like kids now a days.
They seem to think that they are the heroes of the household .more boss I mean.
Bossy like nobody's business.
Cranky like its a way of life.
Whiny like the world owe them something.

Na ah.
It doesnt work like that in our family.
We can be very modern but a child must know who is still boss.
Nothing doing is my husband's favourite word right now.
Take it or leave it.
So silent treatment sometimes in progress.

I was told by someone that my way doesnt work anymore so we are reversing everything.
It looks like we are giving in but actually we are still in control.

Its ok to go down to your child's level to educate .its ok to be wrong. Thats how we learn.
Its ok to let our guard down.
Its ok to let them know that we are here no matter what.
Its ok to have a good solid argument with each other  and dont sto saying I love you.
But its not okay to go to bed angry.

Welcome to my life with a tween:)

Sorry I have written a book.
Well this is my diary .


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